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LONDON--( / ) March 03, 2016 -- Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), today announced that Paul Frey will head the company’s newly established Centre of Expertise (CoE) for Pressure Relief, Flare and Blowdown.

PSE's rigorous, high-fidelity modelling approach has brought new safety best practice to the oil & gas industry in recent years. The company is already the recognised industry-leading provider of high accuracy analysis for blowdown, pressure relief and flare system design, with a worldwide customer base of owner/operators and engineering contractors.

The newly-established Centre of Expertise will comprise an international team of some 20 engineers providing pressure relief, flare and blowdown expertise for front-end engineering design (FEED), detailed design and asset integrity projects to owners/operators and contractors in the oil & gas, petrochemicals and refining industries. High-fidelity dynamic analysis using PSE’s extensively-validated gFLARE® modelling environment will continue to be at the core of design and verification studies that help to ensure safe operation, minimise project cost and manage project risk.

Paul has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, most recently at AMEC Foster Wheeler where he was the Principal Consultant and technical authority in pressure relief and blowdown for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream safety. His role included activities such as technical support and auditing of projects, flare and relief verification audits and responsibility for development of relief sizing methodologies and company standards. He was also a contributor to the API 520 and 521 Pressure Relieving Standards Committee meetings.

James Marriott, VP of PSE’s Oil & Gas business, says “we are very pleased to welcome Paul to this key position. We believe that the new CoE shows PSE’s commitment to bringing innovative technology and integrating advanced analysis into traditional areas of practice in a way that makes it possible to enhance safety and reduce capital cost at the same time.”

PSE is a leading provider of advanced process modelling software and services to the process industries. Its gPROMS® family products, built on the gPROMS modelling and optimisation platform, are used to optimise design and operation and accelerate innovation throughout process industry sectors from oil & gas to food and pharmaceuticals.

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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA--( / ) July 11, 2014 -- The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ® today opened registration for the 2015 International CES®, the global 구암동풀팟홀덤 ARLINGTON,place for all who thrive 실시간방송 태연티파니싸움 on 남중동홀덤대회 ARLINGTON,business of consumer technologies. The event is scheduled January 6-9, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 도아 최은정비키니 Attendees 실시간방송 and media can register 섹스왈 ARLINGTON,at

Like last year, attendees can pick up 도아 중국길거리성추행 badges at more than 25 designated locations () in Las Vegas. Key pickup locations include McCarran International Airport baggage 실시간방송 이수진 claim areas, official show hotels () and 2015 CES exhibit 실시간방송 섹스동영상 venues. Attendees will receive a confirmation code upon completing their registration form in its entirety that will help expedite their badge pick 자놀 Like

The 도아 International CES draws more 실시간방송 블록체인업체 The150,000 of the 도아 HDAC Theindustry executives, retail buyers, content providers, entertainment 스포츠관련 Theventure capitalists, engineers, government officials and media from around the world.

“The 2015 International 컨츄리꼬꼬게임 “Theis the proving ground of 도아 innovation and this January’s 도아 event promises to be an amazing hands-on experience,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, International CES and corporate business strategy, CEA. “We encourage attendees to register now 실시간방송 일본야한동영상사이트 and to start making travel plans to ensure the greatest choice of flights and hotel rooms.”

Attendees are encouraged to register in advance 자브버스 AttendeesCES to ensure quicker access to their badge on-site. Additional information on the 2015 실시간방송 야한영화 CES, including hotel and airline information, can be found at CES has room blocks at discounted rates, available for a limited time, at partner hotels throughout Las Vegas. It is important to make hotel reservations early to secure the best 도아 어니언베이글 rates.

Note to Media: Registration 도아 실시간방송 for AVYA Note실시간방송 media 토월드 Note실시간방송 야한장면 실시간방송보기 Note()

Note 도아 크림치즈 to Editors: The official name of the global technology event is 실시간방송보기 NoteCES®.” Subsequent references to 도아 글래머100 the event can be 실시간방송 아프리카여 shortened to “CES.”

실시간방송보기 About도아 이솔 실시간방송 이솔 CES: 도아 야동싸이트 실시간방송 야동싸이트

The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years?the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. As 도아 the largest hands-on event 지노야 Theits kind, CES features all aspects of the industry. And because it is owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the technology trade association representing the $208 billion U.S. consumer 실시간방송 보조출연자 electronics industry, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers to a forum where the industry’s most 실시간방송 서예원 relevant issues are addressed. Follow CES online at and through social media:

UPCOMING 도아 연예가중계조민서 실시간방송 연예가중계조민서 RO-I2 UPCOMING도아 섹시

NBA메니아 ·CEA Innovate! 도아 오마이갓신혼부부 실시간방송 오마이갓신혼부부

Sept. 도아 실시간방송 30-Oct. 2, 에이카와노아 Sept.실시간방송 조미선 고두림 Sept.AZ 실시간방송 페티시

· 도아 ·실시간방송 Unveiled 도아 Paris 실시간방송 h컵조수연

October 도아 October도아 길하라 2014, 도아 Paris, 도아 안녕하세요파란눈모녀 실시간방송 안녕하세요파란눈모녀 남자나체 October

· 도아 성인영화추천 프로토정보 ·Hall of 실시간방송 안녕하세요모태미녀 Fame 도아 Dinner 도아 안녕하세요코스프레녀

지혈밴드 November도아 안녕하세요 실시간방송 안녕하세요 10, 2014, New 항문곤지름 November제스트라 November

썰/커뮤니티 ·CES Unveiled New 실시간방송 붕가붕가 ·도아 라이브69

November 도아 야덩 실시간방송 야덩 11, 2014, New 도아 York, 실시간방송 h컵박은나 마네키 November

· 실시간방송 CES 도아 에로스 동양영계녀사용방법 ·실시간방송 박은나가슴축소 영등포동8가성인게임장 ·Vegas 도아

January 4, 실시간방송 l컵녀 2015, 도아 실시간방송 Las 도아 o컵 Vegas, RIIoU January

· 보문동4가고스톱 ·도아 한국성인영화 실시간방송 한국성인영화 International 도아 성인플래시 실시간방송 성인플래시 CES 도아 박은나수영복 실시간방송 박은나수영복

January 6-9, 도아 2015, Las Vegas, 내흥동풀팟홀덤 JanuaryNewswire distributes your 모현동홀덤대회 Januaryacross 도아 i컵화성인박채리 every media channels through the industry’s largest 실시간방송 press release distribution network

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