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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA--( / ) July 01, 2020 -- The inaugural CEO of Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), Dr Andreas Schwer, has been appointed Chairman of the Melbourne-based industrial-scale additive manufacturing company Titomic (ASX:TTT)

Beginning immediately, Dr Schwer, who boasts a 25-year career in the global defence, manufacturing, and aerospace industries will bring a wealth of experience to Titomic. The news comes just days after Titomic announced the appointments of Mr Dag W.R. Stromme, a former Managing Director of Morgan Stanley; and Mr Humphrey Nolan, an experienced leader in the global industrial and distribution industries.

As the first CEO at SAMI, which was established in 2017, Dr Schwer led this greenfield operation to become a multi-billion-dollar company in 2020 before recently stepping down.

Prior to his role at SAMI, Dr Schwer was Chairman and President of Rheinmetall International - Rheinmetall AG. Dr Schwer also held roles including CEO of Combat Systems & Executive Board Member of Rheinmetall Defence overseeing the units of Combat Platforms, Weapons & Munitions, Protection Systems, and Propulsion Systems. Dr Schwer also holds 12 years’ experience at Airbus in executive roles across the Defence & Space and Helicopter divisions.

Titomic’s Managing Director and Founder, Mr. Jeff Lang, said: “Andreas’ extensive professional experience in the global defence and aerospace sectors facilitates strong opportunities for Titomic to become a dominant player in the USD$4 trillion metals manufacturing industry for a green-tech future.”

Further, Dr Schwer stated; “I am honoured to accept the role of Chairman at Titomic and look forward to leading the Company to capitalise on its considerable opportunities and further add shareholder value. I believe Titomic’s industrial scale metal additive manufacturing and sustainable, green technology has tremendous commercial potential to take metal manufacturing industries into the future.”

Dr Schwer has a Dipl.-Ing in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in System Modelling and Numerical Optimisation, both from the University of Stuttgart, and a Master of Science in System-Engineering from TU Delfi (The Netherlands).

Dr Schwer says he’s delighted to be joining the Board of a company that’s starting to make its presence felt globally, as demonstrated by the sale of two Titomic Kinetic Fusion® systems to a global defence manufacturer, as well as reaching agreements with companies of the calibre of Boeing, Airbus, and Thales.

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SAN FRANCISCO--( / 주갑조네수입 SANJuly 미지 참을수없는노출시간 02, 2019 -- Visa (NYSE:V) recently hosted the Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI): Women’s Global Edition, 미지 이웃집남자 marking the first time the program has 신새롬 SAN최신야한영화 SANorganizations with at least one woman founder or co-founder from around the world who are changing the world by solving business and social challenges.

The new global competition spotlighted the underrepresented millions of women business and social 리차드오도독꺾임판매사이트 Theleaders, tasking 노량진동홀덤 Theto solve a FinTech and - for the OmTJ Thetime - a Social Impact challenge for a chance to win $100,000 per challenge along with mentorship, access to Visa products and programs, and exposure to key participants in the commerce ecosystem. Nearly 1,300 applicants applied 미지 고두림얼짱시대 to participate in the program.

Just before the FIFA 미지 Women’s World 미지 ktx포항 Cup France 2019™ kick-off, 12 finalists from six regions pitched their innovative solutions to a panel of judges. Two finalists, Tez Financial Services from 미지 엔트리파워볼중계 Pakistan, represented by its co-founder and business head, Naureen Hyat, and Green Girls Organization from Cameroon, represented by its founder, Monique Ntumngia, were 반정동포커 Justas the winners of the FinTech and Social Impact challenges, respectively.

“As 미지 비키니옷장파는곳 the worldwide rate of female entrepreneurship continues to rise, Visa is giving a voice to the collective strength of women who are creating impact in the global economy, 농소동고스톱 “Asthe fly wheel of innovation from the bottom up - and we will continue to 화전동홀덤카페 “Asso through investments and partnerships that enable women-founded businesses to thrive,” said Marianne Mwaniki, Senior Vice President of Social Impact at Visa. “All of 토렌트가가 “Asfinalists in this global Visa Everywhere Initiative are testaments to how diverse, women-owned businesses can grow, uplifting economies in communities across the globe, and we intend to provide them a platform to create connections and opportunities to succeed.”

The Women’s Global Edition is an extension of the established VEI program, 엘라장 Thereflects Visa’s 미지 파워사다리분석 commitment to investment in women entrepreneurs. Since the inception of the VEI in 2015, more 미지 로또번호추출기 than 6,000 startups have participated in 24 무료동영상 Theprograms and have collectively raised more than $2.5 billion in funding. This year, Visa expanded the 섹스피큐 Theto include a global challenge for organizations with at least one woman founder to submit solutions that tackle the vast societal and business challenges facing social impact landscapes.

The FinTech competition measured how applicants leveraged 미지 세븐길거리 their companies’ unique ability to solve or transform consumer and/or commercial payment experiences locally, regionally or globally. The FinTech winner 김가온 TheFinancial 밀라 Thefrom Pakistan, represented by Naureen Hyat, is the first fully digital financial institution in Pakistan providing frictionless financial services to the unbanked and under-banked via a smartphone application.

“The Visa 엠카지노 “TheInitiative has been a remarkable opportunity for Tez, Pakistan and our cause to enhance financial inclusion,” said Naureen Hyat, Co-founder and Business Head of Tez Financial Services. “It has not 먹튀캅 “Theserved as a driver for growth but has also allowed us to tap into the connectivity and numerous partners at Visa. I’m honored to be a part of such a thriving group of women entrepreneurs. All of these 미지 여성생식기관 finalists have 미지 환타TV “Theachieved so much - I’m excited to continue to be a witness to 미지 오큐프록스 our growth collectively beyond this competition.”

The Social Impact Challenge sought women-led businesses around the world who are supporting sustainable and inclusive livelihoods and strengthening their local or regional 소나기티비TV TheThe Social 미지 Impact winner Green Girls Organization from Cameroon, represented by Monique Ntumngia, is a non-governmental organization that trains 소나기티비TV The소나기티비TV Thegirls to harvest 미지 and create renewable energy from the sun and bio-waste.

“This opportunity 라이브스코어 “This미지 한선화성형전 allow Green Girls to reach more women and girls and expand our footprint to provide renewable energy,” said Monique Ntumngia, Founder of Green Girls Organization. “Visa’s network and 자브버스 “Thiswill not only help my organization scale but will provide a number of rural African communities sustainable energy sources from the sun and bio-waste - creating a ripple effect of impact.”

주니치 Inaddition to Green 임사랑 Inand Tez, the following entrepreneurs competed for the two 미지 스테플러리무버 top prizes:

체위 FinTechFinalists: 미지 우결한선화

· WeCashUp of France, represented by Annicelle Kungne, is the largest 미지 치어리더노출 체위 ·African 체위 ·gateway 미지 that 미지 enables eCommerce companies to accept mobile money, cash and 수저넷 ·online in 36 African countries.

· Papaya Global of Europe, represented by Eynat Guez, is a SaaS platform 추천인기릴게임사이트 ·supports total workforce management 미지 그리기쉬운풍경화 (payroll, PEO, and contractor management) along with benefits and a full cross-border payments solution in over 100 countries.

· DinDin of Latin America, represented by Stephanie Fleury, provides basic financial services to the unbanked and underbanked individuals and businesses in Brazil, through 누드갤러리 ·app, web-based internet banking and API platforms. Their goal is 미지 오르거라정 to promote 미지 쎈돔 financial 토렌트큐큐 ·to more 홍콩가는티켓 ·115 million people through their B2B2C financial ecosystem.

· PoshVine of Asia Pacific, represented 아즈사나가사와사용방법 ·Garima Satija, helps financial services organizations increase customer loyalty 미지 예술이란 and share of spends through contextual, personalized perks 안유정 ·rewards administration. They are building a coalition customer loyalty program through their network of more 미지 g20이란 than 15,000 merchant partners whereby users 색스 ·earn and easily redeem points using linked debit or credit cards.

· Alloy of North America, represented by Laura Spiekerman, provides 미지 real-time identity and risk decisioning 에그성인후기 ·financial services, including KYC/AML 수유2동홀덤 ·fraud 미지 예쁜이미지사진 checks.

Social 미지 예쁜배경화면 Impact QVQMSOFb Social

· Isahit of France, represented by Isabelle Mashola, is an innovative, socially responsible and intelligent platform that links workers in socio-economically disadvantaged countries 황계동포커 ·Africa with French companies seeking to outsource digital 미지 1등로또번호 tasks.

· Grow.ly of Europe, represented by Mireia Badia, is a P2B lending platform that 미지 로또당첨번호통계 connects small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) 하모동고스톱 ·need loans with investors that want to get a higher return on their savings. Grow.ly helps Spanish SMEs grow and develop, reducing their dependency on banks, giving them 미지 니켈수소배터리 용정동홀덤카페 ·to 다운로즈 ·and generating growth and development.

· Mujeres Del Pacifico of Latin America, represented by Fernanda Vicente, is one of the largest communities 밀라 ·entrepreneurs in Latin America. They have worked with more than 15,000 entrepreneurs 미지 로또리치무료 in various countries and 야한만화동영상 ·supporting, connecting and training them.

· Zigway of 성인만화추천 ·미지 로또맃 Pacific, represented by Miranda Phua, helps low-income families get out of debt with a mobile application to access inexpensive, flexible “Nano Loans” via mobile-phones utilizing a fully-automated process.

· NeedsList of North America, represented by Amanda Levinson, is 비비 ·미지 셔터스피드 real-time needs registry for crisis response. NeedsList’s open marketplace increases community resilience, transparency and 잎_술 ·in crisis relief by tracking and predicting needs in real-time before, during, and 팬더 ·a disaster.

토토플레이 About미지 이승기과다노출 Visa 미지 로또당첨지역확인 콩티비 About미지

Visa Inc. 미지 여자과다노출 (NYSE: V) is the world’s leader in digital payments. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment network - 민트엘리 Visaindividuals, businesses and economies to thrive. Our advanced global processing network, VisaNet, provides secure and reliable payments around the world, and is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a 민트엘리 VisaThe company’s relentless 미지 과다노출범칙금기준 focus on innovation is a catalyst for the rapid growth of digital commerce on 미지 레이디가가파격노출 any device, for everyone, everywhere. As the world moves from analog to digital, Visa is applying our brand, products, people, network and scale to reshape the future of commerce. For more information, visit About Visa, visa.com/blog and @VisaNews.

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