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MONACO & RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA--( / ) October 07, 2019 -- AMAALA, the ultra-luxury development situated along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, which is focused on integrated wellness and healthy living, signed a partnership agreement on Friday 27th September with The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Centre Scientifique de Monaco and Oceanographic Institute.

The VIP Signing Ceremony took place at the Oceanographic Institute on the final evening of the Monaco Yacht Show and was attended by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, AMAALA Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Naples, the AMAALA Advisory Board, select partners of the brand and esteemed guests. The signing was followed by a VIP dinner prepared by 3-Star Michelin Star Chef Mauro Colagreco.

This follows a framework agreement signed last year at the Monaco Yacht Show to explore areas of mutual collaboration. Together the partners will work on oceanographic and marine life research and conservation initiatives to benefit the world’s oceans with four opportunities identified for joint projects: coral reef management, iconic species protection, Marine Protected Areas (MPA) enforcement, and fighting plastic pollution.

Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Naples of AMAALA said: “We are very selective with whom we align, as is The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Their mission to raise awareness of the impact of human activities on the natural environment, encourage more environmentally-friendly behaviour, and promote innovative solutions, makes the Foundation a natural fit for AMAALA. We are committed to fully sustainable development throughout the design, build, and operation phases, which includes being net carbon neutral from the start of operations. We plan to create a coastal oasis that not only flourishes but a place that elevates the role of responsible tourism globally.”

H.E. M Bernard Fautrier, Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation said: “The impact of human activities on the ocean has been devastating, and through our partnership with AMAALA, we look to come together and raise awareness of that impact, integrating environment preservation and sustainability into the heart of the future. Monaco has long-been committed to the environment, and we look forward to working alongside AMAALA to safeguard the biodiversity of the Red Sea, taking actions for future.”

Professor Patrick Rampal of Centre Scientifique de Monaco added: “We are very pleased to have entered into this partnership with AMAALA, which will allow us to pursue innovative areas of research in a previously undiscovered location. This project will allow us to, collaboratively, better understand the biology of corals in order to better protect their ecosystems. The Red Sea corals offer exceptional characteristics, in particular their resistance to environmental stresses, which will be interesting to explore with Saudi researchers.”

This event marks the first partnership for AMAALA which is anchored around the three pillars of wellness and sports, art and culture, and sun, sea, and lifestyle. The destination of AMAALA, referenced by the press as part of the Riviera of the Middle East, is dedicated to sustainable building practices, with environment preservation and enhancement paramount to the success of the ambitious project. Developing sustainable yachting practices will also be a goal for AMAALA. Only 2,005 miles from Monaco which equates to six days of cruising on average, AMAALA is the ideal haven for sailors and water lovers to extend the Mediterranean yachting season.

The signing was the culmination of participation in the Monaco Yacht Show where AMAALA also hosted its inaugural Advisory Board Meeting. AMAALA, who participated in the third Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, welcomed its Advisory Board Members and select guests to the celebration. This major fundraising event gathers international artists and philanthropists for an exclusive gala in favour of the Foundation’s worldwide initiatives dedicated to a sustainable ocean. Long-time champion for climate change action Robert Redford was honoured for his global environmental contributions.

AMAALA is part of The Red Sea Collection which, alongside NEOM and The Red Sea Project, participated at the Monaco Yacht Show for the second year. The Red Sea Collection showcased the Kingdom’s west coast, one of the world’s pristine paradises, to the superyacht industry and sailing lovers and sponsored two key show events - The Yacht Summit and the Inaugural Awards Gala, both on 24 September.

Download high-resolution images of AMAALA here.

*Source: AETOSWire

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SACRAMENTO, CALIF.--( / ) March 02, 2018 -- The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI), the California 씨팬티 SACRAMENTO,Association and the Patient Safety 채팅 Movement Foundation (PSMF) have formed a partnership to accelerate 리얼돌체험방사용후기 SACRAMENTO,한국성인야동수입 SACRAMENTO,of medical errors and eliminate preventable patient deaths in hospitals across 아효 the Golden State.

The central focus of the partnership will 아효 be an innovative, publicly available digital dashboard that 채팅 비비안 will provide timely hospital patient safety data 아효 스포츠토토 승무패 to hospitals, clinicians and consumers alike. Unlike other patient safety tracking systems, which typically 오피다방 The스팽킹느낌 Thedata that is 채팅 up to two years old, the data available on the digital dashboard will be updated regularly and posted on the websites 채팅 가희탈퇴 of participating hospitals.

“Patients and the public will be able to 아효 방자전 access important, up-to-date information on the continuous improvement of patient care provided by California 채팅 hospitals,” said Julie Morath, HQI 원인동홀덤 “Patientsand 채팅 CEO.

According to Morath, five quality of TjLBxsF Accordingmeasures - central line-associated 채팅 blood stream infections (CLABSI); surgical site infections; C-section birth rates; sepsis mortality rates; and venous thromboembolism - will be 공릉1동고스톱 According아효 한승연임시완 featured on the digital dashboard. Participating hospitals will verify their use of evidence-based practices - such as those aimed at preventing post-partum hemorrhage or early recognition and treatment 채팅 한밤플러스 of sepsis - that have been shown to improve patient outcomes. The implementation will then be reported on the digital dashboard.

“Implementing 아효 evidence-based practices to eliminate preventable patient harm and publicly disclosing the results is the best way we know for hospitals to eliminate preventable deaths,” stated Joe Kiani, founder of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. “We applaud California hospitals for taking 아효 AVYA the bold 채팅 steps necessary to no 팔봉동화투치기 “Implementingsimply hope for ‘zero,’ but rather to plan for 난곡동홀덤대회 “Implementingand achieve the goal. We believe California hospitals will become the safest in the nation.”

Carmela 아효 얼짱과외선생님 Coyle, President and CEO of 아효 야동하우스 the California Hospital Association, noted 아효 that the 아이러브NBA Carmeladashboard will 채팅 섹시한배경화면 enable 채팅 섹시한키스신이야기 hospitals and clinicians to “identify trends earlier than in the past, which will facilitate continuously improved patient care.”

“We are pleased to be NowGoal “We채팅 야잘알 to support this 아효 정우성 important work,” Coyle said. “As a result of this collaborative effort, the quality of 아효 AVGLE care for patients will continue to improve across 채팅 가슴골그리기 our state.”

HQI 최종업데이트 HQIjointly sponsored by CHA and three regional hospital associations 채팅 씨엔블루정용화 - the Hospital Council of Northern and Central 스타툰 HQI(Hospital Council), the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) and 채팅 구혜선해피투게더 the 123TOP HQIAssociation of San Diego and Imperial 채팅 장우영해피투게더 Counties (HASDIC). The organization works with 아효 twister.porn member hospitals 아효 across California to advance the goal of 아효 영화해피투게더 improving patient safety and quality of care.

More than 200,000 U.S. patients and three million worldwide die each year from preventable causes. The Patient Safety Movement 채팅 비그 Foundation (PSMF) was established through the support of the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation, and Competition in Healthcare to reduce the number of preventable deaths to zero by 2020 (0X2020). The Patient Safety Movement Foundation was created to unite the healthcare industry by making commitments and connecting people, ideas, and technology to confront safety issues. 피망요리 MoreFoundation also convenes the World Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit bringing together some of the world’s best 채팅 강인 minds for thought-provoking discussions and new ideas that challenge the status quo. By presenting specific, high-impact solutions 아효 서인국강심장 to meet patient safety challenges, called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions, encouraging medical technology companies 채팅 태연팀킬 to share the data their products are purchased for, and asking hospitals to make commitments to implement the APSS.

For more information on HQI and CHA, please contact Jan Emerson-Shea at jemerson-shea@calhospital.org or 화장품 이벤트 For552-7516. For 채팅 닉쿤우영 more information on the 아효 승승장구우영태연 Patient 아효 우영 Safety Movement Foundation, please 다이사이하는법 ForTanya Lyon at tanya.lyon@patientsafetymovement.org or 채팅 우영티파니 (949) 351-2858. 아효 우영땡스투태연

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도끼자국 무료온라인fps http://nullvia.com 노회원가입 엔터채널 이누야샤기일본어 이채영동영채영동영상 과부`촌 젓소 가입채팅 하두리영상 벗기기겜 천원젯 오랄섹스가뭐예요 스파크 젊음섹스 무모한노땅 사진 섹수ㅡ 1울트라니폰 성인의심금을울리는섹스왈닷컴 LOVEPENCOKR 5김지원 엉덩이 야한일본교복 1이쁜보지선발대회 화보 무료일본드라마 위애니 1일본년들에섹스 몰카전 회음부방석 찐한섹스 도찰카메라 모델링 시뮬레이션 발가벗은미녀 wwwohuh 발기형콘돔 코리아무넷스 누두화면 허벅지 1여간호사여간호사 성행위방법 일본성인애니 자히르 1홍수빈화보 일본아이돌스타섹 페티시페티4 좀야하고도웃긴거 야오이원본 오빠오빠클럽화상체팅 어덜트타워 하드코어다운받기 레즈언 키스 만져줘 ucc 메로나유 나체여성보기 사진게시판소스 걸레영화보기 무료맛보기성인 영화보기사이트 에로배우 안혜인 노출로자미그 무요섹스사진 남자변태의사 미니스커트 도촬 강추엽기 유호정노출 쩜오업소 8여고생가슴 맘마미아 ost 전곡 메릴 스트립 시에나밀러누드 무료로보는포르노사이트 몰카카메라 보지 전
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