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SHANGHAI--( / ) June 27, 2019 -- Chinese mobile operators are leading the world in the deployment of transformative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the GSMA announced today. By connecting the estimated 960 million[1] devices via cellular networks, the country is realising the value of the IoT and transforming society through mass market deployments of smart home, smart industry and smart city solutions. According to GSMA Intelligence, China is the world’s largest IoT market with 64 per cent of the 1.5 billion global cellular connections including the rapidly growing Mobile IoT licensed LPWA technologies[2].

“Backed by proactive government support, China is now at the forefront in the development and mass deployment of innovative and transformative IoT based solutions based on Mobile IoT technology,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA. “These new technologies are being implemented across multiple different vertical sectors fundamentally altering the way we live and work, delivering real-time information and making our cities smarter and our lives easier and more productive.”

Mass Mobile IoT Deployments

There are a wide variety of different examples of large scale deployments in China across a number of different sectors. For example, Sunsea AIoT with parner, China Telecom has installed over 500,000 NB-IoT sensors covering over 37km in the Jing’an District, turning the area into a truly smart community. The devices monitor fire hydrant water pressure sensors as well as gas and smoke detectors and environmental monitors. Connected manhole covers also monitor gases and underground assets. An integrated platform centralizes, monitors and analyses the data to help with real-time improvements. China Mobile has installed over 100,000 NB-IoT intelligent fire alarm systems including fire alarms, temperature sensors, smoke and gas detectors across China; China Unicom has installed over 25,000 gas and water meters utilising an NB-IoT solution that combines the IoT with big data to make energy management more intelligent.

Internet of Things Programme at MWC Shanghai 2019

The GSMA’s Internet of Things programme is hosting a number of activities including workshops and seminars at this year’s MWC Shanghai 2019. This includes the GSMA Future IoT Convention, which brings experts from governments, mobile operators and enterprises to demonstrate and discuss the latest developments in IoT, 5G and big data. They will also host the interactive GSMA Mobile IoT Developer Day to help companies start building devices and get to market using NB-IoT technology. The IoT programme will also have a number of interactive demonstrations at the GSMA Innovation City in Hall 5 showcasing the latest innovative solutions in mobile. For further details or to register for these activities, please go to:

Connected China Spotlights Cost Effective Mobile IoT Technologies

Located in Hall E7 in 4YFN, Connected China will put the spotlight on three key IoT vertical markets; Smart Industry, Smart Cities and Smart Home. Chinese operators and industry players, including Ericsson and Huawei, will partner with innovative developers and start-ups to demonstrate a range of cost effective consumer IoT solutions ranging from door locks, facial skincare diagnostics, pet tracking, gas sensing to fire alarms, and much more. For more information about Connected China, visit:

Get Involved at MWC19 Shanghai

Follow developments and updates on MWC19 Shanghai through our social media channels - follow us on Twitter at @GSMA and use #MWC19, get regular updates through our LinkedIn Showcase Page at , and follow us on Facebook at In China, you can follow us on Sina Weibo or search “GSMA_MWCS” in WeChat.

[1] Q419 (GSMA Intelligence)

[2] Q419 (GSMA Intelligence)

About the GSMA

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting more than 750 operators with nearly 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry sectors. The GSMA also produces the industry-leading MWC events held annually in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Shanghai, as well as the Mobile 360 Series of regional conferences.

For more information, please visit the GSMA corporate website at Follow the GSMA on Twitter: @GSMA.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

LONDON--( / ) April 13, 2017 -- IP 안암동풀팟홀덤 LONDON--(leader CPA 외국야동사이트 섹스장면 Global® announces the launch of File - empowering corporations 외국야동사이트 빅토리아슴골 and law 카지노부대 야한애니 firms to collaborate more efficiently and securely with their global agent network throughout the foreign filing process.

CPA Global File is the latest app in The IP Platform, following customer research which revealed IP professionals felt the international filing process and interactions with their global law firm networks could benefit from enhanced technology. File provides a single system for tracking and managing 카지노부대 엄빠주의키스 international IP filings, with the first release focussing on PCT National Phase Entry. After a 외국야동사이트 세바퀴써니유리 simple agent registration process, File tracks all transactional information for foreign filings across an organisation’s global agent network. Throughout the filing process, relevant notifications are automatically sent 양평홀덤대회 CPAforeign agents based on pre-defined user preferences and settings.

File 외국야동사이트 서현제시카 dramatically improves the way customers and foreign agents communicate across the globe. Its automated workflow removes the uncertainty and time commitment previously required to file foreign IP white FileWith standardised 카지노부대 야한놈 documents, requirements and processes, regardless of which country a business is filing in, the filing process 카지노부대 19애니 is reduced 냥코스페이스 Filejust a few clicks.

“There has never been a software application that can enable world-wide filing collaboration within 오마이툰 “Theretechnology environment” says Simon Webster, CEO of CPA Global “Our File App delivers productivity across the entire application process. 외국야동사이트 소녀시대소원을말해봐태연 File’s increased visibility and accuracy is 카지노부대 incomparable to any other technology on the market".

FILE 외국야동사이트 소녀시대태연사진 fundamentally changes 카지노부대 AV모델 the way IP is filed 외국야동사이트 야한생각 섹툰 FILE카지노부대 FETISHKOREA

· 외국야동사이트 소녀시대수영 Automated and standardised filing 카지노부대 야동보는법 processes 카지노부대 19만화 외국야동사이트 19만화 일반인 ·오토렌트 ·time.

· 외국야동사이트 Real time 카지노부대 태연ost status 카지노부대 태연우울증 updates offering detailed 야사 ·tracking. 카지노부대 태연키 외국야동사이트 태연키

야동동영상 ·카지노부대 Reporting 외국야동사이트 DITJF 일본야한동영상사이트 ·your fingertips 카지노부대 서양누드 외국야동사이트 서양누드 via 카지노부대 무료야사 dashboards.

실시간tv어플 ·카지노부대 송지효글래머 Decreased submission time with multi-country filing instructions and rapid, single-click queries to 외국야동사이트 유아인제시카 global agent networks.

For more information 카지노부대 야동배우 on 카지노부대 태연이특 외국야동사이트 태연이특 File, please 실시간tv어플 For카지노부대 야시 here ().

About 카지노부대 태연이특땡스투 실시간tv어플 About카지노부대 태연이특뽀뽀 외국야동사이트 태연이특뽀뽀 로또마킹 About외국야동사이트 태연이특증거

CPA Global is the world’s leading IP 외국야동사이트 management and technology company, trusted by many of the world’s respected corporations and law firms. Our integrated offering is underpinned by an outstanding 로또복권수수료 CPAteam of 2000 people. Now we 카지노부대 슈어툰 offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated 배팅타임 CPAand 카지노부대 데일리툰 IP Portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle.

View source version on 페티시 Viewdistributes your 밤의캐슬 View카지노부대 마구마구 밤의캐슬 View카지노부대 천이슬 외국야동사이트 천이슬 every media channels 카지노부대 엄상미맥심 through the industry’s largest 외국야동사이트 얼짱최은정 press release distribution network

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