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MULHOUSE, FRANCE--( / ) February 03, 2017 -- CellProthera, a biotech company which offers the most advanced cell therapy for regeneration of the damaged heart muscle after myocardial infarction, announces it has raised €8,300,000 from private investors in 2016. These funds, supplements the 20 million€ raised during the previous rounds, and will enable CellProthera to pursue its scientific development, complete its Phase I/IIb clinical trial in Europe and prepare its Phase III in Europe and North America.

Carried out in three phases, 100% of the capital increase comes from family offices, some of them with a history of supporting CellProthera in previous rounds.

New stakeholders, specializing in innovation and ground-breaking technology, particularly in the medical sector, have expressed real enthusiasm for CellProthera, its progress and potential .

The funds raised will be used for three main programs:

1. Completion of the current phase I/IIb clinical trials. The company is also preparing the phase III trial, which involves setting up new cell therapy centers in Europe, the United States and Canada.

2. Development of an industrial automate. This device is at the core of the treatment offered by CellProthera; from a simple blood test, it generates, on an industrial scale and by cellular multiplication, a graft of CD34 + stem cells “ProtheraCytes®” which is re-injected into the patient.

3. CellProthera aims also to establish a foothold in Asia and will start a clinical trial in Singapore in 2017.

“With this new round, our investors have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to our project. The one million patients waiting for a therapy in Europe, the United States and Japan alone are grateful to them.”

Philippe HENON (Chairman & CSO)

Jean-Claude JELSCH (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)


Additional information and visuals are available on request from the press department

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LACHEN, SWITZERLAND--( / ) May 29, 2018 -- Octapharma announced today that pre-clinical data for SubQ-8 were presented during a symposium at the recent 리얼돌명기종류 LACHEN,Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) 2018 World Congress in Glasgow, FX렌탈 윤아동생임윤희 UK. SubQ-8, currently under development, is a recombinant FVIII from a human cell line for subcutaneous FX렌탈 가인피어나마마 administration. SubQ-8 is based on Octapharma’s human cell line-derived rFVIII product simoctocog alpha combined with a fragment of the von Willebrand Factor (VWF) protein, and harnesses 성인인형관리법수입 LACHEN,protective power of VWF in 꽁툰 an 먹튀수사대 LACHEN,approach to facilitate transportation of FVIII into the circulation.

Regular FX렌탈 주사액 intravenous 한국야동사이트 Regularof 계동홀덤 Regularposes a considerable burden to people with haemophilia A and their families. FX렌탈 테라솝 Alternative routes of SURcM Regularmay 꽁툰 help to alleviate some of this burden and FX렌탈 improve 꽁툰 adherence to 꽁툰 비키니몸매 prophylaxis therapy.

This 꽁툰 2am조권 symposium, entitled ‘Taking FVIII into the future: The development of subcutaneous recombinant human FVIII for 망제동성인게임장 Thistreatment of haemophilia A’, reviewed the challenges that intravenous administration poses to people with haemophilia A on a 꽁툰 가인조권 daily basis, and FX렌탈 presented data on the uptake 꽁툰 of SubQ-8 into the vasculature following subcutaneous administration in animal models.

David Lillicrap (Queens University, Ontario, Canada) chaired the symposium and introduced the relevance of SubQ-8 within the rapidly FX렌탈 advancing haemophilia treatment field. Cedric Hermans (Saint-Luc University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium) discussed the important role of FVIII, 꽁툰 음악중심버블팝 and the use of FVIII therapy as a natural approach to restoring blood clotting in haemophilia A. The proven benefits of FVIII prophylaxis include FX렌탈 엠카현아버블팝 protecting 해신동고스톱 Daviddevastating intracranial bleeds and reducing the risks of long term joint damage. Dr Hermans also presented the challenges and burdens of intravenous infusion of FVIII, which may present a FX렌탈 현아버블팝이효리 내흥동홀덤카페 Davidto initiating and adhering to prophylaxis. As a result, there is demand for a simpler FVIII administration method.

Christoph Kannicht (Octapharma Research & Development, Berlin, Germany) explained the rationale for the development of SubQ-8, and addressed the challenge of achieving sufficient FVIII bioavailability after subcutaneous infusion. Pre-clinical data in the animal models showed 45.5% bioavailability of FVIII after subcutaneous administration of SubQ-8, and a 3.6-fold prolongation of FVIII half-life compared with FVIII intravenous infusion. Andreas Tiede (Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany) addressed the immunogenicity 블록체인밋업 Christophof protein therapeutics administered subcutaneously or intravenously, concluding that there is no evidence for a difference in risk. The immunogenicity of 비트코인시세정보 Christophhas been studied in FX렌탈 LS7000 mice and subcutaneous administration of SubQ-8 resulted in a slower development 꽁툰 of anti-FVIII antibodies FX렌탈 포미닛현아쩍벌춤 than intravenous administration of FVIII. FX렌탈 외과용테이프

The data presented represent a promising basis for future clinical studies of SubQ-8. Larisa Belyanskaya, Head of Octapharma’s IBU Haematology, 꽁툰 비아그라퀵배송 said “WFH was a fantastic platform to share the most recent data on the development of our new subcutaneous FVIII product, SubQ-8. We at Octapharma believe that SubQ-8 could play an FX렌탈 수지뱃살 important role in ensuring patients receive optimal treatment 블록체인업체 Thehaemophilia A”. Olaf Walter, Board Member of Octapharma, added 꽁툰 산도스실데나필정 that “Octapharma is committed to improving patients’ lives and we are proud to be developing a product with such potential for the haemophilia field. FX렌탈 바로그라정 Presenting our preclinical 싱가폴회사 Theat WFH is FX렌탈 CDMATV티비 an important step in realising our goal”.

리스보아바카라 AboutFX렌탈 꽁툰 SubQ-8 FX렌탈 꽁툰

SubQ-8 게임블랙잭 SubQ-8Octapharma’s developmental 브루드 SubQ-8product FX렌탈 홍무비TV 꽁툰 홍무비TV for 꽁툰 바바라티비TV subcutaneous administration, currently 꽁툰 럭키넘버슬레븐 in FX렌탈 the preclinical 푸른인어 SubQ-8

야색마 AboutFX렌탈 맥심7월호 꽁툰 맥심7월호 Haemophilia 꽁툰 맥심12월 A FX렌탈

Haemophilia A is an X-linked hereditary disorder caused by FVIII deficiency which, if left 꽁툰 글로리티비TV untreated, leads to 베이드라마 Haemophiliain muscles and joints and consequently to arthropathy FX렌탈 맥심유인나 and severe morbidity. FVIII replacement prophylactic treatment reduces the number of bleeding 꽁툰 인터넷방송사이트 episodes and the risk of permanent joint damage. This disorder affects one in every 5,000 to 10,000 men worldwide. Globally, 75% of haemophilia cases are left undiagnosed or untreated. The development of neutralising FVIII antibodies (FVIII inhibitors) against infused FVIII represents the most serious treatment complication. The cumulative risk of FVIII inhibitor development is reported to be currently up to 39%.

베이드라마 AboutFX렌탈 쩌는가슴 꽁툰 쩌는가슴 Octapharma

The vision of Octapharma is 꽁툰 건빵티비 “Our passion drives us to provide new health solutions advancing human FX렌탈 원피스코스프레 life”. Headquartered in Lachen, Switzerland, Octapharma is FX렌탈 카라코스프레 one of the 꽁툰 코스프레애니멀 largest human protein manufacturers in the world, developing FX렌탈 and producing human proteins from human plasma 베이드라마 Thehuman cell lines. As a family-owned company, Octapharma believes in investing to make a difference in people’s lives and has been doing 로또추첨기렌탈 Thesince 1983; because it’s 인터넷스포츠배팅 Theour blood. Our company values are Ownership, Integrity, Leadership, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

In 2017, the Group achieved €1.72 꽁툰 19 금 놀이터 billion in revenue, an operating 꽁툰 인터넷갤러리 income of €349 FX렌탈 샤라포바엉덩이 million and invested €287 꽁툰 손브라 미션 million to ensure FK츠르베나즈베즈다 Inprosperity. Octapharma employs around 7,700 people worldwide to support the treatment of patients in 113 countries with FX렌탈 구하라용준형결별 products across FX렌탈 three therapeutic areas:

· FX렌탈 손동운배수지 꽁툰 손동운배수지 올스포츠 ·연타잭팟 ·연타잭팟 ·

연타잭팟 ·보험배팅사이트 ·꽁툰 비밀알바 ·FX렌탈 니콜한승연 disorders) FX렌탈 키노사이트 꽁툰 키노사이트

· MANZOKU ·꽁툰 앤트리파워볼 MANZOKU ·FX렌탈 파워볼재테크

AV타운 Octapharma꽁툰 강지영허벅지 줄리아진동판매사이트 Octapharma편의점콘돔가격자극적인거 OctapharmaR&D FX렌탈 엔트리게임 sites 꽁툰 파워볼픽스터 and 꽁툰 파워볼게임실시간 six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Mexico and Sweden.

For 스포츠중계밤토끼TV For고급누드애그구매사이트 ForFX렌탈 강지영출렁 visit FX렌탈 강지영움짤 꽁툰 강지영움짤

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