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LOS ANGELES--( / ) April 26, 2018 -- Jam City, a Los Angeles based mobile games studio, announced today that the new mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play. Developed by Jam City in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first mobile game where players create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student. The game will launch under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's Portkey Games, a label dedicated to creating new mobile and videogame experiences that place the player at the center of their own adventure, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories.

“There are so few moments where a mobile entertainment company has the chance to truly bring magic into the world and we’ve been thrilled by the amazing response our game has already received from Harry Potter fans everywhere,” said Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of Jam City. “We at Jam City have been working hard to ensure that any aspiring witch or wizard can enter Hogwarts through their smartphones and tablets and begin their magical journeys.”

The story of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is set in the 1980s. In the game, players will progress as a student through Hogwarts, joining one of its four houses. Players will be able to create and upgrade personalized characters using an avatar customization system, learn an arsenal of magical skills, and form relationships with other students. They will also be able to master everything from crafting potions under Snape’s critical eye, to Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall. Along with interactive spellcasting, the game features an encounter system where narrative choices impact parts of the story.

"Being involved in the making of the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery mobile game will give great pleasure to my grandchildren,” said Dame Maggie Smith, voice of Professor McGonagall in the game.

Players will also be introduced to some original game characters like Penny, a popular Hufflepuff potions expert, Tulip, a rebellious Ravenclaw prankster, and Merula, a Slytherin with a dark past. As players unravel the Hogwarts mystery, they will explore familiar locations like Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is free to play and is available NOW on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play. For more details on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and to connect with other Harry Potter fans, visit , , and for more information visit

About Jam City:

Jam City is a global leader in mobile entertainment, providing social gaming experiences for millions of players around the world. Jam City was founded in 2010 by MySpace cofounders Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb, and former 20th Century Fox executive Josh Yguado. Jam City is the creative powerhouse behind some of the highest grossing and most enduring social gaming franchises for mobile, including Cookie Jam (Facebook “Game of the Year” winner) and Panda Pop. Jam City is the go-to studio for Hollywood, having developed immersive, narrative rich mobile games around iconic entertainment brands including Harry Potter, Family Guy and Marvel Avengers. Jam City has 500 employees across studios in Los Angeles (HQ), San Francisco, San Diego, Bogota and Buenos Aires. The Jam City team is known for its creative excellence and technological innovation in key areas including storytelling, data science and consumer insights.

About Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc., is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content for the interactive space across all platforms, including console, handheld, mobile and PC-based gaming for both internal and third party game titles.

About Portkey Games:

Portkey Games, from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is the games label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and videogame experiences that place the player at the center of their own adventure, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories. Portkey Games offers players the opportunity to make their own narrative choices and engage with the Wizarding World setting to discover new and unique experiences. The label was created to bring gamers and fans new gaming experiences that allow them to delve into the Wizarding World in immersive ways where they can create their own magical story.

About the Harry Potter Series:

Harry Potter continues to be a global phenomenon. Each of the seven books by author J.K. Rowling has broken sales records, with the series to date having sold over 500 million copies worldwide and translated into over 80 languages. The Harry Potter films, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, have grossed more than $7.7 billion to date worldwide at the box office, making Harry Potter one of the largest-grossing film franchise in history.

HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS MYSTERY software ⓒ 2018 Jam City, Inc. Developed by Jam City. Jam City® and the Jam City Logo are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Jam City, Inc. WIZARDING WORLD, HARRY POTTER and FANTASTIC BEASTS Publishing Rights ⓒ J.K. Rowling. PORTKEY GAMES, HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS MYSTERY, WIZARDING WORLD, HARRY POTTER and FANTASTIC BEASTS characters, names and related indicia ⓒ and ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

WB GAMES LOGO, WB SHIELD: ™ & ⓒ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s18)


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CORAL GABLES, FLA.--( / ) August 22, 2018 -- The Federal Aviation Administration 맨딸 중국미소녀 (FAA) has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of AerSale®’s AerTrak™ system on Boeing 757-200 series aircraft (ST04011NY), to comply with 만남 미소녀만지기 the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) HDAC코인 CORALrule, a critical part of the agency’s Next 맨딸 온티비 Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). Beginning January 1, 2020, the FAA has mandated that aircraft operating in airspace defined by 14 CFR § 91.225 must be equipped with an ADS-B Out system that meets the minimum performance 맨딸 requirements of 14 CFR § 91.227. The FAA approved AerTrak for Boeing 737 NG series aircraft (ST04009NY) earlier this year.

ADS-B provides 만남 enhanced navigational accuracy using precise tracking 맨딸 샤이니담배 via global positioning satellite (GPS) signals. Reducing risk and improving safety, the 7월14일토요경마예상 ADS-B맨딸 해피아이돌캐릭터 increases navigational coverage, especially in remote areas beyond 맨딸 radar range. Additionally, ADS-B enables 만남 more direct 한게임머니파는곳 ADS-Bplans, thereby 만남 해피아이돌친구 saving time, costs, and reducing emissions.

“Given the FAA’s concern over the low rate 고니카지노주소 “Given맨딸 그라비아아이돌의뒷이야기 aircraft upgrades versus the approaching deadline, AerTrak offers an easy path to ADS-B Out compliance,” said 맨딸 토토갤러리 Iso Nezaj, Chief Technical Officer at AerSale. “Operators of Boeing 757 and 737 NG series aircraft especially appreciate that AerTrak can be used with any OEM transponder/MMR combination and seamlessly integrates with most 만남 토토온라인 existing avionics 맨딸 토토와세상사는이야기 and cockpit controls?making it very cost-effective.”

AerTrak kits include all necessary parts and can be installed by AerSale’s technicians at any hangar around the 정선카지노 중고차 AerTraktypically 만남 프로토배당 requiring only three days of ground time. Lead 맨딸 방시혁걸그룹 time for ordering AerTrak is currently four weeks and allows operators to avoid potential installation facility backlogs, component shortages, and price 한국야동 AerTrakas the 2020 compliance deadline 만남어플 AerTrakIn the coming months, AerTrak will be expanded to cover additional aircraft types.

About 만남 만남어플 About맨딸 해외베팅사이트

A global aviation leader, AerSale specializes 만남어플 Athe sale, lease, and exchange of used aircraft, 꿈해몽무료 Aand components, 맨딸 해외축구승무패 in addition to 만남 최래머 providing a broad range of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) 만남 글래머100단pc방 and engineering services for commercial aircraft and 맨딸 위례신도시 components. AerSale also offers asset management services to owners of end-of-life aircraft and engine portfolios. Headquartered in 온라인강원랜드 AGables, Florida, AerSale maintains offices and operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

For more 맨딸 타임홀릭무료 information, visit our FC즈볼레 Forat 웃긴대학 Forcontact AerSale Media Relations by calling (305) 764-3200 or via e-mail at 맨딸 라이브스코어월드 만남 스코어월드주소

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