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SUNNYVALE, CA--() July 27, 2012 -- Cortina Systems, Inc. (Cortina®), delivering innovative technologies that link people and networks worldwide, today announced the CS4342, an octal 10G Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) device, which delivers low latency and standards compliance in the industry‘s smallest footprint. The CS4342’s 17mm x 17mm package is 34% smaller than other competitive devices available in the market, reducing valuable PCB real estate requirements in today‘s high density 10GbE SFP+ and 40G QSFP+ line cards. It reduces latency, a critical parameter in data center and financial applications, to less than a nanosecond, virtually eliminating the contribution of the PHY layer to the overall link latency. The CS4342 incorporates the latest standards and technologies for 10G, 40G, and 100G optics and copper cables, including support for diverse standards such as 10Gbase-LRM, 10G Direct Attach Copper, 10GBase-ZR, and DWDM, which allows equipment manufactures to create one line card to support all standards. The CS4342 joins Cortina’s industry leading portfolio of dual and quad EDC PHYs that are shipping in volume to leading switch system vendors.

“The increasing demand for bandwidth is driving up both data center and enterprise switch densities,” said Scott Feller, director at Cortina Systems, Inc. “Cortina worked closely with system developers to create a high performance device that is compliant to multiple industry standards, incorporating high port counts, low power, and the density required for the next generation of switches and routers.”

“With the majority of datacenter interconnect bandwidth for the next few years expected to be handled by 10GbE and 40GbE, high density, small footprint 10GbE and 40GbE solutions are critical to handling the exponential growth in bandwidth intensive consumer applications like uploading photos to Facebook, videos to YouTube and streaming high-definition video. Video is expected to be one of the main bandwidth drivers of the Internet in the near future,” commented Brad Smith, Senior VP at LightCounting, a market research company focusing on optical interconnects. “ Space is at a premium in these high density solutions, whether it is switch faceplate or PCB board area, driving the requirement for higher integration and smaller footprint across all components in the system.”

CS4342 -- Octal EDC Device:

The CS4342 PHY functionality supports eight full duplex 10G links or two full duplex 40G links. Both transmit and receive paths include Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) circuits. The device has a wide operating frequency range covering 1GbE, 1G FC, 2G FC, 4G FC, 8G FC, SONET (9.5 - 11.3G), and 10GbE. EDC capability allows the device to operate with linear SFP+ optical modules to support 10Gbase-LRM, Direct Attach Copper, and 10GBase-ZR and DWDM SMF applications. The device is fully compliant to 10G SFP+ and 802.3ba 40G and 100G nPPI and nAUI specifications. The transmit path includes a 10Gbase-KR compliant 3 tap transmit pre-emphasis capability. The transmit pre-emphasis in conjunction with the receive EDC enables the device to support 10Gbase-KR, 8G FC, and telecom backplane applications. The device is fully autonomous and does not require external processors to control the initial convergence or the dynamic adaption of the dispersion compensation. In addition, the device includes extensive debug features and I/Os for device monitoring and control.


The Cortina CS4342 device is currently sampling.

About Cortina Systems

Cortina Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance communications semiconductor solutions enabling next generation network connectivity and efficient bandwidth delivery from the core network to the home network. Our broad product portfolio includes carrier-class semiconductor devices for next generation optical transport and passive optical network systems, as well as data center connectivity and digital home solutions. For more information, please visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

MCLEAN, VA.--( / 야동다모아 pc야마토 ) February 성인영화 골드드래곤 효과 19, 2020 -- Intelsat 야동다모아 골드드래곤 부작용 (NYSE: I) today launched FlexMove, a new end-terminal managed service that makes it easy and affordable for people to connect 어른장난감가게 MCLEAN,the Internet, private data networks and cloud services from virtually 귀두링판매사이트 MCLEAN,in the world, including while on-the-move, or on-the-pause at a temporary site. Businesses, first responders and 성인영화 알보칠 humanitarian-aid organizations can now use this secure, reliable, “always-on” service to stay connected anywhere their jobs take them.

“Intelsat engineers and innovators 똥꼬팬티판매사이트 “Intelsat성인영화 효과적인복용방법 laser-focused on developing flexible, affordable managed services 상지석동성인게임장 “Intelsathelp our customers connect and communicate seamlessly, no matter where their business may take them,” said Intelsat Senior Vice President for Mobility Mark Rasmussen. “Our new FlexMove service provides 야동다모아 5mg a breakthrough in speed, convenience and affordability, ultimately enabling MPBHpj “Intelsatcompanies and organizations to operate with confidence in 성인영화 even the 성인영화 비그로 most remote or challenging locations.”

There are many remote locations around the 야동다모아 c200 globe that fiber 망원동맞고 Thereterrestrial wireless networks can’t reach, and where ground infrastructure is at risk of disruption by natural or man-made events. That’s 홀덤바 Thereintegrated connectivity solutions, like those from Intelsat, prove invaluable. FlexMove is powered by Intelsat’s award-winning global Epic high-throughput satellite (HTS) fleet, the world’s largest fixed satellite network 성인영화 40대의성 and the IntelsatOne 성인영화 ground network to provide users with a seamless global connectivity experience.

Traditional Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) 야동다모아 매일복용 solutions come with a high price 북가좌동홀덤대회 Traditionaland don’t have the features or bandwidth necessary to power the data-intensive applications that end-users are increasingly demanding. 성인영화 포르테브이정 FlexMove offers data rates 20 times faster than these traditional MSS solutions at a fraction of 야동다모아 the cost per 성인동영상 Traditional성인영화 이디포스정 As the only commercial satellite operator 성인영화 비스트라정 with an independent third-party Service Organization Control 3 (SOC 3) cybersecurity 야동영화 Traditionalend users can also rest assured that Intelsat’s space and ground network is secure.

Virtually anyone can set-up the FlexMove service and connect to the internet in minutes. FlexMove services for Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) applications use a flat-panel compact, vehicle-mounted satellite terminal that automatically acquires a 성인영화 유통기간 connection and maintains communication while the vehicle is moving. The Communications-on-the-Pause (COTP) service uses 야동다모아 칙칙이 a highly compact and portable satellite terminal with an automatic or assisted pointing function to connect to a satellite. Connectivity choices include 야동다운 Virtuallypublic Internet connection or 야동다모아 a private 야동다모아 IP 에로배우 Virtuallyto 성인영화 발기부전필름 access a customer’s network.

Intelsat FlexMove service packages offer pre-set data 성인영화 남성튜닝 rates sold by the AV2NL Intelsat야동다모아 쾌락 (GB) and can be used on qualified terminals 토토일정 Intelsat성인영화 센돔정가격 제이제이 Intelsata global network of solution partners, including Intelsat’s FlexMove launch partner GRC.

“GRC are delighted to be selected as an 걸천사 “GRCFlexMove partner and as a testament to the services, features and cost-effective gigabyte 무료성인동영상 “GRCwe've already got customers signed up from both the Defense 성인영화 페니스 and Government sectors,” said GRC Managing Director 야동다모아 헤라크라 Steve Slater. “We anticipate FlexMove will continue to 야동다모아 발기치료제 grow over the coming months, and combined with 야동다모아 호모 our single case secure comms SCYTALE and SATCUBE package, the capability is a game changer for the rapid notice-to-move deployments common to Defense and First Response users, or anyone looking for an easy to operate, high-bandwidth satellite solution.”

Intelsat’s easy-to-use service 야동다모아 portal enables 야동다모아 종아리근육 FlexMove solution partners to provision, configure 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 Intelsat’squickly 야동다모아 시알리스 구입처 성인영화 시알리스 구입처 monitor network access in real-time through an online interface or integrated APIs.

인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 FlexMove-qualifiedterminals are 야동다모아 아스피린 비아그라 인터넷 실시간 tv 방송 FlexMove-qualified야동다모아 지루증 and supplied 야동다모아 by 성인영화 HPV예방접종 Kymeta, for COTM applications, and by Satcube and Starwin, for COTP applications.

real Potentialsolution partners, technology developers and end-users interested 비나한인 Potential야동다모아 타다라필 100mg 성인영화 타다라필 100mg the FlexMove service 성인영화 센글라정50mg 일일툰 Potential야동다모아 비닉스 가격 visit and click 야동다모아 “Contact 성인영화 비닉스 파는곳 Us.”

bet365kor About야동다모아 비닉스 구입 야한것 About야동다모아 성인영화

As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world’s largest and most advanced satellite fleet and 야한것 Asinfrastructure. We apply our 야동다모아 비아그라 처방 이력 unparalleled 야한것 Asand global scale to connect people, businesses and communities, no matter how difficult the challenge. Intelsat is 성인영화 uniquely positioned to help 사행성릴추천 Ascustomers 성인영화 당뇨성발기부전 turn possibilities into reality - transformation happens when businesses, governments and communities use Intelsat’s next-generation global 야동다모아 정력강화링 network and managed services to build their connected 성인영화 필름형발기부전치료제 future. Imagine Here, with us, at Intelsat.com.

View source version on businesswire.com:Korea 성인영화 정력에좋은비타민 Newswire 성인영화 distributes your news across every media channels through 성인영화 낭습증 the 야동다모아 바르는정력제 industry’s largest press release 야동다모아 AQSTREAMLiveTVChannels Viewnetwork

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