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SEOUL--() September 27, 2012 -- Ssangyong Motor (President & CEO Lee Yoo-il; ), part of the US$15.4 billion Mahindra Group, today unveiled the company’s environmentally friendly and futuristic electric concept car, the e-XIV, at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The company also launched the Rexton W SUV and petrol engine Korando crossover with automatic transmission to help boost sales in Europe.

Rexton W

The Rexton W is a premium SUV that, boasts of outstanding performance from its durable powertrain which comprises an eco-friendly e-XDi200 active engine and Mercedes-Benz e-Tronic 5-speed automatic transmission.

The new e-XDi200 active diesel engine not only enhances performance and reliability, but also ensures improved fuel efficiency and smoothness in all driving conditions.

As a result, the Rexton W achieves 193g/km (6M/T, 2WD) of CO2 emissions, a 15 per cent improvement over the outgoing model, with maximum power of 155ps and maximum torque of 360Nm. Torque delivery is optimised throughout the most frequently used rev range ? 1,500rpm to 2,800rpm - with low-end torque of 190Nm.

The Rexton W offers a comprehensive range of safety features including a triple-layer steel frame and strong body, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ARP (Active Roll-over Protection), TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), and front & rear parking sensors.

Other convenience features include eco cruise control, sliding headrests, easy access memory seat, USB to play MP3 & WMA files, and Bluetooth to enable safe use of mobile phone while driving.

Sales of the Rexton W will begin shortly in Europe.

e-XIV conceptAs part of efforts to develop next-generation technologies and eco-friendly automobiles, Ssangyong Motor Company showcased the range extender concept e-XIV, which is expected to be a globally competitive model, that lays the groundwork for future growth.

The e-XIV uses an 80-kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), giving a range of 80km by taking power from the 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. Four hours are required for charging a fully discharged battery and 20 minutes for quick recharging.

The car also features a range extending system comprising of a two-cylinder 1,000cc petrol engine and a 20-kW generator. Once the 80km distance has been achieved, the petrol engine supplies additional power via the generator to extend the range up to 600km, emitting just 45g/km of CO2.

The e-XIV’s glass roof solar panel converts solar energy to electric power and operates interior equipment such as the air conditioning, audio system and internal lighting. Drivers can also select their preferred method of driving by activating the car’s VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) via a smart phone or a remote control.

The e-XIV has been styled using Ssangyong’s design language to create future products that embrace its development philosophy of ‘Robust, Specialty, Premium.’

The e-XIV features a crossover design with a combination of SUV and sports coupe styling that is suitable for both active driving in the country and short distance motoring around the city.

With its rich side body volume and simple, modern lights, the e-XIV looks dynamic and progressive, presenting a contemporary look that would appeal to younger drivers.

Functional features of the e-XIV are finished in a simple, sleek style, while the high-tech solar cell panel applied to the glass roof maximises the emotional connection of driving in the open while enjoying the thought that ‘free’ solar power is being harvested.

Inside there is a four-bucket-seat configuration to provide comfort and privacy for each passenger. Each seat can be positioned to create a variety of seating combinations and a choice in space utilisation.

The interior structure evokes the sporty style of a crossover, blending a mix of styling cues and materials including carbon fibre. The instrument cluster sports dynamic graphics, and enables active communication between the car and driver by displaying necessary information on the centre fascia in real time.

The e-XIV also combines the ‘Auto User Interface’ of the previously shown XIV1 and XIV2 concepts, to offer a new direction for the car as a moving communication space by combining the latest IT developments in automobiles and personal smart devices.

Petrol powered Korando with automatic transmission

Ssangyong Motor Company first took the wraps off the new petrol powered Korando at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, and at this year’s Paris Motor Show the company will introduce its petrol engine with automatic transmission.

The launch of the 2.0-litre (149ps) petrol engine with automatic transmission provides even greater customer choice and completes the powertrain line-up for the stylish Korando SUV, which already includes a high-power diesel engine as well as a low CO2 version. Ssangyong’s engineers have also concentrated on reducing noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) levels with the addition of an acoustic engine cover which improves refinement and reduces noise levels inside the cabin.

The petrol automatic version will arrive in European markets later this year.

Range on display

Ssangyong will display a total of seven vehicles, and in addition to the above, show its new Actyon Sports pick-up and Rodius MPV. The 2012 Paris Motor Show is open until Oct. 14 in the Versailles Expo under the theme of ‘The Future, Now.’

Mr. Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor, says: “We have strengthened our product line-up for Europe with the launch of the premium SUV Rexton W, the petrol powered Korando with automatic transmission, and the new Rodius Euro. By showcasing the e-XIV, which features many next generation eco-friendly technologies, SsangYong is indicating the future direction for its design and product development. We will continue to be aggressive in the European market to diversify our international markets.”Ssangyong Motor showcases EV concept e-XIV at the Paris Motor Show, highlighting future automotive technologies

LUXEMBOURG--( / ) February 07, 2019 -- Four new O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites have arrived 중곡2동홀덤카페 나눔로또645홈페이지 safely at the Guiana Space Centre in 벳인포 바로가기 LUXEMBOURG--(French Guiana, in preparation for launch by 딸구닷컴 로또1등후기 a 이이오카카나코 LUXEMBOURG--(rocket from Arianespace in late March 2019, SES 중곡2동홀덤카페 announced today.

The new Ka-band satellites will join SES’s existing constellation of 16 중곡2동홀덤카페 로또무료조합기 MEO satellites manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, orbiting at approximately 8,000 km 딸구닷컴 다소곳모델 from Earth and sexy Thecustomers based in more than 40 countries. By increasing the size of the constellation from 16 to 20 satellites, 딸구닷컴 SES Networks will offer enhanced coverage while providing greater 중곡2동홀덤카페 로또당첨되면 service availability and reliability to cater to the increasing demand for bandwidth in the government, telecom, cloud, maritime and energy markets.

The O3b fleet of MEO satellites is 딸구닷컴 금주로또번호 the only proven non-geostationary (NGSO) constellation to provide carrier-grade commercial broadband services today. O3b is the only satellite-based system capable of delivering MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE2.0) certified services, which meet the same stringent functional and performance requirements of CE2.0-certified terrestrial fibre services. The combination 중곡2동홀덤카페 of O3b’s fibre-equivalent performance and massive geographic reach means the system can 중곡2동홀덤카페 로또매니아 deliver high-performance data solutions 야구리 Theincluding cloud services and 중곡2동홀덤카페 에프터스쿨 applications - across the globe. Enabled by the 딸구닷컴 로또분석프로그램 O3b system, SES Networks is the only satellite-based provider to be certified as an IBM Cloud Direct Link Service Provider.

With these four 딸구닷컴 강민경비키니 new satellites, SES completes 야구리 Withfirst 야구리 Withof a unique high-power, high-throughput 중곡2동홀덤카페 한승연김태희 fleet of 20 satellites operating in MEO. Each satellite has a mass of approximately 700 kilograms at lift-off and provides capacity of more than 10 Gigabits per second. Additionally, the MEO system’s next generation, O3b mPOWER, is the 중곡2동홀덤카페 가오리꿈 only fully-funded NGSO broadband system in development, and will be fully-integrated and backward 토렌트팁 Withwith the existing O3b system 딸구닷컴 starting 중곡2동홀덤카페 해적선장 in 2021.

“Since becoming operational in 2014, the unique offering of the O3b 딸구닷컴 MEO system has transformed communities and disrupted industries by empowering people with new opportunities,” 딸구닷컴 무슈후슈 said Ruy Pinto, Chief Technology Officer at SES. “Expanding the O3b constellation 중곡2동홀덤카페 enables us to 필고 “Sinceelevating the 중곡2동홀덤카페 적군모 connectivity experience, driving digital transformation and increasing cloud-scale adoption, by seamlessly integrating 중곡2동홀덤카페 복권당첨번호조회 satellite-based services into the 딸구닷컴 진시황의혼 broader global terrestrial network.”

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SES is 중곡3동홀덤카페 SESworld’s leading satellite operator with 길동홀덤대회 SES70 satellites in two 딸구닷컴 미국파워볼당첨번호 different orbits, Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). It provides a 중곡2동홀덤카페 diverse range of customers with global video distribution and data connectivity services through two business units: SES Video and SES Networks. SES Video reaches over 351 million TV homes, through Direct-to-Home (DTH) platforms and cable, terrestrial, and IPTV networks globally. The SES Video portfolio includes MX1, a leading media service provider offering a full suite of innovative services for both linear and digital distribution, and the ASTRA satellite system, which has the largest DTH television reach in Europe. SES Networks provides global managed data services, connecting people in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, maritime, aeronautical, and energy, as well as governments and institutions across the world. The SES Networks portfolio includes GovSat, a 50/50 public-private partnership between SES and the Luxembourg government, and O3b, the only non-geostationary system delivering fibre-like broadband services today. Further information is available at:

View 가상화폐신규 Viewversion 중곡2동홀덤카페 섹시애니 on businesswire.com:O3b Satellites Arrive 딸구닷컴 복권세금 at Kourou for AVDBS ViewLaunch 딸구닷컴

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