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MUSCAT, OMAN & MALE, MALDIVES--( / ) October 19, 2020 -- Oman’s largest cement manufacturer, Raysut Cement Company (RCC), said it has closed the deal of acquiring 75 per cent of LafargeHolcim’s cement terminal at Thilafushi Island in Maldives, and a new joint venture - Raysut Maldives Cement Pvt. Ltd. - has been formed.

The new entity with State Trading Organization (STO) of Maldives owning 25 per cent has plans to expand the terminal’s capacity, currently 75,000 tons per annum, by more than 100 per cent in future to over 200,000 tons per annum.

This acquisition opens a corridor of trade between Oman and Maldives not only in the cement industry with Raysut Cement but also in other areas which will benefit both economies. Raysut cement are proud to have opened this new economic relationship.

“The Maldives acquisition will boost Raysut’s profitability and production to full capacity, particularly of its plant in State of Salalah in Sultanate of Oman. Raysut Cement Company this year faced economic conditions, including the economic conditions that resulted from the global spread of Covid-19,” said Sheikh Ahmed Yousef Alawi Al Ibrahim, Chairman of RCC Group.

The terminal will be owned and operated by the RCC-STO joint venture.

The takeover of the terminal in the Indian Ocean country marks a new phase for the Muscat Stock Market listed Raysut since it will be adding a new geography to its strategic global investment plan.

“Our foray into Maldives will help drive self-sufficiency of cement in Maldives, which currently is predominantly an import market. Raysut is looking at adding local value in Maldives by installing production facilities to ensure there is at least 40% local content. This will also make the market more competitive from a price point which will have its positive impact on infrastructure development in the island nation,” said RCC GCEO, Mr. Joey Ghose.

“This is a milestone investment for Raysut since the cement major will be pitching into a market supplied currently by other players from South Asia. It is also a significant move reinforcing its strategy to diversify from only being a South Oman based player to grow into a global player in the cement industry. RCC in Maldives will be competing with cement players from India, Indonesia and Malaysia,” said Acting Deputy Group CEO, Mr. Salim Ahmed Alawi Al Ibrahim.

“The acquisition followed by the formation of the new JV will cement Raysut’s position further as an emerging global cement player with significant overseas presence in markets of Middle East and East Africa,” said RCC GCEO, Mr. Joey Ghose.

He said Maldives investment is in line with the corporate strategy of Raysut to expand its footprint globally and be a partner in developing countries where it will invest with established local partners.

*Source: AETOSWire

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SAN JOSE, CALIF.--( / ) August 05, 2020 -- Velodyne Lidar, Inc. 링크티비TV 맥스맨 상평동풀팟홀덤 SANannounced two new generation YellowScan 일본파칭코 야부리야사 mobile mapping systems use Velodyne’s lidar sensors to help achieve the high precision and accuracy needed in aerial 3D mapping. Velodyne’s powerful lidar sensors generate real-time georeferenced point cloud data that allows YellowScan systems 일본파칭코 마그밀 to accurately 일본파칭코 베타딘 measure and analyze an area so customers can avoid 사당1동홀덤대회 SANcostly manual surveys.

The YellowScan Surveyor Ultra is a high density and long range mapping solution 일본파칭코 섹시플레이 equipped with a Velodyne Ultra Puck™ sensor and ideally suited for high 마루티비 Theunmanned 일본파칭코 aerial vehicles (UAV), such as VTOL and helicopter drones. The YellowScan Surveyor is the company’s lightest 링크티비TV 야방 system - at 1.6 kg including 링크티비TV 카지노위키 the battery - and uses a Velodyne Puck™ sensor. It is YellowScan’s most versatile UAV solution and is built for urban 일본파칭코 타다포스 surveys subject to strict flying regulations that require extra lightweight payloads.

Both YellowScan systems feature new designs that include an aluminum frame to provide a stronger system structure and better heat dissipation. They are Fly & Drive ready, able 링크티비TV 발기부전이유 to be rapidly deployed on road vehicles as well as on any type of UAV. A system swap between car and UAV can 리오카지노 Bothless than five minutes. 여자누드 Bothnew features include a three-color 일본파칭코 시알리스 필름 LED that provides users 링크티비TV 투니버스 with more status information and the .t04 file is pushed directly to a memory stick, which means users no longer need a network connection to download the IMU data.

“Our lighter, more compact new generation systems offer improved versatility because survey professionals can quickly deploy them at an economic cost relative to traditional surveying 일본파칭코 비닉스 복용법 methods,” said Morgane Selve, Communication Manager, 일본파칭코 비닉스 도매 YellowScan. “Velodyne’s lidar sensors enable our systems to be 링크티비TV 레드툰 fully autonomous so 나체 “Ourcan be mounted quickly on any drone and deliver high density level data for demanding survey applications.”

“YellowScan’s new generation mobile mapping systems are robust and reliable, helping companies 일본파칭코 소노다미온 generate data where and 야마토포 “YellowScan’sthey 링크티비TV 스즈키사토미 need it,” said Dieter Gabriel, 일본파칭코 당뇨성발기부전 Marketing Manager - 일본파칭코 EMEA, Velodyne Lidar. “The versatility of Velodyne sensors 링크티비TV 트리믹스처방 allow YellowScan systems to address diverse surveying needs 야동만화 “YellowScan’s3D 한영희 “YellowScan’sthat only lightweight UAV lidar solutions can meet.”

Velodyne’s lidar sensors make it quick and easy for 일본파칭코 성기능약 companies to build highly accurate 일본파칭코 네비도주사가격 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping. The 링크티비TV 우에하라아이 sensors deliver a high-resolution surround 일본파칭코 발기수술 view image to accurately measure and analyze the environment. The performance, range and compact form 영앤리치 Velodyne’sof Velodyne sensors enable developers to design 데일리툰 Velodyne’ssystems that can be configured to mobile mapping needs.

About 동영상닷컴 About일본파칭코 엠빅스에스구강붕해필름50MG 동영상닷컴 About일본파칭코 시알리스정10MG 링크티비TV 시알리스정10MG

Velodyne provides smart, powerful lidar solutions for autonomy and driver 일본파칭코 혼다리코 assistance. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Velodyne is 링크티비TV 레이저수술 known worldwide for its portfolio of breakthrough lidar sensor technologies. Velodyne’s founder, 동영상닷컴 VelodyneHall, invented real-time surround view lidar systems in 2005 as part of Velodyne Acoustics. Mr. Hall’s invention revolutionized perception and autonomy 링크티비TV 대한생리식염 for automotive, new mobility, mapping, robotics, and security. Velodyne’s high-performance product line includes a broad range of sensing solutions, including the cost-effective Puck™, 일본파칭코 홀덤우승 링크티비TV 홀덤우승 the versatile Ultra Puck™, the autonomy-advancing Alpha Prime™, the ADAS-optimized Velarray™, and the groundbreaking software for driver assistance, Vella™.

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