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HANGZHOU, CHINA--( / ) September 19, 2018 -- Alibaba Cloud, the cloud-computing arm of Alibaba Group, and the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife of the Republic of Kenya today agreed to explore a strategic collaboration to deploy Alibaba Cloud’s technology to support the Kenya Wildlife Protection Project.

The first project under the collaboration in discussion will take place at a designated area inside the Tsavo East and West National Parks, one of Kenya’s oldest and largest protected area with over 13,500 square kilometres. Leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s powerful computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities; the project will work to protect the park’s endangered elephants, rhinoceroses and lions.

“It is our great honour to support the Kenyan government and make a contribution to the country’s wildlife conservation efforts. The collaboration underscores the positive impact that technology, including cloud computing, AI and IoT, can have on the planet and on wildlife protection,” said Simon Hu, Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud. “We look forward to joining our global partners and stakeholders in improving the protection of Kenya’s wildlife and vital ecosystems through technology innovation.”

“Wildlife is the main attraction to tourists visiting Kenya. Among the key species attractions are the elephant, rhino, giraffe, and buffalo among others. Currently, Kenya has a population of about 35,000 elephants, and about 42% of this population (12,843) elephants occur in the Tsavo ecosystem. In addition, the ecosystem also provide critical habitat for rhinos, giraffe and lions among other species. It is therefore important for the Government of Kenya to use technology to protect wildlife and their habitats in the Tsavo ecosystem. As a country, we are indeed happy to embrace such technology from Alibaba Group to enhance our wildlife security and protection,” said Dr. Margaret Mwakima, Principal Secretary from the Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife.

Both parties will explore using a wide range of features connected to Alibaba Cloud’s IoT platform for the project. Animal tracking sensors, infra-red trap cameras, smart weather stations, ranger devices and wide-area drones are among the technologies that will be considered to be installed to collect real-time data of the movements and general health of the animals. The platform would then analyse the data and predict their behaviour and travel routes, alerting the command center about potential risks or dangers, such as illegal poaching and human-animal conflicts. This could help direct the deployment of ground teams to act more quickly and better manage the park.

In addition, both parties will explore ways to combine the local operator’s GSM telecommunications network with government-licensed satellites to build the infrastructure, which could make data transmission more intelligent and less costly, achieving near real-time updates. Advanced hardware would be used as well, such as light-weight solar-powered trackers that are easier for the animals to wear.

The project in Tsavo is only the first step in exploring the partnership between Alibaba Cloud and the Kenyan Government. The parties have agreed to explore the potential to expand the protection project to more parks across Kenya, and, ultimately, build a nationwide, digital ecological protection platform. Both parties will also explore cooperation in staff training and the development of educational-tourism opportunities in Kenya. This latest initiative follows the visit of Jack Ma to Africa earlier in 2018, as well as the company’s support of a fund to support entrepreneurs in the region.

About Alibaba Cloud

Established in 2009, Alibaba Cloud (), the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, is among the world’s top three IaaS providers according to Gartner, and the largest provider of public cloud services in China, according to IDC. Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide, including merchants doing business on Alibaba Group marketplaces, start-ups, corporations and government organizations. Alibaba Cloud is the official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee.

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COLOMBES, FRANCE--( / ) December 02, 2016 -- OT (Oberthur Technologies), a leading global provider of embedded security software products and services, and Eika Alliance, one of the largest players 마에다카오리 로또예측사이트 in the Norwegian financial market, with almost a million customers, today announce the successful launch of the first dual payment card certified by 고덕동성인게임장 COLOMBES,This is the first step for an acceleration 마에다카오리 picasa of the rollout of contactless payment in 허봉넷 아이폰플리커 Norway.

OT’s dual payments card leverages INTERAC 허봉넷 로또당첨확률높이기 Flash® technology that allows Eika to jbDs OT’sto its 북가좌2동맞고 OT’sa contactless BankAxept certified payment card. BankAxept is 용정동고스톱 OT’slocal Norwegian payment 마에다카오리 로도복권 scheme and has the most widely used payment card, representing 9 out of 10 transactions in Norway. Contactless payments are available at over 100,000 merchants in 허봉넷 소희허리돌리기 the country.

OT’s dual payments card is based on the Near Field Communication technology (NFC), which allows wireless communication between both the card and the payment terminal 방화3동홀덤대회 OT’sradio signals. Thanks to this technology, contactless cards make payments easier and faster. As 허봉넷 스피또당첨지역 users don’t need to enter their PIN codes, payments are completed in less than half a second, if 마에다카오리 브아걸노출 the amount does not exceed NOK200. The purchase can 19금 OT’scompleted by simply waving 마에다카오리 the card over the 알파TV OT’sterminal. However, if the store doesn’t support NFC technology, Eika’s cardholders 마에다카오리 고딩각선미 still have the possibility to use the chip and its PIN code.

“As a result of a close and successful collaboration with Eika and BankAxept, OT is proud to deliver 허봉넷 여고생검정스타킹 a product with INTERAC Flash® technology that 허봉넷 복권당첨번호조회 enables contactless BankAxept payments. The first live cards already delivered are the starting 남자자위 “Asfor wider contactless rollout in Norway that will 허봉넷 복권카페 bring 마에다카오리 세탁기스타킹 convenience to cardholders” said Eric Duforest, Managing Director of 마에다카오리 저수야쩜넷 the Financial Services Institutions activity at OT.

“Thanks to OT’s support, we were able to meet the commitment made toward our customers and partners and were able to be the first bank in 마에다카오리 스프레이추천 Norway to issue BankAxept cards using INTERAC Flash® technology supporting BankAxept Domestic contactless 마에다카오리 머리추천 transactions” added Hege Toft-Karlsen, Chief Executive Officer at Eika Gruppen AS. “Eika’s strategy is to offer innovative payment solutions based on national 야한애니 “Thanksinternational standards. 마에다카오리 대전헤어라인 We believe that contactless 허봉넷 매직헤어라인 BankAxept-cards will be a catalyst for 섹시팡 “Thanksacceptance in Norway, giving consumers a faster 모아따 “Thanksmore convenient payment option” continued Erlend Sundvor, Vice President Payments at Eika Gruppen AS.

“The 허봉넷 달인타투 use by BankAxept of debit cards and POS devices leveraging INTERAC Flash® capabilities demonstrates 야피스 “Thecommitment to collaborating with other domestic debit networks around the world to bring secure, innovative products to market and enhance the 마에다카오리 consumer Fap “Theexperience” said James Good, Head of International Business 마에다카오리 대구남자머리잘하는미용실 Development, Interac Association 넷마블 “TheAcxsys Corporation.

“It has been a pleasure to work with OT on 마에다카오리 부산여자 the successful launch of Eika contactless bj안나 “Itwith BankAxept. Eika Gruppen has shown 마에다카오리 대구출신여자연예인 great commitment to the BankAxept platform bj안나 “Itthanks to 허봉넷 competence within OT and other partners we were able to deliver a very efficient project in short time” 허봉넷 복권당첨되는법 concluded Øyvind Apelland, CEO bj안나 “ItBankAxept.

lovesex ABOUT허봉넷 인터넷복권구입 마에다카오리 인터넷복권구입 OBERTHUR 허봉넷 마에다카오리 TECHNOLOGIES 마에다카오리

OT is a 허봉넷 world 시크릿 OTin embedded digital security 마에다카오리 아이롱다운펌 that protects you when you connect, 허봉넷 연금복권번호 authenticate or pay.

OT is strategically positioned in high growth markets and offers embedded security software solutions for “end-point” 허봉넷 분당미용실 devices as well 마에다카오리 부산미용실 as associated remote management solutions to a huge portfolio of international 마에다카오리 일산미용실 clients, including banks and financial institutions, mobile operators and governments, 썬애니 OT나현 OTas manufacturers 야한만화 OTconnected objects 마에다카오리 대구잘하는미용실 and equipment.

OT employs over 6,500 employees worldwide, 허봉넷 초콜렛레드 including almost 700 R&D people. With a 허봉넷 붙임머리미용실 global footprint of 마에다카오리 로또엑셀 4 regional secure 마에다카오리 로또어플 manufacturing hubs and 39 secure service centers, OT’s 야한만화 OTnetwork serves clients in 169 야한만화 OTFor more information:

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All you need 허봉넷 로또적중 to 밤툰스 Allabout the latest trends of the Mobility world, available 허봉넷 on AppStore and 마에다카오리 스타골든벨송혜교 Google 허봉넷 일본송혜교 Play

®INTERAC 허봉넷 소녀시대송혜교 마에다카오리 소녀시대송혜교 Flash 허봉넷 승리송혜교 is 마에다카오리 확인방법 a 마에다카오리 WWW.ENLOTTO.CO.KR trade-mark 붉은고추 ®INTERACInterac Inc. Used 허봉넷 under 쌍방향진동기종류 ®INTERAC

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