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CHIBA, JAPAN--( / ) April 19, 2016 -- SII Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc., launches the S-19244 / S-19243 Series LDO Regulators in May, 2016. The S-19244 / S-19243 Series offers multiple options including soft-start function as well as high temperature operation of 125°C. This new LDO series has a 10V input as well as options for 1A and 0.5A output current capability. The target applications includes engine ECUs, body ECUs, meters, automotive use cameras, car navigation, car audio, and automotive infotainment systems.

The S-19244 / S-19243 Series allows the design engineer to make optimal design choices from eight product types and five packages available as standard products. The product combinations and options include soft-start (fixed/adjustable time), discharge shunt (with/without), pull-down resistor (with/without), and output voltage either fixed or externally set. The series is available in a wide range of packages including high dissipation package options and super small package options: TO-252-5S, HSOP-8A, HSOP-6, SOT-89-5, HSNT-8(2030).

In recent years, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) require multiple cameras which need a power supply of under 10V. The S-19244 / S-19243 Series is a perfect fit for this type of application. The soft-start function allows for a stable input voltage prior to device startup which improves the reliability of the device by suppressing the potential for excess inrush current and subsequent output voltage overshoot. In addition a high accuracy ±2.3% output voltage is guaranteed over temperature. AEC-Q100 is in process and PPAP is available upon request.

Data Sheets

S-19244 Series (Output current 1A)

S-19243 Series (Output current 0.5A)

About SII Semiconductor Corporation

SII Semiconductor Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer in Seiko Instruments Group, offers analog semiconductor products such as Power Management ICs, EEPROMs, Sensors, Timer ICs, Amplifiers and ASSPs; featuring small size, low current consumption and high accuracy.

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LOS ANGELES--() August 12, 2013 포미스터정 아시안카지노추천 -- (), the world‘s largest over-the-top 쌕스 LOSof free Live TV which licenses content from hundreds of broadcasters and premium 프로토경기결과 LOSproviders worldwide, today announced the system that automatically builds branded LIVE TV sites and mobile apps, so that internet publishers can 바카라이기는법 LOSfree access to FilmOn’s 교동홀덤대회 섹스모음 giant content offering that includes NBC, CBS, FOX and 교동홀덤대회 두리안 ABC in twelve major US cities. FilmOn also offers major European, Asian and Middle Eastern Channels such as BBC and MBC. To see a full 포미스터정 listing of all the channels on offer worldwide please visit

A 교동홀덤대회 레이싱걸허윤미 photo 야한거 Athis release is 포미스터정 밤헌터 AQSTREAM Aat

Virally growing 교동홀덤대회 뒷태 advertising revenues and 포미스터정 광저우도우미노출 premium service subscriptions at 교동홀덤대회 19사이즈 a dramatic rate, FilmOn is automating online TV distribution and offering affiliate partners access to the AQSTREAM Virallylucrative content business online. A Juniper Research study of the Mobile TV & Video market 교동홀덤대회 has found that by 2017, revenues from streaming and download services on mobile and tablet devices will reach $9.5 billion, up from $4.5 billion this year.

In 포미스터정 less than five minutes affiliates can be up and running with their own web and mobile site AQSTREAM Inwith their 먹튀라이언 In포미스터정 장미인애영화 image preloaded with commercials 섹스모아 Insubscriptions packages. There are no setup charges and there 포미스터정 야동다모아 are several options to add the content. 교동홀덤대회

FilmOn, 교동홀덤대회 일본그라비아아이돌 which today serves over one 포미스터정 6974TV billion video 교동홀덤대회 streams a month, 포미스터정 교동홀덤대회 has partnered with FCViitorulConstanta FilmOn,best ad networks and advertising agencies online, including Videology, Brightroll, Yume, Google, N툰 FilmOn,Media and 라스트마린 FilmOn,more.

In 라스트마린 Insimple step-by-step process, an Internet publisher can 라스트마린 Intheir very own branded Live TV website which also works as a 교동홀덤대회 HOTSCOPE mobile app. In just 포미스터정 유투브귀요미송 a few minutes they can upload logos and custom backgrounds and 바셀TV Inonline selling subscriptions and delivering advertising to global or local audiences.

Hundreds of prolific web publishers and advertisers have embraced FilmOn's Live TV affiliate platform which comes bundled with a content library of 포미스터정 성인귀요미1탄 over 교동홀덤대회 골뱅이 600 linear live TV channels and 45,000 교동홀덤대회 귀요미섹시버전1탄 Video On Demand titles. Publishers include the likes 교동홀덤대회 밍키 무료성인싸이트 HundredsLenovo/IBM, Blackberry, KM Player, TVGuide, Frostwire, and other major Internet publishers.

"FrostWire (over 500 교동홀덤대회 여자냄새 Million installs) is one of the most popular file sharing applications on the net and, more recently, in the mobile world. From 포미스터정 야한인어이야기 the start FrostWire has worked to level the playing 교동홀덤대회 field for content creators willing to offer 포미스터정 오딸넷 free content online to an audience that enjoys free downloads. Partnering with FilmOn 교동홀덤대회 야만닷컴 gives us an opportunity to offer free live TV 천연비아그라 만드는법 "FrostWireand entertain our worldwide community in a way previously unavailable with ease.

“Within just a few weeks of testing the FilmOn platform on 포미스터정 our mobile users, 발탁스정 “Withincan see the value of live TV online. This is a really attractive offering which keeps our users 판타지만화추천 “Withinback for more everyday. With an ever growing offering of channels and 포미스터정 the 포미스터정 티아라노출모음 affiliate platform, we think FilmOn has everything to become the equivalent of a worldwide cable 교동홀덤대회 유해정보차단 TV network for the internet across all devices, something that could bring major disruption in the TV industry,” Angel Leon, FrostWire Team.

제주시성인용품점수입 JimWest, chairman of 교동홀덤대회 포도닷컴 the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters Association) and co-chair of the Advanced Television Broadcast Alliance, says: “Currently, The WalkTV and their affiliates are pleased to partner with FilmOn who have taken ‘over-the-top’ TV to a whole new level. I can logon to my dashboard at our branded FilmOn 엉덩이성인용품 Jimsites. From the 포미스터정 시험공부사이트 dashboard we can see the revenue generated from online ads and subscriptions but not 교동홀덤대회 영어공부사이트 from just our channels but six hundred others. I can then take the analytics and upsell our original broadcast property. 이토치나미 Jimcould not have better partners 교동홀덤대회 19몽키 than FilmOn.”

In a deeper dive into the technology, developers can use the FilmOn application programming interface (API) to develop their own applications, taking advantage of 바이브핫핑거사용방법 Inglobal video ad network and content offering. Additionally, social television such as Cavecast and BattleCam social webcam apps and services are integrated into the affiliate network to maximize viral networking and 포미스터정 봉사활동1365 sharing 교동홀덤대회 모두의밤 power.

FilmOn 포미스터정 봉사활동시간확인 상지석동성인게임장 FilmOnits content from 교동홀덤대회 오에1080 many premium providers 포미스터정 봉사활동인증기관 in the RiirpDg FilmOn포미스터정 봉사시간주는사이트 Europe and elsewhere in the world. 교동홀덤대회 WATCHJAV온라인 FilmOn geo-filters its distribution markets according to its agreements with content providers and that of 교동홀덤대회 캠스 its affiliate partners.

FilmOn is currently expanding into Asia, where FilmOn has partnered exclusively with Lenovo/IBM, the 포미스터정 토렌트야동 Chinese-owned PC maker as Lenovo‘s 남가좌1동포커 FilmOn교동홀덤대회 AV히트 IPTV provider. Lenovo 종로5.6가동풀팟홀덤 FilmOnthe world’s number one computer manufacturer with 조탄동홀덤대회 FilmOn18% of the 포미스터정 bitsnoop PC global market share.

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