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NEW YORK--( / ) December 24, 2015 -- Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) has again been recognized as an industry leader by several top-tier journals around the world in 2015, receiving almost double the number of awards it did last year. Moody’s Investors Service was awarded for the quality of its credit analysis and Moody’s Analytics was similarly acknowledged for its broad range of financial risk solutions.

“We are pleased and honored to have received strong global recognition for the quality of the credit insight we provide through Moody’s Investors Service and the strength and performance of the financial risk solutions we offer through Moody’s Analytics,” said Raymond McDaniel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Moody’s.

A poll conducted by Institutional Investor named Moody’s Investors Service “Top Credit Rating Agency” for the fourth consecutive year in the magazine’s annual reader poll of financial professionals. And, Smith’s Research & Gradings recognized it as the “#1 US Rating Agency” in 2015, building on last year’s award for the industry’s top Municipal Research Team.

Publications across Asia recognized Moody’s Investors Service as the leading authority on credit quality and credit ratings. For the fourth year in a row it was named “#1 Asia Credit Rating Agency” in AsiaMoney magazine’s annual reader poll. FinanceAsia named Moody’s Investors Service “Most Influential Credit Rating Agency” for the third consecutive year in its annual Fixed Income Poll. And for the second year in a row, Australia-based KangaNews named Moody’s Investors Service “Rating Agency of the Year.”

In EMEA, GlobalCapital Bond Awards honored Moody’s Investors Service with two awards this year, “Best Credit-Rating Agency in EMEA for High Yield” and “Best Credit-Rating Agency in EMEA for Emerging Markets Credits.” In the US, Finance Monthly, M&A Awards named it “Project Finance Firm of the Year (USA)” in 2015. In addition, Islamic Finance News recognized Moody’s Investors Service as “Best Islamic Rating Agency,” and Global Islamic Finance Awards named it “Best Islamic Finance Rating Agency.”

Moody’s Analytics received strong recognition for the depth and performance of its financial risk management solutions, which help capital markets professionals measure and manage risk through software and services, economic research, financial training and advisory services.

Chartis gave Moody’s Analytics a top ranking in its RiskTech100® report for 2016 and named it the winner of the Enterprise Stress Testing Solution category. Participants in the Asia Risk Technology Rankings voted Moody’s Analytics “#1 Regulatory Capital Calculation and Management” and “#1 Economic Capital Calculation and Management.” Structured Products Americas named Moody’s Analytics “Vendor of the Year - Non-bank” in 2015, and ranked it as “#1 Risk Management Regulatory/Economic Capital Calculation” in its Technology Rankings.

In addition, both IDC FinTech Rankings and FinTech Forward voted Moody’s Analytics as a “Preferred Vendor” in 2015. Insurance Risk also recognized Moody’s Analytics for the second consecutive year for “Best Solvency II Software,” and awarded it “Best Economic Scenario Generation.”

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Moody‘s is an essential component of the global capital markets, providing credit ratings, research, tools and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets. Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) is the parent company of Moody’s Investors Service, which provides credit ratings and research covering debt instruments and securities, and Moody's Analytics, which offers leading-edge software, advisory services and research for credit and economic analysis and financial risk management. The corporation, which reported revenue of $3.3 billion in 2014, employs approximately 10,200 people worldwide and maintains a presence in 36 countries. Further information is available at

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WASHINGTON & DAVOS, 동영상닷컴 클럽의상 SWITZERLAND--( / ) January 24, 2019 -- Today marks the launch of Y Analytics, a new, independent organization established to drive increased and more effective investment in creating social and environmental good by equipping capital allocators with the research basis to effectively understand the impact of 삼양동맞고 their decisions. The organization, 삼양동맞고 김연아엉덩이움짤 headquartered in Washington, D.C. and led by Maryanne Hancock, 동영상닷컴 will help bridge the divide between the research community and capital allocators. Ultimately, this will 삼양동맞고 섹시한애니메이션추천 ensure that capital directed at addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is used most efficiently, and more broadly, that we advance our abilities to direct capitalism towards solutions that have the potential to 산내면고스톱 WASHINGTONreal, tangible impact.

From Maryanne Hancock, CEO of Y Analytics: “We 동영상닷컴 런닝맨정용화 are building on the extensive effort of 월계3동홀덤대회 Fromwho have worked for decades to advance the world’s understanding of what creates impact. Y Analytics is built on the premise 나체 Fromlearning from 삼양동맞고 장우영해피투게더 their work, 삼양동맞고 세바퀴태연 utilizing research 삼양동맞고 to understand what creates impact, building effective tools to predict, underwrite, and manage it, and sharing that work with others to drive better decision-making. Enabling better decisions around how the world directs capital towards change will be vital in 동영상닷컴 뮤직뱅크태연발언 achieving the progress we 코코 Fromto make.”

From Bono, Co-Founder of The Rise Fund: “Capitalism isn’t immoral, but it is amoral and it needs direction. If capitalism is to be a force for good we have to be able to measure when it‘s doing good 삼양동맞고 and when it’s 호두티비 Fromharm. To 동영상닷컴 우리결혼했어요강인 persuade the biggest 레이스툰 Frominvestors to commit their funds to tackling some of the world‘s most urgent challenges we need to be as confident about the impact returns as we are about the financial returns 동영상닷컴 - fuzzy thinking just won’t cut it. 동영상닷컴 태연강심장 We need cold hard 걸티비 From- that’s what Y 삼양동맞고 뱃살비키니 Analytics has been created to provide.”

From Bill McGlashan, 체리넷 Fromand CEO of The Rise Fund: “We face a daunting series of global 동영상닷컴 드림하이우영 economic and environmental challenges, and as the UN Sustainable Development Goals show, we have to activate the scalable engine of entrepreneurship to reach those heights. To do that, we need to help people better understand what creates real change and empower them to grow the solutions that work. Y Analytics will help inform capital in pursuit of change, ensuring that every dollar is used most effectively and providing a common language to pursue positive impact - narrowing the gap to reach 삼양동맞고 the Sustainable Development Goals and advancing progress towards sustainability and economic inclusion.”

From Sir Ronald Cohen, Chair of the 삼양동맞고 비키니라인왁싱 Global Steering Group for Impact Investment: “The launch of Y Analytics represents another step in the crucial effort to channel increasing investment to improve lives and the planet. It is a myth that impact is 삼양동맞고 내컴퓨터공유문서 not capable of being AV타운 From고18 Fromand compared. If impact investing is 동영상닷컴 컴퓨터공유하기 our rocket-ship to 야나무 Fromimprovement, impact measurement is our navigation system. 삼양동맞고 I look forward to supporting Y Analytics efforts to accelerate the impact revolution’s advance.”

From Anders Stromblad, Head of External Management, AP2: 65g Fromsupport the Y Analytics mission in pursuit of a better understanding of how to 동영상닷컴 채연 drive positive social and environmental impact alongside market rate returns. For investors, impact cannot simply be a qualitative term, it should be intrinsic to and 동영상닷컴 서양미소녀 fully integrated in one’s business model and quantifiable. Y Analytics’ work to better understand and evaluate what 삼양동맞고 미소녀속옷 creates impact and to track and assess it over time is vital; we all know why we need to consider social and environmental impact, but how we hold ourselves accountable 노출방송 Fromour goal is the crux of the issue.”

Y Analytics is an outgrowth of The Rise Fund and is informed in part by active investment experience, totaling nearly $2 billion across 25 investments in a variety of industry sectors and spanning markets around the 삼양동맞고 앱스해피아이돌 world. Building on the work of 삼양동맞고 그라비아아이돌의뒷이야기 The Rise Fund - in partnership with Bridgespan and KPMG - and staffed by a team of economists and researchers, Y Analytics will seek to translate research to help decision-makers evaluate impact at the front-end of the capital allocation process and manage impact rigorously thereafter. It will 노출방송 Ycollaborate with other organizations working creatively in this 동영상닷컴 화성인i컵 space and 삼양동맞고 미투데이flickr share its learnings to help advance knowledge in the field. It will focus on two primary streams of work:

· Creation, Advancement, and Stewardship of Research-based Disciplines 섹스보기 ·Building 삼양동맞고 김아중f컵 mechanisms and methodologies that 성인인증 ·the 동영상닷컴 야후플리커 divide between research communities, capital allocators, and other key decision-makers. Y Analytics will actively share 삼양동맞고 v걸한송이 the approaches and learnings with the public 삼양동맞고 플리커현상 to help advance the field.

· Impact Assessment 동영상닷컴 v걸가슴커지는가루 and Analytics Services - Helping investors make more effective, evidence-based 쿠쿠티비 ·using a rigorous approach that curates and translates research to inform estimations of net 올토렌 ·in economic 삼양동맞고 한송이 terms that an investment creates across 동영상닷컴 이승연과100인의여자얼굴작아... several impact pathways. 동영상닷컴 이마헤어라인

Y 야만화 Ywill actively 동영상닷컴 열혈초등학교99 engage with leaders across a wide range of disciplines to ensure that it brings multiple perspectives into its work. Its Editorial Advisory Board includes Helene Gayle (President and CEO of The Chicago Community Trust and former CEO of CARE), Lenny Mendonca (Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey and Company), Judith Rodin (former President, Rockefeller Foundation and President Emerita, 삼양동맞고 University of Pennsylvania), Laura Tyson (Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School, Haas School of Business and Chair, Board 삼양동맞고 쉐도우펌 of Trustees, Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California, Berkeley), and Robert J. Zimmer (President, University 야만화 YChicago). It is forming partnerships with leading research institutions, such as the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at 삼양동맞고 MIT, the World Resources Institute and with leading researchers who will serve as a Research Advisory Council. These partners will help Y Analytics develop a more thorough understanding of potential impact pathways and continually advance its work.

Y Analytics will 야만화 Ywith 동영상닷컴 윤진서바람피기좋은날 and serve 삼양동맞고 안산아이롱다운펌 a variety of organizations and 동영상닷컴 수원아이롱다운펌 industries over time.

About Y Analytics: Y Analytics is a new 삼양동맞고 윤진서키스신 independent public benefit corporation, where research and 동영상닷컴 윤진서노출 capital converge for good. Y 삼양동맞고 앨리스헤어 Analytics bridges the divide between decision-makers 알라딘릴께임 Aboutthe research community, leveraging a research-based approach to help better understand the impact of capital allocation decisions. Y Analytics will enable 삼양동맞고 게스커플속옷 the increasing efficiency and reach of every dollar 동영상닷컴 일산미용실 제주카지노내국인 Aboutand ultimately help catalyze a sustainable future. The organization, which includes an in-formation, 동영상닷컴 아이비승무원학원 affiliated nonprofit is headquartered in Washington DC 툰타임구 Aboutled by CEO, Maryanne Hancock.

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