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YANGON, MYANMAR--() April 03, 2013 -- Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is expanding its commitment to Myanmar by investing in a channel partner network and the appointment of the first two Cisco Networking Academies at the University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY) and University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM). The establishment of the Networking Academy Program in the country is being supported through Cisco's long-term partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Cisco's long-term vision is to work with the Myanmar government and other private and public organizations in the country to build a “Smart and Connected Myanmar.” Cisco has long believed that education and the Internet are two great equalizers in society and that establishing a strong foundation for both of these in Myanmar is fundamental for the future of the country.

Cisco is also providing training and development to grow the partner businesses in Myanmar. Genuine Cisco products and software offered through Cisco authorized distributors in Thailand to channel partners in Myanmar help businesses better manage software licensing, warranty and technical support issues. Cisco authorized channel partners are trained to help ensure that network equipment is regularly upgraded and software is up-to-date, protecting the integrity of the network.

Networking Academy Program

In collaboration with USAID, Cisco has established the first Networking Academies at the University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY) and University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM). This will provide students with critical information technology (IT) and networking skills to design, build, and maintain the infrastructure highway and increase the number of job-ready graduates for the country's information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Cisco is donating networking equipment for labs and providing 21st century career skills training for up to 15 faculty staff from the two universities to support the program.

The Cisco Networking Academy program is the flagship of Cisco‘s social investment programs worldwide. Networking Academy uses a public-private partnership model to create the “world’s largest classroom” partnering with educational institutions, non-profits, governments, and other international and local agencies. The Program has taught hundreds of thousands of students worldwide the skills needed to build, design, and maintain networks, improving their career prospects while filling the global demand for networking professionals. Cisco has established over 10,000 Networking Academies in 165 countries, helping individuals build ICT skills and prepare for industry-recognized certifications and entry-level ICT careers in most industries. Students develop foundational skills in ICT while acquiring career skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Dr. Tatchapol Poshyanonda, managing director for Cisco in Thailand and Indochina.

“The re-integration of Myanmar into the international community is a very important period not just for Indochina, but for ASEAN and potentially the world. Cisco strongly believes that education and the Internet will be a powerful combination to bring long-term growth and prosperity to the country. A ‘Smart and Connected Myanmar’ will be a powerful catalyst for the region.”

Sandy Walsh, regional director of Cisco's Social Innovation Group in Asia Pacific

“There is strong global demand for ICT solutions across all industries and Cisco has a long track record of supporting the development of emerging economies through education. The Cisco Networking Academy program will equip students in Myanmar with industry relevant skills that are globally recognized, providing them with ICT skills for the 21st century workforce, as they transform the country and their communities.”

Chris Milligan, USAID/Myanmar Mission Director

“Technology is a powerful tool to advance Myanmar‘s development while contributing to sustainable and inclusive economic growth. This collaboration with Cisco brings innovative technology and education to build on the strengths and capacity of the country. The initiative will provide ICT skills training and increase the number of job-ready graduates for the country’s emerging ICT sector.”

Dr. Saw Sanda Aye, Pro-rector, University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY)

“We are delighted to be the first education institution in Myanmar to host the prestigious Cisco Networking Academy program. IT and communications skills are going to be a very important for our country as we embark on our march to modernization. We have seen how technology has transformed economies around the world and we want to be a catalyst for the transformation of Myanmar.”


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SEOUL--() December 27, 와이고수 e컵녀한송이 2012 -- Samsung Electronics 단도넷 SEOUL--()스포위키 홍대계란녀 Ltd., a 와이고수 경희대패륜녀 global leader in digital media and digital 와이고수 바나나녀 convergence technologies, 초희넷 SEOUL--()unveiled ChatON 2.0, the next version of the popular global communication service that connects all phone users into a single community.

Now available in over 200 countries in 와이고수 more than 60 스포업 Now스포위키 실시간배팅 ChatON provides easy 실시간방송 어플 Nowmessaging and group chatting in multiple formats?images, video, voice, contacts?to 스포위키 make communication simple, intuitive and fun. The upgraded service works 실시간방송 어플 Nowmultiple connected devices?phones, tablets, connected cameras, and any web browser.

“ChatON has vastly simplified mobile messaging for millions of users around the world, enabling them to enjoy easier and richer interactivity with whoever they want, in whatever format they want. ChatON 2.0 now takes this one step 스포위키 v걸한송이 further, enabling users 스포위키 브레스트액티브스 to access the service 실시간방송 어플 “ChatONmultiple 와이고수 온tv devices for a true 와이고수 요시마루미에코 multiscreen user experience,” said Dr. Won-pyo Hong, President and Head of Media Solution 와이고수 v걸가슴커지는가루 Center at Samsung Electronics.

ChatON 2.0 keeps the user up-to-date with friends. Its multiscreen feature enables 와이고수 v걸팬티 a user to chat with up to five connected devices using a single account, ensuring no message is ever missed. It is even possible to use ChatON 스포위키 축구분석방법 from a PC web browser by logging onto chaton.com with the 모두의밤 ChatONSamsung Account ID. Users can now also invite friends to ChatON conversations 스포위키 축구중계일정 from a wider variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

ChatON 2.0 스포위키 제이통찌찌뽕여자 makes sharing content 와이고수 축구토토배당율 simple and intuitive for 와이고수 돼지의왕노출 both one-to-one and group 스포위키 찢어진청바지부츠컷 와이고수 찢어진청바지부츠컷 conversations, where users can leave comments or other 모아주세요 ChatONin the Trunk ?a virtual place to store, and comment on, photos and videos with friends before 스포위키 sharing them more widely on Facebook or other social networks.

An innovative feature, ChatON Special Buddy, 스포위키 여자사파리 provides great offers, updates and news feeds from 꼬뽀넷 Anvendors in real-time, and allows users to 와이고수 브랜드여자야상 vote in polls or leave comments.

Like 스포위키 여자야상추천 a micro social 와이고수 10대여자야상 network, ChatON 2.0 allows users to create their own personal profiles and post status updates for friends to see and comment 스타킹자위 LikeThe comments can be posted to profile pages whether the user is on or offline, and ChatON’s Interaction Rank gives users useful information and 와이고수 남자친구랑하고싶은100가지 statistics about their conversations with friends.

ChatON 2.0 enables plenty of customization and personalization of 서울툰 ChatONmessaging experience. Users can create their own 서울툰 ChatONmessages by adding pictures or recorded audio clips, or choose from animated emoticons to add a touch of color and 스포위키 여자친구를일진짱에게빌려주다 fun to conversations. Additionally, both the background and the speech 와이고수 bubble-chat display can be changed 스포위키 와이즈토토프로토 to suit individual tastes, and a wide selection of fonts caters for many 스포위키 올림픽중계 languages.

ChatON 와이고수 여자농구중계 is preloaded on all 서울툰 ChatONmobile devices and available for download 스포위키 추신수 중계 at Samsung Apps.Samsung 와이고수 다리털없애는법 Electronics 폭딸넷 ChatON스포위키 다리털안나게하는방법 ChatON 2.0

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