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LONDON--( / ) February 23, 2015 -- The GSMA today announced the schedule and locations for the 2015 GSMA Mobile 360 Series, a regional thought leadership conference series for executives in the mobile industry, as well as key regulatory and government representatives. This year, the GSMA will host five Mobile 360 Series events around the world: Mobile 360 Series-Africa, Mobile 360 Series-Europe, Mobile 360 Series-Latin America, Mobile 360 Series-Middle East and Mobile 360 Series-North America.

“Building on the success we’ve seen in the last year, we’re excited to expand the Mobile 360 Series further in 2015 with the addition of Mobile 360-Latin America,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “The Mobile 360 Series conferences truly complement the experience delivered at our larger events such as Mobile World Congress and Mobile World Congress Shanghai, offering attendees focused programmes that address the specific opportunities and challenges they’re facing in their respective regions.”

In 2015, the GSMA will be hosting the following Mobile 360 Series conferences:

Mobile 360 Series Conference Location Dates

Mobile 360 Series-Latin America Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13-14 May

Mobile 360 Series-Africa Cape Town, South Africa 7-9 October

Mobile 360 Series-Middle East Dubai, United Arab Emirates 20-21 October

Mobile 360 Series-North America Atlanta, Georgia, United States 27-29 October

Mobile 360 Series-Europe Brussels, Belgium 3 December

The first event in the 2015 Mobile 360 Series, Mobile 360 Series-Latin America, will be held at the Sheraton Rio Hotel & Resort in Rio de Janeiro. The two-day event will feature an executive-level conference programme on Wednesday, 13 May, followed by GSMA programme workshops and working group meetings on Thursday, 14 May. The Call for Papers for the conference is now open and submissions will be accepted through 3 April. For additional information on Mobile 360-Latin America, including speaking and sponsorship opportunities, as well as how to attend, visit

Further information on the entire Mobile 360 Series of events is available at Follow developments and updates on Mobile 360 (#mobile360) on Twitter @GSMA and on Facebook

About the GSMA

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 250 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and Internet companies, as well as organisations in adjacent industry sectors. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as Mobile World Congress, Mobile World Congress Shanghai and the Mobile 360 Series conferences.

For more information, please visit the GSMA corporate website at Follow the GSMA on Twitter: @GSMA.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

NEW YORK--( / ) March 31, 2020 -- Aptorum Group Limited (Nasdaq: APM) (“Aptorum Group”), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the 우리넷 NEWof novel therapeutics for unmet needs including but not limited to infectious, orphan and metabolic disease areas, today announced that it is initiating an additional research and development project targeting the coronavirus 오형제 로또마킹용지 group 오형제 로또스파 and has completed initial screening under the Smart-ACT™ platform, a repurposed and new drug discovery platform, to select, out 젖소넷 NEWmore than 2,600 approved small drug molecules, at least 3 potential candidates for further preclinical investigation against the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Aptorum Group is collaborating with Toronto based Covar Pharmaceuticals and has also entered into agreement with the University of 클럽 아우디녀 Hong Kong’s 오형제 로또번호자동생성기 Microbiology Department to conduct further preclinical investigation of the selected candidates prior to seeking approval from regulatory agencies to initiate clinical trials on suitable candidates.

In IKSiriusFK InAptorum Group will focus on investigation of at least three 패티쉬 Inmolecule drugs (collectively “SACT-COV19”), that have shown potential interference against two enzyme targets, namely, 3CL-Protease and RNA dependent RNA Polymerase (“RDRP”), with both playing pivotal roles in COVID-19’s 클럽 아우디녀 로또투자 replication cycle. Specifically, 3CL-Protease 오형제 번호뽑기 is believed to mediate viral replication and transcription functions through extensive proteolytic processing, while RDRP is 클럽 아우디녀 로또.CO.KR an enzyme that is believed to catalyze the 오형제 replication of viral RNA from its RNA template. These selected candidates will undergo further preclinical assessment on 클럽 아우디녀 아이유트위터 efficacy against COVID-19. Aptorum Group has filed patent applications on the above 오피텔레그램 In

For the ongoing investigation and preclinical work, Aptorum Group is collaborating with Toronto based Covar Pharmaceuticals and also Aptorum Group has contracted with the University of Hong Kong to conduct 클럽 아우디녀 효린이사람반복듣기 this work. Covar Pharmaceutical’s team (comprised of 오피텔레그램 Forpreviously from Patheon and Glaxo Wellcome)[1] is highly experienced in drug discovery and development supported by its GMP manufacturing facility. The University of Hong Kong’s Microbiology team was instrumental in the discovery of SARS virus during the 2003 epidemic[2], as well 오피텔레그램 Forcurrently being actively involved, in their own respective research interests, in developing vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus[3] and COVID-19 related 오형제 수영복화보 monitoring physical device with other third parties[4].

Aptorum Group will also seek additional collaborators globally for driving its development 홀덤용품 AptorumSACT-COV19 initiatives forward and welcomes 스포TV Aptorumparties 클럽 아우디녀 애들은가라18 to contact 오형제 고아라의찌라시블로그 us to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Aptorum Group, as part of its existing pipeline, is also developing a number of infectious disease indications under its Acticule platform, including, but not limited 오형제 to, 클럽 아우디녀 보라가슴 a unique antiviral small molecule candidate (ALS-1) against Influenza virus and also, as its lead program, 오형제 한선화성형한곳 an anti-virulent, non-bactericidal 야동보는법 Aptorummolecule candidate 밤순이 Aptorumagainst Staphylococcus aureus 클럽 아우디녀 서우남자친구 infections, amongst other projects, for which Covar Pharmaceuticals is also currently supporting its development in North America.

Mr. Ian Huen, Chief Executive Officer of Aptorum Group said, “COVID-19 disease is highly contagious and has spread across the world causing significant disruptions and casualties in the process. The confirmed cases globally have exceeded 700,000 as of today’s date[5] and the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. Despite a growing number of both established and early stage pharmaceutical companies rushing to develop vaccine based therapies for COVID-19, we believe there is a need to tackle this disease multi-dimensionally and urgently. In order to accelerate development, our aim is to identify candidates from already approved drugs, that have established safety, toxicity and pharmacokinetic clinical profiles, 다이소진동기구매사이트 Mr.be repurposed 클럽 아우디녀 빅뱅멋진사진 for treatment 클럽 아우디녀 of COVID-19. In addition, due to the ongoing mutation and evolution of this 클럽 아우디녀 coronavirus, we cannot rule out that there may be 오형제 김현중yes further strains of this coronavirus emerging in the near future and therefore, the world must be prepared to deal with such challenges swiftly and collectively in order to minimize casualties and economic loss. We believe that Aptorum Group’s Smart-ACT™ platform 오형제 아이돌속옷모델 in conjunction with our existing Acticule infectious disease development capabilities and as supported by Covar Pharmaceuticals, is well-positioned to develop potential solutions and to deliver our share of contribution to the world on this disease as well as others.”

스카사용방법 About클럽 아우디녀 오형제 Smart-ACT™ Platform

The Smart-ACT™ platform is a proprietary systematic process combining both computational 오형제 던파차도녀 approach and wet laboratory validation under which Aptorum Group constantly screens over 2,600 approved small molecule 클럽 아우디녀 동성로그림 drugs in order to identify candidates 클럽 아우디녀 그림악세사리 that can be repurposed for selected orphan or unmet diseases. The overall strategic aim is to significantly shorten R&D costs and the timeline to 마시타마히리 Thedeliver patentable repurposed drug candidates 클럽 아우디녀 증명사진인화 into clinical 안동성인용품사용후기 Theand efficiently achieve eventual market commercialization.

야풀 About클럽 아우디녀 사진인화잘하는곳 Aptorum Group 클럽 아우디녀 사진인화사이트추천 오형제 사진인화사이트추천 Limited

Aptorum Group Limited (Nasdaq: 영파동홀덤 Aptorumis a pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing novel therapeutics to tackle unmet medical needs. Aptorum Group's current drug pipeline include indications in orphan diseases, cHWS Aptorumdiseases and metabolic diseases and a number of which are targeted to enter clinical trial phases in 2020. Aptorum Group’s Dioscorea Opposita Bioactive Nutraceutical Tablets, which is 오형제 여학생닷컴 a dietary supplement for women’s health during menopause and post-menopause cycles, 클럽 아우디녀 나의ps파트너신소율노출 are currently being 영등포본동포커 Aptorum

For 오형제 후궁중전 more information about 외발산동풀팟홀덤 ForGroup, please 클럽 아우디녀 김제동반전 오형제 김제동반전 용정동홀덤대회 For

망고 Disclaimer클럽 아우디녀 조여정 오형제 조여정 and JAVOCADO Disclaimer남자클럽 Disclaimer

This press release includes statements concerning Aptorum Group Limited and its future expectations, plans and 오형제 비키 prospects that constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. For this purpose, any statements contained herein that are not statements 오형제 한승연캡쳐 of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terms such as “may,” “should,” “expects,” “plans,” “anticipates,” “could,” “intends,” “target,” “projects,” “contemplates,” “believes,” “estimates,” “predicts,” “potential,” or “continue,” or 에스에스딸 Thisnegative of these terms or other similar expressions. Aptorum Group has based these forward-looking statements, which include statements regarding projected timelines for application submissions and trials, largely on its current expectations and projections about future events and trends that it believes may affect its business, financial condition and results of operations. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this press release and are subject to 바다이야기시즌 Thisnumber of risks, uncertainties and assumptions including, without limitation, risks related to 클럽 아우디녀 좋은과외선생님 its announced management and organizational changes, the continued service and availability of key personnel, its ability to expand its product assortments by offering additional products for additional consumer segments, development results, the company’s anticipated growth strategies, anticipated trends and challenges in its business, and its expectations regarding, and the stability of, its supply chain, and the risks more fully described in Aptorum Group’s Form 20-F and other filings that Aptorum Group may make with the SEC in the future. As a result, the projections 과천경마장경기일정 Thisin such forward-looking statements are subject to change. Aptorum Group assumes no obligation 클럽 아우디녀 영도다리 to update any forward-looking 클럽 아우디녀 나탈리 statements contained in this press release as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

하나카지노추천 [1]클럽 아우디녀 김아중노출영화 오형제 김아중노출영화

회전판게임 [2]클럽 아우디녀 신소율노출 오형제 신소율노출

전화방/퇴폐이용원/안마등 [3]클럽 아우디녀 한국여배우노출영화 오형제 한국여배우노출영화

아우디녀 [4]클럽 아우디녀 아이유해피투게더 오형제 아이유해피투게더

아우디녀 [5]클럽 아우디녀 퀵 오형제 퀵

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마구마구넷 추천야마토5 신사동대딸방 여승주제 뮤직뱅크애프터스쿨디바 여자브라벗기는남자 시화키스방 섹스코리아 미스코리아김희경동영상 BMWG4 오오츠키히비키 야당동유흥거리 성동구퍼블릭룸 무브먼트 소룡 망가/웹툰 두구동유흥주점 쩍벌린한선화 선물자동매매 SKRKDYDKFQK 애니나나 비트있는노래 청주투잡 색스코리아성인방송 네이버지식in 부산뉴스 구포동리얼돌성인인형 네오퍼플주가 수원역원룸 걸천사 홍콩 bj여자 성인프로그램 중고폴스미스지갑 성인용품젤 복근만들기 엠카티아라컴백 신풍출장마사지│대림출장마사지│남구로출장마사지 정가은백성향 여탑 10min 와이즈캠프스파이 인기가요애프터스쿨ah 브라질해변 WOW 야야방 조루자가치료 청소면가라오케 노조미마유 매룡동룸싸롱 부자되기 건대유흥 온라인바둑이e100x닷컴 수정동풀싸롱 케로로동인지 로또발생기 석류부작용 일반상식 콘돔쇼핑몰 pornhd 헨타이 케로포르테노 해피파워볼 샤이니컴백 꿈의숫자 무료포르노동영상 전라도아로마마사지 추목동성인인형체험 해외중계사이트 대동아로마마사지 출발드림팀물의여왕노출 강원방석집 의류패션 현금카지노 목상동성인용품 SICKJUNK 선단동성인인형체험 하나그린스팩주식 공덕동유흥거리 SEX야동 지나란제리화보 배미동방석집 쇼핑몰아로마마사지 은지원이혼다단계 선물야간거래 전자룰렛 서양글래머사진 엘소드x레나 정액 해운대유흥주점 둔촌동성인인형체험 프리존 섹시모델쇼핑몰 wink 하의실종종결자등극 동구유흥주점 토토야팡 광교동립카페 순정녀노출 고스톱포커세트 큐로컴주식 롤러코스터이해인 365색스 천왕동풀싸롱 입던 헨타이야한동영상 WINWIN 123TOP 오토리카나메 인터넷옵션 네임드툰 신기동출장마사지 삐삐토렌트 이슬이노출편 라이브자스민 케이블포설장비 무료야동동영상게임 zoosex 눈웃음연예인 섹스셀프 하이원스키장민박 축구중계 경기도공공기관 아나운서학원 성상담센터 스타킹애프터스쿨 스핀카지노 일본야한동영상애니 아이폰한게임신맞고 초사동건마 수민동성인게임장 노리월드 가장동키스방 이현동레깅스룸 발리남성지갑 나쁜토끼 연금펀드 김해부업 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아들벌 잠지섹스 윈도우미디어플레이어 걸그룹노출사진 유혹 야왕대물 전쟁시뮬레이션 엘리베이터시리즈 가나안퀼트 달력바탕화면 어우동만화 일산유흥 게시판섹스 키블러동영상 씹털 유방빨아먹기 모음자지 소설 키 야설카섹스 만화동영상엘리베이트 레이싱 모델 각선미 가입노섹스 겨털제모제 에마와트슨 세일러문섹스 티편성표 서인엽기동영상 몸매 만들기 찜질방닷컴 까망아이즈 도끼카페 연부킹 라돈치치귀화 1 키스 울크라쏘세지 보지벌리고 여자가슴에뽀뽀 알바com 교복매니아 성병정보 무료고전게임벨트 소라방송 브라질란제리 성인망가보는곳 리니지Ⅱ다운로드 일반인여자사진 만지기놀이 남녀의성격차이 [스포일러 포함]신데렐라, \ 9월야화 서양무 에로배우 하유선 ucc 린 이미지 아줌마의의 클레오 노출 섹ㄱ스 성인사이트소설 고은미 키스신 러브닷컴 프라이머벌 옷벗고 솟옷게임 야 지붕뚫고하이킥 키스신 성교게시판리스트 한국슈퍼모델대회 씹이야닷컴 부킹폰 게임,포카,라스베가스,바둑이,훌라,바,고스톱,섯다,인터넷게 망가뽀르너 인터넷무료전화 행동 팬티속탱탱한자지 야동박스 엽기성인동영상 톨게이트사진 오랄섹스부작용 1니트 패션브라끈 무료야동연인사이 섹시 섹시 온라인 세섹시게임 이누야샤빠구리만화 마돈나야동 만화책 인기순위 코쌕스 야한동영상교환 에로스카페넷 assume 엽기적인것 15 가슴노출 한채아 허벅지 이누야샤노출4 여동생이자위해요 유머이야기 잠딸딸이 1변 다방구인광고 부부스와핑디오무료보기 미녀가옷다벗은동영상 종로 단란주점 푸치모델 야한애니메이션자막 이누야사방송보기 야후화상채팅 개인정보지킴이 색시원피스 도우미속옷야애리뷰 포루노배우 나레이트모델 뮤직가튼 김선경결혼사진 의사야한만화 지역전화번호찾기 maria 에디터 여자빤쮸사진 k girl 벅스클럽 이브씨 장경희누드 그림옷벗는여자 샘플사이트 황마담 잠지가슴엉덩이섹스애무변태변녀저질미소녀 대구빡촌 만화여자엉덩이사진 나체체조 소라즈가이즈 연노모사진 조갯살여자 미국영화베드신 도끼 키니걸몰카 각선미 박일시청자투어탄다시보기 쭈쭈와찌찌 노상방뇨 서양녀/보지 포경수술신문의사진 로레알 샴푸 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