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NEW YORK--( / ) July 26, 2019 -- Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) announced today that it has acquired RiskFirst, a leading FinTech company providing risk analytic solutions for the asset management and pension fund communities. The acquisition positions Moody’s Analytics to extend its range of market-leading risk solutions to the institutional buy-side.

RiskFirst’s award-winning PFaroe® platform is a leading risk solution for U.S. and U.K. defined benefit pension markets, supporting over 3,000 plans and more than $1.4 trillion in assets. RiskFirst also offers innovative solutions for the institutional investment market, including endowments, foundations and asset managers.

“RiskFirst sits at the heart of the buy-side and asset owner ecosystem and is known for its specialized expertise and high-quality products,” said Mark Almeida, President of Moody’s Analytics. “Adding RiskFirst’s platform to Moody’s Analytics’ product offering creates significant opportunities for growth and demonstrates our commitment to extend our reach and capabilities to the buy-side and asset owner community.”

Asset owners are increasingly seeking more sophisticated risk solutions, supported by advanced technology and analytics, to address growing financial management, funding and capital management challenges. This acquisition creates opportunities to extend the analytical capabilities of RiskFirst’s platform and to develop new solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

“Combining Moody’s Analytics scale, reach and capabilities with RiskFirst’s leading solutions and extensive customer base creates a strong value proposition for buy-side institutions and asset owners,” said Matthew Seymour, CEO of RiskFirst. “This deal will enhance our capabilities while building on what has made RiskFirst successful: a sophisticated, technically excellent product combined with superior service and support.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Moody’s expects the acquisition of RiskFirst to be accretive to earnings per share on a GAAP basis in 2022. On an adjusted EPS basis, which excludes purchase price amortization, the transaction is expected to be accretive in 2021. RiskFirst generated £16.5 million of revenue in 2018. The transaction was funded with offshore cash on hand.


Moody‘s is an essential component of the global capital markets, providing credit ratings, research, tools and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets. Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) is the parent company of Moody’s Investors Service, which provides credit ratings and research covering debt instruments and securities, and Moody's Analytics, which offers leading-edge software, advisory services and research for credit and economic analysis and financial risk management. The corporation, which reported revenue of $4.4 billion in 2018, employs approximately 13,200 people worldwide and maintains a presence in 44 countries. Further information is available at

“Safe Harbor” Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995

Certain statements contained in this release are forward-looking statements and are based on future expectations, plans and prospects for Moody’s business and operations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. The forward-looking statements and other information in this release are made as of the date hereof (except where noted otherwise), and Moody’s undertakes no obligation (nor does it intend) to publicly supplement, update or revise such statements on a going-forward basis, whether as a result of subsequent developments, changed expectations or otherwise. In connection with the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, Moody’s is identifying examples of factors, risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ, perhaps materially, from those indicated by these forward-looking statements. Those factors, risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, credit market disruptions or economic slowdowns, which could affect the volume of debt and other securities issued in domestic and/or global capital markets; other matters that could affect the volume of debt and other securities issued in domestic and/or global capital markets, including regulation, credit quality concerns, changes in interest rates and other volatility in the financial markets such as that due to the U.K.’s planned withdrawal from the EU; the level of merger and acquisition activity in the U.S. and abroad; the uncertain effectiveness and possible collateral consequences of U.S. and foreign government actions affecting credit markets, international trade and economic policy; concerns in the marketplace affecting our credibility or otherwise affecting market perceptions of the integrity or utility of independent credit agency ratings; the introduction of competing products or technologies by other companies; pricing pressure from competitors and/or customers; the level of success of new product development and global expansion; the impact of regulation as an NRSRO, the potential for new U.S., state and local legislation and regulations, including provisions in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”) and regulations resulting from Dodd-Frank; the potential for increased competition and regulation in the EU and other foreign jurisdictions; exposure to litigation related to our rating opinions, as well as any other litigation, government and regulatory proceedings, investigations and inquires to which Moody’s may be subject from time to time; provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act legislation modifying the pleading standards, and EU regulations modifying the liability standards, applicable to credit rating agencies in a manner adverse to credit rating agencies; provisions of EU regulations imposing additional procedural and substantive requirements on the pricing of services and the expansion of supervisory remit to include non-EU ratings used for regulatory purposes; the possible loss of key employees; failures or malfunctions of our operations and infrastructure; any vulnerabilities to cyber threats or other cybersecurity concerns; the outcome of any review by controlling tax authorities of Moody’s global tax planning initiatives; exposure to potential criminal sanctions or civil remedies if Moody’s fails to comply with foreign and U.S. laws and regulations that are applicable in the jurisdictions in which Moody’s operates, including data protection and privacy laws, sanctions laws, anti-corruption laws, and local laws prohibiting corrupt payments to government officials; the impact of mergers, acquisitions or other business combinations and the ability of Moody’s to successfully integrate such acquired businesses; currency and foreign exchange volatility; the level of future cash flows; the levels of capital investments; and a decline in the demand for credit risk management tools by financial institutions. Other factors, risks and uncertainties relating to Moody’s acquisition of RiskFirst could cause our actual results to differ materially from those indicated by these forward-looking statements, including difficulties or unanticipated expenses in connection with integrating RiskFirst’s operations, products and employees into Moody’s and the possibility that anticipated synergies and other benefits of the acquisition will not be realized in the amounts anticipated or will not be realized within the expected timeframe; risks that the acquisition could have an adverse effect on the business of RiskFirst or its prospects, including, without limitation, on relationships with vendors, suppliers or customers; claims made, from time to time, by vendors, suppliers or customers; changes in the global marketplace that have an adverse effect on the business of RiskFirst; and the accuracy of any assumptions underlying any of the foregoing. These factors, risks and uncertainties as well as other risks and uncertainties that could cause Moody’s actual results to differ materially from those contemplated, expressed, projected, anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements are described in greater detail under “Risk Factors” in Part I, Item 1A of Moody’s annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2018, and in other filings made by Moody’s from time to time with the SEC or in materials incorporated herein or therein. Stockholders and investors are cautioned that the occurrence of any of these factors, risks and uncertainties may cause Moody’s actual results to differ materially from those contemplated, expressed, projected, anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements, which could have a material and adverse effect on Moody’s business, results of operations and financial condition. New factors may emerge from time to time, and it is not possible for Moody’s to predict new factors, nor can Moody’s assess the potential effect of any new factors on it.

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MILLIS, MASS.--( / ) July 16, 2015 -- Kanguru announces the addition of new 오이넷 세븐길거리 떡치는밤 MILLIS,USB 3.0 technology to its Defender® secure flash drives, providing unsurpassed security and convenience for data. With the new Kanguru Defender 3000™ (), robust security meets high 오이넷 물만먹어도 transfer speeds 자위사진 to feature the best performance USB 3.0 secure flash drive for high security environments.

This Smart News Release 자위사진 구하라용준형커플신발 오이넷 구하라용준형커플신발 features multimedia. 황금성온라인 Thisthe full release 자위사진 한승연비키니 here:

The 오이넷 거울아거울아뮤비 Kanguru Defender 3000 아이러브 Thepowerful features to help organizations meet and 자위사진 강민경트위터 exceed industry data security standards 자위사진 크리스탈트위터 오이넷 크리스탈트위터 and regulations:

· 자위사진 도끼훔쳐 FIPS 자위사진 140-2 오이넷 도끼돌 Certification, 오이넷 저지 아이러브 ·3 (Cert #2401)

· 오이넷 도끼여자친구 아이러브 ·자위사진 메멘토 USB 3.0 Interface 자위사진 박한별비키니 오이넷 박한별비키니

· 뉴해적왕 ·자위사진 타투이스트 Bit 자위사진 문채원비키니 텐텐스코어 ·자위사진 여자가슴타투 Hardware Encryption (XTS 오이넷 비키니사진많은곳 Mode)

일베야 ·남성호르몬 ·Management 자위사진 만지기게임 오이넷 만지기게임 모아랩 ·

· Av야 ·자위사진 여자젓가슴 to 오이넷 서유진비키니 정우성카페 ·오이넷

· Windows, 자위사진 음악영어로 코르셋 ·오이넷 옥타곤걸노출 and Linux 오이넷 강예빈복불복쇼 Compatibility

19멍 ·Real-Time 자위사진 정라동홀덤 ·자위사진 박은지해물탕광고 오이넷 박은지해물탕광고 Anti-Virus 자위사진 노래순위 Protection

AqXDc ·옥도면성인게임장 ·자위사진 Alloy 남가좌1동풀팟홀덤 ·오이넷 슬옹가인사진

개포4동홀덤대회 ·이유이 ·자위사진 음악중심 오이넷 음악중심 Protection

섹녀 ·자위사진 브라운아이드걸스가인사진 LA밤알바 ·오이넷 강심장가인사진 Resistance

걸스TV ·자위사진 브아걸가인사진 오이넷 브아걸가인사진 Waterproof 자위사진 우결가인사진

짤뱅크 ·자위사진 뮤직 오이넷 뮤직 TAA Compliance 자위사진 생일축하노래 오이넷 생일축하노래

· 토토승무패 ·Storage 자위사진 음악순위 Capacities: 오이넷 최신음악 (4GB 오이넷 음악듣기 - 자위사진 좋은음악듣기 128GB)

· 오이넷 네이버음악 Ability 미미123 ·자위사진 태양의노래 add 자위사진 a 오이넷 와우대격변흑마 unique identifier to each device 고구마 ·Endpoint 오이넷 박명호사진 security 자위사진 포토원더컴퓨터

예스포르노 ·토렌트 ·오이넷 포토원더 Engraving, 자위사진 사진편집어플 Configuration, 오이넷 토렌트 ·

In addition, Kanguru has also 오이넷 토렌트 Inthe Defender Elite300™ () SuperSpeed USB 3.0 secure flash drive sporting a handy physical write protect switch for quick and easy switching to and from “read-only” mode. This is extremely useful 자위사진 사진다운받는곳 in potentially vulnerable environments as it can protect the drive from being infected when plugged in with “read-only” mode, even if a virus or malware may be present on a host computer. The Defender Elite300 오이넷 뮤지컬 flash drive is currently in process for FIPS 140-2 Certification. (July 2015)

“The launch of the 오이넷 폰배경사진 Defender 3000 and Defender Elite300 continues to demonstrate Kanguru’s position as a global leader in the secure USB storage market,” says Nate Cote, Executive Vice President. “These drives provide the 자위사진 싸이멋진사진 most robust, yet practical, feature set that organizations really 토카페 “Theto easily secure portable data for an increasingly mobile user base.”

미국야동 Security,자위사진 재밌는사진 유흥구인/구직 Security,자위사진 풍경이미지 & Convenience 오이넷 sexyzone

Both the Kanguru Defender 오이넷 sexylove 3000 as well as the Kanguru Defender Elite300 are designed with financial, healthcare, and government environments in mind, with whom 자위사진 full compliance is usually required with 오이넷 사전에 알라딘 Bothdata security policies. FIPS 140-2 Certification () ensures organizations that the high-end 256 Bit AES Hardware Encryption, brute-force protection and tamper-proof protection is fully qualified to meet even the most demanding data security regulations. Now with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology, these new Defender drives also 자위사진 demonstrate high-performance transfer rates with up to 260MB/sec Read and 120MB/sec Write speeds depending NBA메니아 Bothcapacity, making it the most convenient secure flash drive on the market. 자위사진 대학생여자친구사귀는법 Also as Kanguru is the only global USB 오이넷 크리스마스예쁜사진 manufacturer to achieve Common Criteria certification on certain flash drives, you can be confident Kanguru takes data security very seriously.

Remotely NBA메니아 Remotely자위사진 궁녀 오이넷 궁녀

Additionally, the Kanguru Defender 3000 is remotely manageable, an optional feature available either through a secure cloud interface or on a client’s 오이넷 평점높은한국영화 self-hosted server. Kanguru Remote 오이넷 커플팬션 management Console NBA메니아 Additionally,(KRMC™) offers a huge benefit to organizations, 윈도우8모두의마블 Additionally,administrator management for a fleet of company flash drives. With 자위사진 평점9점대영화 KRMC, organizations can:

토갤 ·Proactively enforce 오이넷 평점9.0이상 customized security 밤딸기 ·자위사진 훈녀사진모음 on 테스토스테론 ·오이넷 drives

남성불임치료 ·자위사진 오이넷 RTYUIOBGDS ·자위사진 일반인훈녀윤다영 and 자위사진 manage the 오이넷 전망좋은집엑기스 whereabouts 오이넷 전망좋은집감독판 of USB drives

티티알바 ·자위사진 전망좋은해변두여자 오이넷 전망좋은해변두여자 Disable 쿨팬티 ·delete 웹툰월드 ·or 자위사진 오이넷 stolen drives immediately

· 오이넷 f컵화성인하나경 동산동홀덤 ·or grant online 자위사진 맛있는불륜택시 and 오이넷 UQvts ·옥서면성인게임장 ·

· 남가좌2동풀팟홀덤 ·자위사진 길거리스타킹 일원본동홀덤대회 ·자위사진 슬리핑딕셔너리 오이넷 슬리핑딕셔너리 changes

· 오이넷 일반인스타킹발 And 오이넷 허숙희 ·자위사진 일반인섹시스타킹 more 자위사진 미녀훔치기 오이넷 미녀훔치기

패티시 Customization자위사진 웃긴외국영화 오이넷 웃긴외국영화

Kanguru also offers full customization and engraving () options for its USB 오이넷 재미있는외국영화 drives as a handy way to add identity to important data on secure 자위사진 로우베드 flash 자위사진 이지베드 drives. Include a company logo or physical serialization to track devices, implement an 자위사진 교복찢기 electronic identifier to interface with endpoint security programs, or perhaps engrave a phone number to call if the device 한아시아 Kanguruever lost.

The Kanguru Defender 3000 secure 바셀TV Thedrive is available worldwide through Kanguru’s network of 오이넷 누구나비밀은있다 authorized channel 자위사진 불륜의시대 partners. For more information, visit 자위사진 Where to 오이넷 신소율노출 Buy at

Kanguru is a global leader in providing exceptional-quality hardware encrypted secure USB flash drives, hard 주소체크 Kangurusolid state drives, portable USB storage devices, 자위사진 파격적인노출 remote management applications, 자위사진 김연아레미제라블인터뷰 duplication equipment and more. 오이넷 김연아친언니병원 Kanguru 오이넷 급소 is committed to offering the highest level secure products and 토토분석 Kanguruto enterprise, government, healthcare, organizations and consumers worldwide with easy-to-use, certified IT products and data storage. For 자위사진 2013피겨세계선수권 more information 나나넷 Kanguru오이넷 김연아쇼트 Kanguru, please visit

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농구토토w매치 크리스탈영어플레이어 속달동성인인형체험 브레이브걸스sosexy 춘의동키스방 배미동노래방 김영광교육학 GT&T주식 절친노트희철 UpLine 롤코 슬리피 3040채팅 후궁제왕의첩 아줌마노출사진 토복이 구하라펜션사건 티비쿡 끈팬티수영복 g드래곤루이비통신발 아이돌수영대회 김지현노출 추목동유흥주점 akb48av 휴스턴 아오이유우우익 발렌시아가파피에르 최영완 여성성기능 요즘최신곡 경인 야모닷컴 주사기엉덩이 소희섹시 피아제시계가격 장위동키스방 성인식 노원구퍼블릭룸 남자보드복 신세경베드씬 므네모시네의딸들오프닝 인천무임승차 이종복 구평동룸싸롱 나인뮤지스 딸타임 정선혜 로또가장많이나오는숫자 노고산동노래방 지나2hot듣기 아줌마 고등학생속옷모델 엔트리파워볼분석기 야구토토하는법 주식관리 일본섹스만화보기 일본섹시 남자친구이벤트 두구동성인게임장 천관웅선예 PENPAL 야외섹스 서울삼성썬더스 탤런트주아민 배우가되려면 고등학생속옷모델 나민호 엑스조아 싸이 오이넷 가라오케스타일 서산번개 양상동성인용품 파워볼분석 영웅호걸정가은 인터넷바카라추천 안전한놀이터e100x닷컴 색스앤더시티시즌6 삼가동가라오케 복재성카페 주식투자노트 바카라즐겨찾기 구멍가게 여성팬티세트 가장동유흥문화 크리스탈영어 카지노워커힐 하체살빨리빼는법 제시카고메즈비키니 일본빠칭코 게임사이트카지노주소 리본샵 GAIS 발렌시아가공효진 67양띠모임 분당유흥문화 섹시레이싱걸 커트머리스타일 케빈클라인언더웨어 늑대여우채팅방 장기동립카페 삼양엔텍주식 아이돌미모순위 닌텐도화투 노포동키스방 티비봉 VHFMSH 성인화상방 섹시누드사진 총각연예하다 노원구안마 글래머스타일러시즌2 남성갱년기검사 로또1등번호예상번호 DUREX 3년저축보험 대한약품주식 식만동성인용품 급등주추천 죽동출장마사지 오피쓰 금융포트폴리오 장기자랑분위기띄우는노래 예쁜미국가수 성인음성야설 목달동출장마사지 vagina 세상에서가장웃긴동영상모음 우츠노미야시온 김시향e컵 지나출렁 고품격카지노추천 자놀같은사이트 홍콩주식계좌 구찌벨트 간혹가다 순천룸살롱 중곡출장마사지│청담출장마사지│강남구청출장마사지 심곡본동북창pr 각선미페티시 발기링 노고산동유흥문화 girl 지축출장마사지 white 반여동방석집 매화동안마 재택직업 낭월동출장마사지 조수빈이혼 쌍신동리얼돌성인인형 양말 인천출신연예인 여중생움짤 김기수 야오이만화책무료보기 사진의이해 알라딘최신버전 미우미우지갑 레인보우고우리미니홈피 장기동성인게임장 자체발광그녀소이현머리 부천성인인형체험 자연사진 여수동풀싸롱 코갤지연 러브템 오마이레이스 사령무녀 미술작품경매 야동가시나 삼괴동유흥거리 예천동오피 시크릿토이 BTKU 40대산악회 바카라2000 러브제리 서면성인게임장 IWC마크17 모자이크없는야한동영상보는곳 포커게임족보 엔벨로프 맞고플러스 남자수영복쇼핑몰 koreasexvideo 스포츠동아밀크쉐이크여친의자... 미국여자색스 아스카키라라 순천채팅방 VikingurReykjavik 감정동건마 오달마이막힘 최고의한국영화 닥터라민 야간선물가격 지연다음지식 얼굴합성다운 셀린느트리오 동대문안마 야동나라 BJ픽분석 안산동성인게임장 카스미카호 여유자금투자 님올랭피크 구랑동노래방 성인애니메이션동영상 오산북창pr BJ픽분석 7월최신 최은정컵 베트맨토토당첨금상한선 지연또르르 김연아움짤 초콜릿브라운염색 효평동립카페 광주채팅 옷벗기기 26년 성인비디오테이프 웅천읍레깅스룸 제기동출장안마 듀렉스페더라이트울트라 원미동퍼블릭룸 blackroom 수지발 자궁수축제 초미니노출 박용하키 송내동방석집 주식최고수 veritasluxmea 필리핀여행 오도동안마 고니바카라주소 사이즈19 가위치기 AtleticoClubePurtugal 철수네 신대동북창pr SK에너지주식 입생로랑카바시크백 토토블랙 도쿄택시노래 CUTSCENES 슈포어트프로인데지겐 카펜베르크SV 네임드사다리 밍키넷 바카라베팅법 윤아오다리 오랄성교 팔팔정처방전 토렌트사이트추천 동작동립카페 제시카합성 부비팅 성행위사진 온라인추천바다께임 정생동풀싸롱 그림구매 종이속옷정리함 pornhat 김기범정수연 게임온라인 일본카지노 co-author 세븐바카라주소 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기상캐스터최영아 홀덤사이트 텍사스홀덤족보 운양동홀덤펍 평화동홀덤족보 내장동홀덤룰 칠전동모바일홀덤 모바일홀덤 thaisex 성남면오피 웃긴짤방 중리동유흥문화 고덕동모바일홀덤 성주면노래방 창전동홀덤카페 색스동영상볼수있는곳 게스언더웨어 영등포동6가홀덤족보 영통유흥주점 남방동홀덤바 우아동성인게임장 아이돌복근 홀덤선수 이해인스타화보 스케쳐스레깅스3종 개포동오피 노은동대딸방 김은영비키니 팔달구오마하홀덤 이쁜닉네임 원샷홀덤 xxmovie 사무실색스 대림동오마하홀덤 대현동텍사스홀덤 원탁 막계동인싸포커 인사동홀덤족보 오산면오마하홀덤 상봉출장마사지│중화출장마사지│상봉출장마사지 석교동풀싸롱 귀운동홀덤바 초구동성인오락실 초량동풀싸롱 원탁게임 토토먹튀 대진동홀덤대회 금빛나 원탁게임 남항진동카지노펍 수안동안마 영랑동홀덤카페 섹시코디 일기예보노출 용당동아로마마사지 시흥키스방 영선동유흥거리 흔한영국여자 화성안마 유인나d컵 코아에스앤아이주식 대평동방석집 런닝맨정용화 땋기붙임머리 법동리얼돌성인인형 골드펀드 아줌마남학생성폭행 이승기과외선생님 신정동가라오케 무한도전노출 AtleticoHuila 장백지 성남동모바일홀덤 태봉동아로마마사지 내수동성인게임장 메가쇼킹만화가 솔비동영상보기 매충 한게임홀덤 방동북창pr 블링걸 금암동인싸포커 봉정동성인게임장 영등포동2가홀덤펍 회암동풀싸롱 권농동홀덤족보 범일동키스방 디올가방레이디백 텍사스홀덤사이트 감천동대딸방 효자동모바일홀덤 빅솔론주식 솔브속옷 홀덤선수 매충 오금동성인인형체험 NK디나모자그레브 수택동나이트 부평동오피 풍기동성인인형체험 백석동방석집 브레지어하고계세요 SM동호회 실전홀덤 가장섹시한여성 주식공모가 여자연예인노출영화 씨스타효린가슴성형 낭월동떡집 빅사이즈남성 yuri CerroMontevideo 치마걸린훈녀 무한도전레전드팩1 야한성인애니메이션동영상 태국여배우 석우동홀덤펍 행동하다 압구정홀덤 용화동가라오케 하장면오마하홀덤 송내출장마사지│부개출장마사지│백운출장마사지 코오롱건설주식 명일동홀덤족보 우이동퍼블릭룸 화끈한만남 은평구토킹bar 생곡동토킹bar 사노동오피 내탑동퍼블릭룸 숭인동성인오락실 사회복지사취업사이트 현진소재주식 섹스하는방법 야x음란애니 pigcom보는방법 여우넷 19몽키 소라게먹이 음란소설 찌지 외국인접대 색시한여자보기 레이싱걸 이예빈 도끼자국 엘소드레… 가슴 재밌는 금지된키스 맛보기 야한만화보는곳 연누드 울트라스타빨실버 베이글비비 1드래곤볼만화 컴쎅 음란섹스 모두야 스타킹몰래보기 여고생성추행 수술게임하기 에스라인 레이싱 모델 전예희 움짤 레이싱걸화보 모델 야한여자케릭터 천원넷성인 오마마담 조개보지 하이에나 베드신 여성전용아파트 전국섹스사이트 이마노 유메 글래머 http:// 섹시한여고생보지 여성옷벋는동영상 여성알바섹스 Sosocili 함몰유두 이리에사아야누드사진 성게시판리스트 탠프로 꼬라지게임 만화 재미있는무료게임 나오미 캠벨 출장요리사 야한소설보는곳 무료동영상강의 usa보지크럽 섹스라이브천국 일반인 노출 섹스자위사진무료 프르노베드신 크리스티나누드 오나니코리아 망가무료트 빠구라 미국프로레스링동영상 누두사진작가 야한여자rktma 누두미인 성… 8야한동영상모델 멀티플렉스영화관9세이상사이트말고일본섹스하 일본영화구멍 가는 여자팬티보는법 수행하안 1사쿠라미즈타니 봉숭 이순규 팬티 레포데치트키 mp 홍경민가져가mp 일본AV배우 여동생 shop 국민은행검색 http:// 일본avi일본av 엑스클럽웨이 바탕화면국내슈퍼모델사진 나레이터컴퍼니 호빠야한동영상 이순규 팬티노출 GIRLSEX 화보 usa무료 헨타이일본망가 중국 레이싱걸 여성의성기구조학 쿠빌 음몽학원 무료개임 가나필림 이탈리아민요 시골아가씨 대딩누드 지미기 팬티노출 wlfwlfTkwh 복 사진 희 퓨리마누라 러키스타의 숲겟앰프드 마그나카르타 러브히나게임 남자친구가 잠쥐를만져여 하렘애니섹시한애니 각선 써치아이온라인게임 도끼 헌팅턴무도병 일본야한동영상무료 가슴 가슴매니아 야한놈net 1섹시여자연생식기 무료사진보기 아이옴므 여대생속옷몰카 베드씬 여자 rhcn 야하안 수애 한국애로사진 딸구넷 똥항문사진 레걸자료실 여자동영상금 야동개시판 인물 영화방송 몸매 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성인게임하기 가슴… 메이플스토리공짜만화 코믹섹시애니 늑대여우대화방 담… 색스최고영화 성인인증확인 성인사이트폰맨 최진리 엉덩이 알몸 유희왕다운 연상녀 우즈벡전 우즈베키스탄국제결혼 까폐*소설 일본여고생교복 스타엽기 짱아짱아고추짱아 야한미소년 야세라티 무료섹스야동자료 정글섹스 일본연인기순위 온라인게임성인 만화속주인공 스트레스풀기게임 속옷모델무삭제 정력보강제 야한사진다운 일본배우섹시 찐한키스신 이다인 노출 키드먼 노출영화 즐감 보지에 키스신 버디버디창녀 칼로리 페키니즈분양 이누야사기오프닝 가슴수술 던파동인지 스크랩 엄마아들동영상 보자라이크티 1임은경 엉덩이 동영상섹꾼 과거사진1 이누야샤의섹스 정민 슴가 ok투어여행사 s라인 무료뽀로노 광합성 소녀 남자망사복 유머천국 엉덩이 빌키니 형부자지 야누크 동급생일어 일본여자보ㅈ 아싸바 포로노감상 화장실훔쳐보기게임 원피스게임다운 사쿠라사쿠라
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