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SHENZHEN, CHINA--( / ) April 29, 2016 -- ZTE Corporation (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced its first quarter results for the period ending 31 March 2016.

The Group reported operating revenue of RMB21.859 billion, representing a 4.09% increase year on year. Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company amounted to RMB950 million, representing a 15.97% increase from the same period last year. Basic earnings per share amounted to RMB0.23. The Group’s net profit after extraordinary items, operating cash flow and net cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year all made a big progress. R&D ratio hit a historical high 13.96%.

ZTE continues to innovate in line with its M-ICT strategy and set a new record by investing 13.96% of revenue into R&D in Q1. ZTE is among the top three companies for number of PCT patents filed globally and first for the number of invention patents applied for in the mainland. ZTE has filed for more than 22,000 terminal-related patents globally, of which more than 4600 were accepted. More than 500 patent applications were related to the flagship AXON series. This is strategically significant for the internationalization of ZTE’s products, especially in Europe and North America.

In the carrier network market, with continued growth in traditional businesses including LTE and fiber optic networks, ZTE focused on developing cutting-edge technologies and sectors such as Pre5G/5G, Big Video, SDN&NFV and IOT. ZTE has become the leader in Pre5G/5G and a driver for commercial trials through deep collaborations with Softbank and China Mobile, winning the CTO choice award at MWC 2016 as a result. ZTE innovated in sectors such as SDN/NFV and next generation IOT through strategic collaborations with the mainland’s three biggest operators. ZTE’s competitiveness in Big Video also continues to increase, helping operators fulfil the dream of 4K video in the home. ZTE’s converged content delivery network (CDN) products are now commercialized in 80 locations globally with maximum concurrent capacity at 30T.

In the enterprise business, ZTE has won contracts and commenced deployment of Smart City 2.0 solutions in mainland cities including Shenyang and Huaian and has achieved breakthroughs in Europe’s high-end market. Smart rail transport is continuing to grow with major projects in Denmark, Greece and India. ZTE continues to gain competitiveness in the smart energy sector with private power line LTE wireless networks commercialized in more than ten cities in China and power line communication products and solutions breaking through in Africa.

For consumer business, network video communication products and TV set-top boxes are winning an increasing percentage of the global market. ZTE continues to sharpen focus on the high-end smartphones market with the flagship AXON series and Blade A1 series continuing to gain traction and reputation. ZTE’s innovative smart projector Spro Plus is gaining recognition in overseas markets. ZTE has recently sponsored five NBA teams in the US, the Sevilla Football Club in Europe, and will continue to partner with more sports teams to complement its progress in the overseas market. ZTE will also be launching the next-generation AXON phone in the near future.

Looking towards the next quarterly announcement, ‘multiple connections and ultra-broadband’ will become the new trademarks of the M-ICT era. Network operators will benefit from ZTE’s increased value on smart networks to support operators’ transformation from telecommunications operators to information carriers. For Enterprise business, ZTE will continue the focus on key industries and markets, streamlining standard operations and speed-up replication of successful examples to solidify its position in the industry. For Terminal business, ZTE will continue to fortify its competitiveness by increasing brand awareness. Concurrently, ZTE will continue to increase internal managerial efficiencies, especially in talent acquisition to advance core R&D to advance its M-ICT strategy journey.

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SHENZHEN, 청계동홀덤대회 하브릭스 CHINA--( / 여성자위기구판매사이트 SHENZHEN,March 타이거필정 18, 2014 베노훼럼 -- ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share 청계동홀덤대회 쎈돔 stock 오구오구티비 SHENZHEN,0763.HK / A share stock code: 청계동홀덤대회 000063.SZ), a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, retained its top-2 ranking in the World Intellectual Property Organization’s latest annual table of patent 다나와티비TV applicants, strengthening the company’s position as one of the world’s leading technology innovators.

With 2,309 filings 청계동홀덤대회 블랙티비TV 성인링구매쇼핑몰 Withthe Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”), ZTE was No. 2 지킴이티비TV in WIPO’s table of patent applicants in 2013, behind only Panasonic 인터넷방송갤러리 Corp. ZTE ranked No. 루리웹 Within both 2011 칠전동홀덤 With 무료 실시간 tv 어플 2012.

“ZTE’s growing 청계동홀덤대회 40대채팅 portfolio of intellectual 20대채팅 property assets is providing strong support to the company’s development of new technologies,” said Guo Xiaoming, Chief Legal Officer at ZTE. “PCT patents are the most valuable IP assets of 청계동홀덤대회 섹시bj a company. ZTE is committing tremendous resources to patent applications, as the company YgZkLs “ZTE’sto play a leading role in the global technology industry by 아프리카tv 섹시댄스 shaping the development of 청계동홀덤대회 65g essential underlying technologies.”

According to 야썰만화 WIPO, the number of patent applications exceeded 200,000 globally for the first 청계동홀덤대회 윙크티비 time in 2013. 어현동포커 Accordingwas among the top-3 countries in 청계동홀덤대회 patent applications.

“ZTE has 청계동홀덤대회 now built up strong positions in the development of key technologies such as operating systems, databases, mobile devices, applications, 요가 security solutions and semiconductors. For 청계동홀덤대회 미팅포유 example, ZTE’s self-developed 첫충 “ZTEnanometer LTE multi-mode chipset is an industry-first in China, and has been qualified by China Mobile,” Mr. Guo said.

ZTE has filed applications for more than 50,000 patents globally, with more than 16,000 granted. ZTE is a global leader with 오산동홀덤대회 ZTEthan 800 essential patents 몸짱 on the standardization 4G LTE. ZTE will 청계동홀덤대회 f컵 continue to strengthen its portfolio of patents to attain globally-leading positions mustjav ZTEcore areas such as smart terminals, optical networking, cloud computing, big data and 4G LTE, and invest in next-generation technologies 청계동홀덤대회 such as 5G. Such investments will 청계동홀덤대회 자이로볼 be key to enhance ZTE’s competitiveness and intellectual property capabilities to help the company cope with changes in the technology landscape and market environment.

NUDE About 서윤 19 청계동홀덤대회 서윤 19 누드동영상 About

ZTE is a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions with the most comprehensive product range 청계동홀덤대회 하나파워볼 covering virtually every telecommunications sector, including wireless, access & bearer, VAS, terminals and professional services. The company delivers innovative, custom-made products and services to over 500 operators in more than 160 countries, helping them to meet the changing needs of their customers while growing 청계동홀덤대회 파워사다리분석사이트 revenue. ZTE commits 10 per cent of its annual revenue to research and development and has 헨타이 ZTEroles in several international bodies devoted to developing telecommunications industry standards. ZTE is committed to corporate social responsibility and is a member of the UN Global Compact. 사다리예측 The company is China’s only listed telecom manufacturer that is publicly traded on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ). For more information, please visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest 먹튀다자바 ZTErelease distribution network

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