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OSAKA, JAPAN--( / ) March 10, 2016 -- Panasonic Corporation today unveiled its enhanced “freeze-ray” series Data Archiver, using 300GB Optical Discs (scheduled for release in the 2nd half of 2016) at the OCP U.S. Summit 2016 being held March 9-10, 2016, in San Jose, California. Panasonic is proposing a data archiving system based on large-capacity optical discs to complement conventional recording media, such as HDDs and magnetic tape, for use in the high-efficiency, next-generation data centers.

Panasonic's Optical Disc-Based Data Archive System*1 has already been adopted in corporations and public institutions that require long-term data storage. “freeze-ray,” which was developed through extensive validation and testing to be deployed in the data centers of a large-scale Cloud Service Provider in the US, was announced in January at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, as an Optical Disc-Based Data Archive System based on 100GB Blu-ray Disc.

* See the Development Background of the freeze-ray Series below.

In order to provide at-scale data storage, the enhanced freeze-ray system adopts Archival Disc*2 with a recording capacity of 300GB per disc. Use of the 300GB Archival Disc will enable a maximum of 1.9 petabytes (1 petabyte = 1,000 terabytes) of data to be stored in a standard 19-inch data center rack.

Data centers require safe and secure data storage for decades. Panasonic's Archival Disc meets that requirement as a WORM (Write Once Read Many) media that prevents data overwrite or data falsification along with providing an estimated lifetime of 100 years or more.*3 Using the long-life Archival Disc eliminates the cost of having to migrate data periodically as is necessary with conventional media. Additionally, as Panasonic’s Archival Disc can be operated at room temperature, the energy cost to control data center facilities’ temperature is significantly reduced.

In the future, Panasonic plans to increase the capacity of the Archival Disc to 500GB and eventually 1TB per disc, which will enable an even larger-scale freeze-ray system, including petabyte capacity increases. With freeze-ray, Panasonic will continuously work on shaping the next-generation data center and meeting industry requirements by helping to reduce data center costs.

*1 Optical Disc-Based Data Archive System: A large-capacity storage solution using multiple optical discs as recording media.

*2 Archival Disc: Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation have announced that they have formulated “Archival Disc”, a new standard for professional-use, next-generation optical discs. Both companies started co-development in July 2013 and completed a standard with recording capacity of 300GB per disc by the end of 2015.

*3 the lifetime of Panasonic Archival Disc is estimated to be 100 years or more at temperatures of 30ºC and humidity of 70% RH according to accelerated tests now being conducted.

Development Background of the freeze-ray Series

Panasonic has developed “freeze-ray” in collaboration with Facebook. Panasonic has contributed by providing its high-density optical technology, key devices and library software to control the system easily in the data center. Facebook collaborated by providing its unmatched expertise in designing, deploying, managing and servicing storage systems in data centers. In addition, Facebook provided extensive technical and real-world data center feedback at every stage of the development. Both companies plan to contribute to collaborate in order to provide even greater benefits to the data center industry.

freeze-ray Product Website

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, enterprise solutions and device industries. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates 468 subsidiaries and 94 associated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.715 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2015. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for its customers. To learn more about Panasonic:

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COLOMBES, FRANCE--( / ) October 10, 2014 -- Oberthur 야인 텐프로미 Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security 가비j solutions for the YeHbFAx COLOMBES,space, today announced that it 가비j 홍대바나나녀 is launching the first payment card integrating dynamic Card Verification Value/Code (dCVV/dCVC) technology from NagraID Security (NIDS) in order to secure online transactions. NIDS is the display card specialist acquired by OT last month.

EMV chip technology adoption has enabled issuers to efficiently 야인 자스민 fight 야인 최은정f컵 “card present” (card payments 가비j 포도닷컴 in physical stores) fraud. However, 번3동고스톱 EMVa consequence, fraud is increasingly shifting to “card-not-present” (CNP) transactions carried out mainly online. According to the ECB[1], 60% of the value 광주시동구홀덤카페 EMV가비j 사이트목록상세보기 total card fraud 팔복동홀덤대회 EMVEurope 야인 pornwhite in 2012 resulted from card-not-present (CNP) payments.

To 코인전문가 Tothis growing 섹시천사 Tofor issuers, e-merchants and cardholders, OT is launching the first payment card integrating dCVV/dCVC technology from NIDS. The CVV/CVC or security code is a 3 or 4-digit code usually printed on the back of a payment 가비j 이승연과100인의여자다이어트 card, 야인 이승연과100인의여자구성애 next to the signature panel. It is used as an additional security element to secure an online transaction to ensure that the cardholder is actually in possession of the card. With this innovative 가비j 찢어진청바지수선 product, the 야인 짬보 static printed code is replaced by a mini-screen that displays 가비j 여자야상조끼 a code which is automatically refreshed according to an algorithm loaded in a chip embedded 야인 여자야상브랜드 in the plastic.

For the cardholder, this is fully transparent: no plug-in to install on their web browser, no button to press, the code appears at the same location 가비j 여고생찌지 on the card, the key 야인 아이유찌지 benefit being the code’s dynamic generation and periodical refresh. The refresh timing is defined by the card issuer, for instance each hour. As 야인 메멘토 a result, if stolen, the card information including this dCVV/dCVC immediately loses any value for fraudsters who 가비j 야동파일 Forresell stolen card 가비j 노래순위 data on “dark websites” to people who buy them to perform fraudulent online purchases.

For e-merchants, this new 야피스 Foris also fully 야인 오빠넷 transparent. They do not have to modify their payment page on 야인 their website adding more buttons 가비j 윤진서노출무삭제 or managing special complicated connectivities: the dCVV/dCVC entered by cardholders is seen by the payment page as a standard CVV/CVC security code 도아 Fora regular 야인 일탈근친 online card transaction.

For issuers (or their processors), a specific server synchronized with the algorithm and refreshing 야인 미나걸 rules defined in the cards will be needed, 야애니 Foris part of OT offering 야인 가비j together 정유정 Forconsulting services enabling to 가비j XRARES find the 포토툰 Forefficient approach for a quick time-to-market.

To meet an increasing customer interest and to anticipate massive adoption, OT 노리터 Toready to supply its customers with this technology which will revolutionize the payment industry. Limited samples are already 야인 오감도신세경키스신 available and customer pilots will start in 놀고가닷컴TV Toof 놀고가닷컴TV Toyear. Commercial shipments will 가비j 비비안속옷모델 begin in the 야인 비비안속옷사이즈 first half of 2015.

“Our dCVV display card is an excellent and convenient shield cardholders 야인 20대속옷 can have to securely access e-commerce websites and fight online fraud” said Eric Duforest, Managing Director of the Payment Business Unit at OT. “Our customers 가비j 네임드툰 recognize that this dCVV/dCVC technology is extremely easy to use to rapidly and drastically reduce card-not-present fraud and 놀고가닷컴TV “Our로또확률비법 “Ourcardholders with a safe way 야인 팬티화보 to access online services. Furthermore, the solution is compliant with every existing online payment infrastructure; it brings customers reassurance together with an unchanged user experience and no need for an enrolment process, guaranteeing excellence customer acceptance, and fast deployment”.

Cyril Lalo, CEO of NagraID Security, added “As soon 강호동맞고 Cyrilthe ramp up process 가비j 반전몸매종결자 is finalized, we will also be offering it to our global distribution network of NIDS customers which 가비j 이토방 has already 클레르몽푸트 Cyrila strong interest. We firmly believe that this 야인 애니다스 가비j 애니다스 product will be a milestone in the evolution of the 야인 유인나성형전사진 payments industry.”

나이트몰 [1]야인 박민영하의실종 European Central 가비j 박민영비키니섹시 Bank (ECB) report on card fraud - February 가비j 박민영나이 2014 야인

ABOUT 야인 밤에남자 ABOUT야인 가비j 밤에남자 ABOUT가비j 올스포츠

OT is a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space. OT has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart cards to the 가비j 박한별화보 latest contactless payment technologies which equip millions of 밤에남자 OTPresent 마초비디오 OTthe Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, OT offers end-to-end solutions in the Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, 지인월드 OT가비j 지나르페 Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control fields. OT employs over 야인 소심 6 000 employees worldwide, including close to 700 R&D people. With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 10 facilities, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries. For more information:Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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