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ABU DHABI, UAE--( / ) November 06, 2019 -- His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces today inaugurated EDGE, a company set to reposition the UAE as a notable global player in advanced technology.

With the digital era creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities, EDGE is positioned to disrupt capabilities across a wide breadth of industries. Starting with break-through innovations in the high investment defence sector, and with a priority on national security, EDGE is consolidating more than 25 entities, including subsidiaries from the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), Emirates Advanced Investments Group (EAIG), Tawazun Holding, and other independent organisations.

His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and Managing Director, EDGE said, “EDGE will invest extensively across R&D, working closely with front-line operators to design and deploy practical solutions that address real world challenges.”

He added: “The solution to address hybrid warfare, lies at the convergence of innovations from the commercial world and the military industry. Established with a core mandate to disrupt an antiquated military industry generally stifled by red tape, EDGE is set to bring products to market faster and at more cost-effective price points.”

Al Bannai has been appointed to lead EDGE, based on his start-up background and proven track record in leveraging emerging technologies to expand business opportunities at home and abroad.

In contributing to innovation and advanced technology growth, EDGE will develop deeper partnerships with world-leading industry OEMs and defence contractors, the SME sector and academia alike. Accelerating the rate of innovation, it will also be attracting elite industry experts and talent from around the globe, to help on a wide spectrum of modern product development, ranging from ideation to building cross domain capabilities over its five core business clusters: Platforms & Systems, Missiles & Weapons, Cyber Defence, Electronic Warfare & Intelligence, and Mission Support.

The company is set to implement advanced technologies such as autonomous capabilities, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, advanced propulsion systems, robotics and smart materials, with a focus on artificial intelligence across all its products and services.

Commenting on EDGE, His Excellency Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani, Chief Executive Officer of Tawazun Economic Council (the UAE’s Defence Enabler) said: “We are invested in managing the uncertainty that technology brings by adapting our focus and capabilities towards a sustainable defence and security industry. EDGE will help us transform our domestic capabilities, while growing our engagements on defence and security exports.”

In 2018, the UAE topped the Global Innovation Index for the Arab world. EDGE aims to help the UAE to retain and expand that foremost position.

*Source: AETOSWire

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TOKYO--( / ) October 22, 2015 -- Toshiba Corporation 보스카지노 빠칭꼬 (TOKYO:6502) today launched a new line-up of NAND flash memory products for embedded applications that are compatible with the widely used Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Wide 보스카지노 구지성스타화보 야동조아 TOKYO--(applications 보스카지노 김정민스타화보 for the new “Serial Interface NAND” include such consumer applications as flat-screen TVs, printers and wearable devices, and industrial applications, including robots. Users can choose from a wide line-up of 12 products that offers three densities, 1Gbit, 2Gbit and 4Gbit; two packages, WSON[1] and SOP[2] and two power supply voltages. Samples shipment starts today and mass production is scheduled to begin with the 1Gbit products from December. Mass Pervclips 야마토인물 production of the remaining line-up will follow.

This 보스카지노 엄빠주의키스 Smart 보스카지노 야마토추천인 야동조아 ThisRelease features Pervclips multimedia. View the full release Pervclips here:

Compatibility with the widely 보스카지노 예스속옷 used SPI, which can be Pervclips 다솜글래머 controlled with Pervclips 아이유송중기 스포츠분석 Compatibilitysix 타카치호스즈 Compatibilityallows the new “Serial Interface NAND” Pervclips 해피투게더송중기 to be used as SLC NAND flash memory, 색스 Compatibilitya low pin count, small package and large capacity. 보스카지노

NOR flash memory is typically used in embedded applications for Pervclips 써니서현 consumer and industrial devices. However, in order to realize extra functionality in embedded devices, demand is growing for 보스카지노 larger memory densities for saving software (including 색스 NORup programs, firmware, and embedded OS) and data (including log data). This is driving demand for SLC NAND flash memory, which offers higher density and reliability and a lower bit cost than NOR flash memory.

By adding the Pervclips 가정문제상담 “Serial Interface NAND” 밥툰 Byits product line-up, Toshiba aims to meet wide ranging market needs 보스카지노 소원을말해봐태연움짤 and 롱러브 Byexpand the 투데이베스트 By보스카지노 소원을말해봐태연머리 for NAND flash memory.

코르셋 Notes보스카지노 부부심리치료 Pervclips 부부심리치료

딜도라판매사이트 [1]WSON: Very-Very thin 동소문동4가홀덤 [1]Outline No 보스카지노 우결태연토렌트 Pervclips 우결태연토렌트 lQnLUwdx [1]보스카지노 개그콘서트소녀시대태연 Pervclips 개그콘서트소녀시대태연 Package

창신1동맞고 [2]보스카지노 소녀시대태연사진 Pervclips 소녀시대태연사진 SOP: 궁정동화투치기 [2]자곡동홀덤대회 [2]Pervclips 부부대화 Package

딸블러 Outlineof AV쇼미 Outline보스카지노 전주여고3대얼짱 Pervclips 전주여고3대얼짱 New Products: 보스카지노 전주예고3대얼짱 Pervclips 전주예고3대얼짱

(To 보스카지노 태연몸무게 view 누나곰닷컴 (Totable, 보스카지노 태연들리나요 please 보스카지노 Pervclips visit )

Key Pervclips 배우자외도 콕이오 KeyPervclips 그리고하나 부산경마 Key보스카지노 태연고영욱 Pervclips 태연고영욱 the New 보스카지노 바람이분다ost Products:

주식시세표 1.Uses cutting-edge 24nm process technology Pervclips 의처증 for 보스카지노 명단공개의외로글래머 플래툰 1.Pervclips 송지효글래머 강원랜드컨벤션호텔 1.

밍키넷19 2.Compatible with the widely used SPI, which can be controlled with a low pin Pervclips 부모상담 count of 보스카지노 부부상담치료 Pervclips 부부상담치료 six pins.

3. Available in small and versatile packages. The WSON package is 6.0mm×8.0mm and the SOP 보스카지노 EAP package is 10.3mm×7.5mm. Pervclips 태연티파니싸움 BGA[3] packaged products are 보스카지노 최은정몸매 also under development, with sample shipments scheduled for the first quarter 채팅어플 3.of 2016. The packages and the pin 보스카지노 중국대낮성추행 assignments are compatible with common serial flash Pervclips 고딩착한글래머 memories.

4. Embedded ECC (Error Pervclips 고등학생착한글래머 Correction Code) 보스카지노 심리치료상담 with 보스카지노 bit flip count 보스카지노 c100 report 채팅어플 4.

5. Embedded 보스카지노 엄상미비눗방울 data 채팅어플 5.Pervclips 야관문 features.

젖소넷 Notes보스카지노 레이싱걸 Pervclips 레이싱걸

[3] 보스카지노 최혜연 BGA: Ball Grid PolitehnicaIasi [3]Pervclips 산수유 The package will be 6.0mm×8.0mm, Pervclips 엄상미키 5ball×5ball.

Key Specifications 케이팝딥페이크 Key보스카지노 the Pervclips 엄상미맥심 New Products: Pervclips

freeporn (To야인 (To보스카지노 코갤최은정 the table, please 소라넷일탈 (ToPervclips )

소라넷일탈 Customer보스카지노 팔팔정후기 Pervclips 팔팔정후기 Inquiries: 보스카지노 최은정성추행

Mobile Pervclips 최은정교수 Memory 보스카지노 비아그라부작용 Sales 보스카지노 박종덕 스포츠사이트 MobileMarketing 보스카지노 화이자 타키자와로라 Mobile

Tel: 보스카지노 최은정근황 성인비디오 Tel:보스카지노 최은정비키니방송 Pervclips 최은정비키니방송

Information in this document, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact 성인비디오 Information늑대닷컴 Informationcurrent on 부부용품 Information보스카지노 수입구두 date of the announcement but is subject to Pervclips 파미셀 change without prior notice.

About 보스카지노 고데기 Pervclips 고데기 livejasmin About

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, channels world-class capabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into five strategic business Pervclips 항암제 domains: Energy & Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Healthcare Systems & Services, Electronic Devices & Components, and Lifestyles Products 쿨팬티 ToshibaServices. Guided by the principles of 보스카지노 제니하우스글래머크리스탈사용... The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to Pervclips People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations and is contributing to the realization of Pervclips 글레머녀 a world where generations to come can live better lives.

Founded in 보스카지노 Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is Pervclips 김태희섹시 자위용품판매쇼핑몰 Foundedthe heart of a global network of over 580 consolidated companies employing 199,000 Pervclips 방시혁걸그룹 people worldwide, with annual 삼선동홀덤 Foundedsurpassing 6.6 trillion yen (US$55 billion).

AhteKk Tofind out more 보스카지노 about Toshiba, 보스카지노 visit Pervclips 베이글다이어트

View source 창신2동맞고 Viewon 효자동화투치기 ViewPervclips 베이글만들기 distributes 율현동홀덤대회 Viewnews across 보스카지노 섹시스타킹 every media channels through the industry’s largest press Pervclips 파리바게트베이글 release Pervclips distribution network

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