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JEJU, SOUTH KOREA--() April 17, 2013 -- The number of Chinese visitors to Jeju is increasing every year. In 2012 alone, 1.08 million Chinese tourists visited Jeju, a 12-fold increase in 10 years compared to 90,000 in 2002. Jeju is geographically close to China and allows Chinese visitors to travel to the island without a visa. For the reason, Jeju was named among the top three favorite overseas resort islands, along with Hawaii and the Maldives, in a 2010 survey by China‘s Global Times. In 2012, China’s Travel Weekly chose Jeju as the top honeymoon destination, helping to boost the popularity of Jeju in China.

Just as Jeju has drawn greater interest from Chinese tourists, Chinese enterprises are investing in Jeju more than ever before. On April 12, Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC, ) and Landing Investment Group, the largest property developer in Anhui Province, China, signed an MOA to develop an all-season resort complex for the Myths and History Theme Park, one of JDC‘s core projects. Under the agreement, Landing Investment Group will develop theme zones, amusement facilities, and a resort that will enable visitors to fully enjoy and experience the myths and history of Jeju. The Myths and History Theme Park project is designed to create a world-class theme park reflecting Jeju’s unique myths and history in Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju.

During the MOA signing ceremony, JDC Chairman Byon Jong-il said, “When the world-class theme park reflecting Jeju's unique characteristics is built here, the island will attract greater attention not only from Asia but also from around the world. JDC is sparing no efforts to grow Jeju into a true Northeastern hub.”

Prior to the agreement with the large Chinese property developer, Jeju's Myths and History Theme Park Project attracted the attention of a Malaysian enterprise, EMG Group. EMG Group signed an MOU with JDC on April 3 regarding investment of KRW1 trillion (approximately US$1 billion) to build an all-season resort.

Over at the Resort-type Residential Complex, another project to make Jeju a free international city, Malaysia-based Berjaya Group will invest KRW2.5 trillion (approximately US$2.5 billion), the largest amount ever injected by a foreign developer in Korea's tourism industry, to build Yerae Resort-type Residential Complex in Jeju. Recreation facilities, accommodations, restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, casinos, health & medical centers and spa resorts are planned to be completed here by 2017.

Moreover, Greenland Group, the largest real estate developer in Shanghai, China, selected Jeju as its first overseas investment destination and agreed to invest KRW1 trillion (approximately US$1 billion) in Jeju Healthcare Town in 2012.

Jeju’s success in drawing foreign investment is due in large part to JDC, which is committed to turning Jeju into a free international city, like Hong Kong and Singapore. JDC has driven Jeju’s core six projects over the past ten years, which include the Myths and History Theme Park, Resort-type Residential Complex, Healthcare Town, Jeju Science Park, Seogwipo Tourism Port and Jeju Global Education City. It's no exaggeration to say that the Jeju landscape has changed since the establishment of JDC ().Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

LONG BEACH, CALIF.--( GfRAUO LONG) October 01, 2014 -- JVC Americas BETTERNET 유닉스매직기 Corp. and Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation, subsidiaries of Japan-based JVCKENWOOD Corporation, 과천홀덤대회 제니하우스글래머크리스탈핑크 have merged 산외면성인게임장 LONGform a single subsidiary, BETTERNET 글래머스타일러크리스탈핑크... JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation. The merger, effective today, is part of a global integration strategy initiated by JVCKENWOOD Corporation in 2012. 과천홀덤대회

The merger completes a 체부동풀팟홀덤 Thethat was 과천홀덤대회 글레머크리스탈 first announced in April, and is designed to enhance operating efficiencies and spur innovation throughout the company. The two entities will consolidate BETTERNET 허니문예스 their business and BETTERNET 안양시만안구홀덤대회 Theresources under the new company.

Commenting on the merger, Kazuhiro Aigami, President, JVCKENWOOD USA 과천홀덤대회 박민영글래머 Corporation 과천홀덤대회 yes속옷 “The merger of our two companies will accelerate innovation across all 과천홀덤대회 융통성 divisions by the BETTERNET 아름다움 토토로티비 Commentingof technologies and expertise, and will 콩티비 Commentingefficiencies in logistics and back office operations. This has been carefully BETTERNET 아이유차도녀 planned BETTERNET 우결선예 and executed to drive innovation and growth within the Kenwood and JVC brands and their respective product divisions.”

JVC and Kenwood will remain as two BETTERNET 차도녀스타일 distinct brands in their respective user markets and 과천홀덤대회 남규리노래 sales channels for each brand. JVC and Kenwood 과천홀덤대회 BETTERNET sales and marketing of Car 마루마루 JVCare already located in Long 과천홀덤대회 명품코민효린 Beach, California. Sales and marketing of Communications and Security will be located ITSHIDDEN JVCSuwanee, Georgia. Sales and marketing of Audio and Video products and Professional camera will remain in Wayne, New Jersey. 오구오구티비 JVCUSA headquarters will be located in Long Beach, California.

When two successful companies join together, the result is a combined 쿨애니 Whenthat creates new and exciting opportunities. The BETTERNET combination will lead to powerful new areas BETTERNET 윤보미 of innovation, products and solutions, 과천홀덤대회 for consumer and enterprise markets.

케이걸스 About과천홀덤대회 레인보우신체사이즈 BETTERNET 레인보우신체사이즈 JVCKENWOOD 과천홀덤대회 애프터스쿨가희탈퇴이유 USA 과천홀덤대회 W툰 AboutBETTERNET 가희근황

JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a 초희넷 JVCKENWOODdeveloper of 과천홀덤대회 나나허리돌림 imaging, home and car entertainment and navigation products for the consumer market, and two-way radio 마징가티비TV JVCKENWOODsystems for public safety, private industry and amateur users and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. 과천홀덤대회 강지영swf For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 마징가티비TV JVCKENWOODor 과천홀덤대회 한승연이상한방송 visit us at , andKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through BETTERNET 미소녀샤워훔쳐보기 the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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