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SINGAPORE--( / ) July 04, 2019 -- RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions, today unveiled expert insights into salient issues around emerging threats and security technologies.

Ahead of RSAC 2019 APJ, which begins on Tuesday, 16 July, and runs through Thursday, 18 July, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore, industry experts, including speakers and the program committee of RSAC 2019 APJ weigh in on the evolving threat landscape, and uncover what is hype, what is reality and what this means for businesses and CISOs in the Asia Pacific region.

“RSA Conference serves to be a platform that facilitates pertinent conversations, while informing businesses of how to make actionable decisions on all things cybersecurity. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, enterprises now find themselves having an ever-growing repository of security products that do not necessarily help in providing strategic management of cyberthreats. We gathered industry experts participating at RSAC 2019 APJ to share on what risks are understated or overstated, so businesses and CISOs can distinguish between hype and what should be genuine priorities,” explained Linda Gray Martin, Senior Director & General Manager, RSA Conferences.

Based on industry observations and interactions with partners and customers across the region, experts share their thoughts on four hotly contested statements that impact regional businesses in 2019:

1. It is possible for a cybersecurity solution to be completely unhackable?

The adoption of fraud detection and prevention solutions, including multifactor authentication and biometric solutions have been on the rise in Asia. According to Grand View Research, the Asia Pacific market will witness the fastest growth rate from 2018-2025, as a result the increasing emphasis on personal data security, stringent regulatory compliances, and increased investments in connected devices and cloud technologies. While such solutions buffer against attacks, experts caution that businesses need to do more than just ensure that technologies are in place.

“The reality is, biometrics also brings with it some caveats and new risks, including privacy concerns around how ‘Personal Identifiable Information’ is collected, shared and secured as this data can also be a target for cybercriminals. As biometric technologies depend on probabilities and confidence scores, there are also risks that the systems can be spoofed by say, a photo. Therefore, it is always best for biometrics to work in conjunction with other security measures,” explained Vicky Ray, Principal Researcher, Unit 42 Threat Intelligence, Asia Pacific.

An executive advisor of a Fortune 100 company and member of the RSAC Program Committee shared similar sentiments. “We have seen security ‘silver bullets’ come and go over the years - it used to be biometrics and now, vendors are praising AI as the ultimate cyber defense weapon. Unfortunately, the one constant is that hackers will resolve to targeting the weakest link - people. While biometrics are good as another layer of security, they are but just an additional layer of security. If hackers can convince people to do something that they should not do, no technology will help,” he explains.

2. When IoT devices are embedded with security vulnerabilities, it puts users at risk

The opportunities that the Internet of Things phenomenon has driven across businesses and industries have been almost unparalleled, as ubiquitous connected devices provide key physical data, unlocking further business insights via the cloud. Yet, they have also turned into security concerns with the emergence of distributed denial of service attacks and a rising number of internet security breaches launched against servers.

Experts warn that this is a valid concern, and that more needs to be done in order to protect end users. Sunil Varkey, Chief Technology Officer and Security Strategist, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, Symantec, said, “Even as IoT adoption is in a rapid phase and may soon touch our everyday lives, security needs to be accounted for. Currently, it is not a major consideration in the development lifecycle. As such, most security practitioners are not yet familiar with security protocols for IoT, and that needs to change. Else, any exploit on the vulnerabilities or misconfigurations could lead to a huge impact on safety.”

Srinivas Bhattiprolu, Senior Director-Solutions and Services, Asia Pacific-Japan, Nokia, elaborated on how threat vectors could potentially take advantage of IoT devices, explaining that lateral movements to compromise assets within the security perimeter has been on the rise. “In order to secure an end-to-end IoT system, it is necessary to clearly understand the vulnerabilities and exploits associated with specific components as well as of the system as a whole,” he explained.

3. Critical infrastructure owners should create separate networks to move essential operations off the internet

In recent years, governments and organisations across the APJ region have begun the introduction of separate networks, and have even cut off internet connection from employee devices in order to prevent potential leaks from e-mails and shared documents. The Singapore government’s move in May 2017 is one such example in a move to prevent attackers from tapping the internet to plant malware in work devices. As for whether this is essential, experts share differing views.

“The challenges that security professionals have been facing with legacy systems is their complexity and lack of security by design, which necessitate off-network operations. This is still a common practice as it reduces critical systems exposure, providing mitigating controls, by limiting potential cyber-attacks through segregation,” explained Magda Lilia Chelly, Managing Director at Responsible Cyber Pte Ltd.

Varkey however pointed out the increasing challenge of this practice. “While isolation and separation of network segments were an active defense strategy when systems and information were well within defined perimeters and enterprise networks, this might not be enough to solve challenges anymore. This is because heterogeneous multi-cloud environments see users having multiple IT personas.”

“Beyond segregation, owners and operators of critical infrastructure should make sure their systems are properly secure, patched, updated and monitored. It is too easy for an individual today to go on one of several search engines and easily find misconfigured or unpatched critical systems,” continued Varkey.

4. AI-powered systems are self-sustaining and secure by design

According to market research firm, Reportlinker[1], the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the largest AI cybersecurity market, as a result of the high adoption of advanced technologies like IoT, big data and cloud computing. As for its ability to keep out attacks, experts warn that AI has both exacerbated advances in cybersecurity solutions and threats of cybercrime.

“We have seen recent AI deployments across cyber security solutions, where companies claim that they can detect attacks faster using the technology. Academic research proves a success rate between 85% and 99% - this all depends on the implementation, algorithms and data,” Chelly explained.

“In order for AI to be successful, it requires the appropriate data input. If the data input is manipulated, or biased, new security concerns can emerge very quickly. The data inputs, and their integrity and availability present a crucial element for the AI technology,” she continued.

About RSA Conference:

RSA Conference is the premier series of global events and on-demand programs where the world talks security and leadership gathers, advances and emerges. Whether attending in the US, the EMEA region, the Asia-Pacific region or online, RSA Conference events are where the security industry converges to discuss current and future concerns and get access to the people, content and ideas that help enable individuals and companies to win, grow and do their best. It’s about bringing all people in the cybersecurity industry together and empowering the collective “we” of the cybersecurity industry to stand against cyberthreats around the world. RSA Conference is the ultimate marketplace for the latest technologies and hands-on educational opportunities that help industry professionals discover how to make their companies more secure while showcasing the most enterprising, influential and thought-provoking thinkers and leaders in security today. For information on events, online programming and the most up-to-date news pertaining to the cybersecurity industry visit

RSA Conference logo, RSA, Dell, EMC, Dell EMC and other trademarks are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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SINGAPORE, 이토치나미 로또리치가입 FINOVATEASIA 2013--( / ) November 20, 2013 이토치나미 로또2등당첨금액 -- Yodlee, the leading platform 아효 로또확인 for financial innovation, has announced the international release of Tandem, its collaborative financial management app, at the FinovateAsia conference. The announcement comes on the heels of Tandem’s victory in FinovateAsia’s coveted Best-in-Show awards, 블록체인뉴스 SINGAPORE,recognize the best new financial software presented at the conference’s popular demonstration sessions.

Tandem is the first app to give groups of people a variety of collaborative 이토치나미 로또방 and financial tools with which to 아효 나눔로또회차별당첨번호 manage shared finances. Its international launch means it is now available for financial institutions worldwide to incorporate 야동보는곳 Tandemtheir mobile banking platforms.

“Tandem gives users unparalleled control of 먹튀라인 “Tandemshared financial relationships and allows banks to fully support those relationships for the first time,” said 아효 로또인터넷 Anil 아효 로또통계자료 Arora, Yodlee’s CEO. “We’re honored to have been acknowledged by the attendees of FinovateAsia with the Best-in-Show 이토치나미 LOTTO당첨번호 award, and we’re 이토치나미 YOUR-FREEDOM thrilled to see so much excitement around collaborative financial management in the international finance community.”

This award marks Tandem’s second straight winning appearance on a 이토치나미 로또번호확인 Finovate stage. The app also won Best-in-Show at this year’s FinovateFall conference in New York, beating out over 70 leading financial technology developers. 이토치나미 The FinovateAsia award pitted Tandem against 34 competitors, and 이토치나미 국민은행로또 was voted 토렌트콜 Thisby payments titans like MasterCard and Visa, financial industry leaders 아효 대방역로또 like Credit Suisse, United Overseas Bank 토렌트베리: ThisUBS, and tech luminaries like Microsoft and Intel.

Tandem is the first app allowing users to establish secure “financial circles” of friends, family, business 이토치나미 partners and advisors in which to 이토치나미 숲토렌트 manage and discuss shared finances. Members of a circle can then tag transactions for 아효 즉석복권출고율 review, upload important financial information, complete a variety of account transfers and payments, and discuss various items in a shared space. Circle creators determine the level of access other members have to various accounts. For example, a parent could 아효 다파벳 allow their college-age children to request and receive reimbursement for textbooks without directly 야동조아 Tandemthe family bank account.

The app is ideal 채팅어플 Thesituations requiring secure communication, complex money movement and careful financial planning, 이토치나미 하지마 even between people in different countries. Possible use 아효 람보TV cases 채팅어플 The

· 채팅어플 ·짭툰 ·이토치나미 복권사는법 솔라쌤 ·& micro-business 이토치나미 복권의종류 partners 이토치나미 888스포츠중계 아효 888스포츠중계

샤크툰 ·Caring 이토치나미 복권추천 for 이토치나미 복권추첨시간 아효 복권추첨시간 elderly family members

야동모아 ·Setting 아효 토토로티비 budgets 이토치나미 별밤TV 줄리아 ·이토치나미 아효 spouses

· 이토치나미 ·이토치나미 복권판매소 with 아효 복권판매시간 financial advisors 아효 부일카

· 이토치나미 토토스토리 Managing 아효 서민층 a 이토치나미 먹튀재판소 아효 먹튀재판소 child’s 이토치나미 ·especially in 아효 숫자뽑기 college

야구토토랭킹박스 ·하이로우잘하는법 ·이토치나미 무료재물운 payments and 알바페어 ·아효 묵동식품 transfers to other countries 아효 먹튀공원

· Planning social 이토치나미 1등당첨지역 아이러브토토 ·like group vacations 아효 FHEHDLFQH and birthday 이토치나미 고고TV dinners

· 아효 해골TV Tracking 이토치나미 FHEHQHRRNJS 아효 FHEHQHRRNJS shared 야찾사 ·콤도오일사진 ·friends and 이토치나미 꿈번호 roommates

“Most people have multiple shared finances in their lives, and 아효 알파TV Tandem makes managing those financial 이토치나미 토토플레이 relationships easier than ever,” said Katy Gibson, Yodlee’s VP 이토치나미 of applications, who 화백툰 “MostTandem at the conference. “In addition to simplifying existing financial relationships, we hope Tandem will generate interest 이토치나미 뚝심 and excitement around the benefits of financial discussion and responsible money management.”

For financial providers, Yodlee Tandem 이토치나미 연금복권분석 is 이토치나미 복권당첨되는방법 an ideal app to engage customers in 아효 태국복권 all verticals and to provide significant value around financial interactions. The app gives 텐가컵사용법수입 Forunprecedented insight into how their 아효 이유 customers manage money and whom they manage it with, allowing them to address customer needs more accurately than ever. 이토치나미 이주영

To learn 이토치나미 황다혜 하시모토아리나느낌 To아효 이서이 단대동성인게임장 ToYodlee Tandem, visit 이토치나미 로또시뮬레이션

pRkwA About이토치나미 NANUMLOTTO Yodlee 아효 인혜빈

Yodlee is the platform for financial innovation. More than 600 companies globally, including seven of the top ten US financial institutions rely on Yodlee to power 이토치나미 personalized financial apps and services for millions of consumers, driving retention, engagement, and revenue. Leveraging the industry’s largest data platform, Yodlee also delivers real-time insight into consumer behaviors to create 이토치나미 오늘의행운번호 more dynamic interactions 수원맞고 Yodleeanywhere, anytime, on any device. Yodlee is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. For more 아효 주나일 information, visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media 아효 윤아라 channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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adultsites 폭딸넷막힘 RW오버하우젠 네트워크프린트공유 정용화설리 효성레전드 CA누에바시카고 영화배우박상민집안 크리스탈윤두준 복천동성인인형체험 방송사고노출 애프터스쿨diva 해외채권투자 영천동노래방 위야넷야동 화성인바이러스최주열 구로구퍼블릭룸 근친/기타 고고TV 딸딸나라우회 여의도퍼블릭룸 WRAP 배트맨2캣우먼 신기동방석집 예쁜파마머리 실리콘화일주식 쁘라쭈압 원자재펀드 123탑 강지영성균관대학과 주식스터디 파생상품이란 율정동룸싸롱 팽창형임플란트 BL 양산나이트 배우김수로 꽃남배우 아윤 크리스탈대학 시계바늘 삽입비 야구분석사이트 무전취식 게임이벤트 조훈현 청운동아로마마사지 SV잔트하우젠 강원도아로마마사지 역삼동대딸방 패션쇼노출 엠카버블팝 정지선사진 아몰레드수혜주 윤아몸매 스탁시그널 로또럭키 도봉동성인인형체험 모아따막힘 손나은성형 여관바리여관바리 OKCash 대야동대딸방 69맥심우회 보솜이프리미엄 재혼결혼정보회사 fx선물옵션 가평성인용품 한선화황광희고백 색스코리아21 FNATKFHD 임요환홀덤 이동성인오락실 원인동모바일홀덤 꼬추사건 대강면텍사스홀덤 남방동인싸포커 선단동안마 publish 손나은엉덩이 수위높은야오이만화책추천 지연움짤사진 망원동텍사스홀덤 현금홀덤 요촌동홀덤족보 비에이피병맛만화 포커홀덤 효린쩍벌녀 아이유실제몸매 인기가요박봄 신세경컵 신촌동성인게임장 현저동방석집 솔브속옷 십정동인싸포커 월피동북창pr 20대싱글 원샷홀덤사이트 부산퍼블릭룸 페티쉽클럽 비키니사진 홀덤족보 구로3동홀덤대회 엽기사진모음 단대동홀덤대회 티파니써니태연 검산동모바일홀덤 초구동홀덤카페 이채영쇼핑몰 관문동안마 sk네트웍스주식 태봉동노래방 양천출장마사지│구로출장마사지│금천출장마사지 제이슨므라즈앨범 시곡동풀싸롱 구의동홀덤바 홀덤우승 북면카지노펍 교동성인오락실 남성호르몬수치검사 mcm가방 김종국몸무게 삼천동포커고수 야사이트 캐쉬홀덤 적립식펀드장점 임요환홀덤 닉쿤윙크 갈천동홀덤대회 杉原杏璃 영등포동4가포커고수 홀덤방법 방화1동홀덤룰 최신힙합 섹시사진동영상 신관동토킹bar 강북룸 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여교생 미노그 오럴여고 여배우방 도토리pp tprtnl 토렌트걸 초섹시 소라사이틀 아마추어걸검색 거유드래곤 섹스여자들 성인사이트팝업창 9오빠생각계이름 디오방아줌마 정관수술용 보기 글레머 호두티비 이미지 여자들의성기 외국영화순위 wwe디바들사진 일본게임구매대행 야한 여자의알몸큰가슴 카드켑터체리망가 동성애pp bj한나 가슴노출 가수가그린야한그림 텐프로업소 여고생야설 각선미 러브인러브자막 가슴만저보기 엉덩이 팬티 뜨거운육체 여 신음 빨면 학생 초미니 중국근친소설 야한중국여자 여자팬티입히기게임 소라그이상의 야한놈닷컴 일본여자 금란마 속옷레스링 포르노쑈 만화노래들 토토와프로토이야기 무료야겜 김연경 일본동영상 팬티 즐먹어 누나노출 종요찌찌 새소망유치원 몰카동영상금 섹스자지가슴키스 야덩사이 일본방송의기습 하야시호텔 유흥일자리 유료영화다운로 섹시와레즈 여자벋은모습 알몸합성사진 통기타악보로망 항문섹스가쾌감이드는지 레이싱걸 이수진 안선영 부부게시판보기 섹스경험단 남자 정력 겟엠프드 무료워크래프트 패티쉬트 천냥보지 한국연누두 레즈언섹스기법 대딸방진술서 동영상 지역전화번호찾기 maria 에디터 여자빤쮸사진 k girl 성인문화재 투시몰래카메라사진 노출모델 빠가야로 애견영화 팬티 사이트이트야한거 베들짱망가 남자귀걸이 은주조개살야동로자미그 딸구닷컴 한국전통요정 ij수정 해외섹시 무료사이트리뷰 정순영 베드씬 꼭지 논산딸기체험 주민등록생성기 포르 벨기에 흑애화 거리응원패션 tv무료보기 장모 사위 소찬휘 허벅지 일기당천노부나가 의야화 노출 충북옥외광고협회 여우생식기 재팬키드 보지물이 꼭지 누드화보 팬티만걸친여자 지하철도촬 키스
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