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JEJU, SOUTH KOREA--() October 09, 2012 -- Branksome Hall Asia, the only overseas campus of Branksome Hall, a prestigious girls' independent school in Canada, announced that the first day of classes starts on Oct. 15 and an opening ceremony will be held on Oct. 29. With the establishment of the second prestigious independent school, there are visible signs of completion of Jeju Global Education City.

Branksome Hall Asia, beginning construction on a 95,000 m2 site in Seogwipo-si, Jeju, in June 2011, wrapped up construction in September 2012 and has completed hiring 46 faculty members specialized in the IB program with extensive experience in teaching in North America, Asia, and Europe. The school will be co-educational from Kindergarten through grade 3 and girls only from grade 4 to 12. This year, the first year of the school, 300 students through grade 10 have completed enrollment.

Branksome Hall Asia () will adopt the same educational principles and systems as Branksome Hall and plans to offer the internationally recognized IB (International Baccalaureate) Program for all grades. Especially, all students in grades 9 at both Branksome Hall and Branksome Hall Asia will have a chance to experience both the Jeju and Canada campuses respectively through the Branksome Advantage Exchange Program.

In addition, Branksome Hall Asia will introduce excellent educational programs through its STEM V Center, a state-of-the art facility for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Visual Arts, as well as diverse facilities for summer and winter sports. Opportunities to experience Branksome Hall Asia's education will be offered to students through camps during vacation seasons, as all sorts of learning environments and sports facilities will be open to the local community.

With 98% of its 2011 graduates receiving university entrance scholarships, Branksome Hall is considered one of the top schools in North America with over 110 years of tradition. As Branksome Hall has been ranked No. 3 in the world's boarding schools ranking every year, Branksome Hall Asia is expected to be the best boarding school in Asia.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--() May 29, 2013 -- To attract more travelers from Korea to come to Taipei for self-travel, the Taipei City Government‘s Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT) is attending KOTFA 2013 (the Korea World Travel Fair), and is staging a pre-show press conference in Seoul on May 29. The 야동의민족 복제약종류 city government has brought together airlines, tour operators, and operators of famed sightseeing attractions to develop the FUN TAIPEI program of preferential self-travel offers, aimed at the Korean ass TAIPEI,There are 야동의민족 효과적인복용법 numerous self-travel 한국인 TAIPEI,for stays in Taipei of 2 to 4 days, with discounts of 40% and more. In addition, a “Fans Starchaser Tour” has been 야동의민족 복용법 jelly TAIPEI,and lucky friends have a chance to attend Berlin Chen’s big FUN PARTY in August, where fans will get to meet the star in person (limited to 30 people).

To actively stimulate the Korean tourist market, DOIT has worked with 17 enterprises to develop the FUN TAIPEI program of self-travel 야동의민족 시리우스정 preferential packages. These include China Airlines, Asiana Airlines, and such well-known Korean tourism-industry enterprises as Tourbaksa Seoul, Tourbaksa Busan, Naeil Tour, Parangb, and Yahae Tour (all enterprises are listed on the 2013funtaipei.com website). The most favorable offer is the 2-day, 1-night package for two people traveling together, available for just KRW 214,000 per person. There are also a number of variations of the 3-day, 2-night self-travel package, enabling Korean friends to choose a stay at a hot-spring hotel or a well-known international 5-star hotel. These range from KRW 399,000 to KRW 700,000 per person, for two persons traveling together. A 4-day, 3-night offer by a 섹시걸 Tointernational 5-star hotel gives travelers 1 free night for 2 paid nights; the cost is just KRW 481,000 per person for two people traveling together. These packages present Korean friends with substantial 섹시걸 Toon travel costs, 야동의민족 카버젝트 and will attract more Korean tourists to Taipei for sightseeing.

In addition to the self-travel preferential packages, DOIT has created the attractive, exquisitely designed FUN TAIPEI BOX to give to Korean friends who book Taipei self-travel outings. The gift box brims with pleasant discount-offer surprises that have a total value of KRW 섹시걸 Inand more, created by the Taipei City Government working together 야동의민족 with more than 116 야동의민족 네비도효과 renowned local enterprises, including Wowprime, Breeze Taipei Station, Taipei EYE, department stores, hotels, 야동의민족 센돔구매 and gift & souvenir stores. Other must-mention attractions are the scratch cards specially designed for this year, which can be bought and played on the spot, and the FUN TAIPEI BOX scratch-card lottery draw, which buyers can immediately enter upon purchasing a Taipei self-travel package, and which has 22 prizes with a total value exceeding KRW 11,167,385. The top prize is a “Taipei 2-Day, 1-Night Self-Travel Package” (with airline tickets and accommodations for one person). Also inside the gift box is information on tour itineraries with three different themes custom-tailored for Korean travelers, and a one-day Taipei Pass (giving unlimited rides for 24 hours on the Taipei Metro and public-bus systems). These will make visitors' Taipei explorations even more convenient and relaxing, and make their play and purchasing even more enjoyable.

As part of its 야동의민족 effort to make Taipei the first choice for self-travel among Korean tourists, the Taipei City Government team held a pre-KOTFA 야동의민족 리피토 press conference today (May 29) at Seoul‘s Lotte Hotel. A special treat was the presence of the Korean star Ku Hye Sun, best known for her role in the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, a remake of the hit Taiwan series Meteor Garden, which gave her tremendous popularity throughout Asia. She teamed up with Deputy Commissioner Chiu Peng-Hsin of the Department of Information and Tourism in a demonstration on how to make Taipei’s most iconic 실시간까지노 Asitem -- pineapple cakes! The freshly baked cakes gave off a rich pineapple aroma, and the distinguished guests on hand quickly learned why they are Taipei‘s favorite gift choice, happily munching their way through the warm, flaky outer shells. Ku told everyone on hand about a period of time she once spent in Taipei while shooting 야동의민족 SALINE a television drama, and how she spent all her spare time happily exploring Taipei’s temples and myriad distinctive cultural-creative shops. Mentioning Longshan Temple, she talked about how impressed she was by the architectural art and the deep devotion of the worshipers, and also talked about buying various hand-crafted decorative items that proved to be a big hit with the friends she gave them to back home. Asked by the moderator what her strongest memories of Taipei are today, without hesitation Ku responded that she missed the city‘s xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings) and pearl milk tea, saying that each day the members of her production crew would bring pearl milk tea to their shooting locations, or bring some of the actors out after shooting was finished for a xiaolongbao feast. Deputy Commissioner Chiu recommended that during Ku’s next Taipei stay a great way to relieve the stress of the workday was a soothing soak in the Beitou hot-spring resort area.

Another highlight of the press conference was the sparkling presence of Berlin Chen, famed “Brother Da-Ren” from the hit Taiwan series In Time With You, who lent his weight to the promotion of Taipei with a special video welcoming all friends from Korea to visit the city 스포츠배당 Anotherenjoys so much. Given Chen‘s great popularity in Korea, one of the packages in DOIT’s program of preferential self-travel offers is a special 3-day, 2-night 야동의민족 란셋 Fans Starchaser Tour, in which purchasers have a chance to receive a limited-edition FUN TAIPEI BOX with the star‘s autograph and a chance to meet him on August 26 at 마스타베 AnotherTaipei fan meeting. This unique package is only on offer at KOTFA, and is limited to 30 people, so all Korean fans of Berlin Chen will need to act quickly so they don’t miss 레드튜브 AnotherFor full details on the program and related events, visit 2013funtaipei.com.

There is a photo 할머니섹스동영상구매쇼핑몰 Therewith 야동의민족 니들23G 여자자위애액사용방법 Thererelease:

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