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TOKYO--( / ) September 29, 2015 -- Toshiba Corporation () (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the launch of three new microcontrollers “TMPM066FWUG”, “TMPM067FWQG”, and “TMPM068FWXBG” as the latest additions to its ARM® Cortex®-M0 core based “TX00 series”. The new ICs are optimized for use in USB devices. Sample shipments will start in the middle of October this year.

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The new devices support various serial interface functions, including USB, SPI[1] and I2C[2] (Fast Mode Plus[3] ), and can function as a sensor hub transferring multiple sensor information to a main controller device or PC. In order to meet market demand for smaller systems, all three devices are housed in small packages: BGA package 5 mm×5 mm with 57-pin external connection pins; QFN package 7 mm×7 mm with 48-pin external connection pins; and QFP package 10 mm×10 mm with 64-pin external connection pins. With the built-in USB device controller, incorporating the ICs as sub-microcontrollers to non-USB devices allows implementation of new USB applications.

Key Features

· ARM Cortex-M0 core. Maximum frequency: 24MHz

· Built-in USB device controller

· Small-pin packages:

QFN48-pin (7 mm×7 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

VFBGA57-pin (5 mm×5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

LQFP64-pin (10 mm×10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)

· Multiple serial interface function: SPI, I2C (Fast-mode Plus), etc.

· Bit-banding


· Tablets

· PCs

· Digital equipment

· Industrial controllers

· Office automation equipment

· Sensor hubs

Specifications 9To view the specifications, please visit )


[1]SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface, a data communication standard.

[2]I2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit, a data communication standard.

[3]Fast-mode Plus: a communication standard specified by I2C, with a transfer rate of up to 1Mbps.

For more information about the products, please visit:

For more information about Toshiba ARM core-based microcontrollers, please visit:

*ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere.

Customer Inquiries:

Mixed Signal IC Sales and Marketing Department

Tel: +81-44-548-2241

*Information in this document, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior notice.

About Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, channels world-class capabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into five strategic business domains: Energy & Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Healthcare Systems & Services, Electronic Devices & Components, and Lifestyles Products & Services. Guided by the principles of The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations towards securing “Growth Through Creativity and Innovation”, and is contributing to the achievement of a world in which people everywhere live in safe, secure and comfortable society.

Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is at the heart of a global network of over 590 consolidated companies employing over 200,000 people worldwide, with annual sales surpassing 6.5 trillion yen (US$63 billion).

To find out more about Toshiba, visit

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OKINAWA, JAPAN--( / ) November 01, 2018 로또인터넷구입 -- Tabirai Japan, a travel site for foreigners operated by Pam, Inc., aims to prevent traffic accidents among the increasing number of foreign travelers visiting 센글라 후기 OKINAWA,so that they can enjoy 성기링사진 OKINAWA,safe trip to Japan, and has established a traffic accident prevention page 오케이보이 허리디스크터짐 that explains frequently occurring accidents, 오케이보이 음경만곡 Japanese traffic laws, traffic signs, 남성호르몬부족 etc.

텀블러야동 Dueto the 전립선운동 오케이보이 전립선운동 recent increase in the 자위성기후기 Dueof foreign tourists visiting Japan, the number of accidents involving rental cars driven by foreigners is increasing as well. Currently in Okinawa, the number of accidents involving wet 남자성욕감퇴 driving conditions with foreign car rental users has increased about three times over three years from 2014 to 2016.

페어리진동기느낌 With오케이보이 로ㅗ respect to 오케이보이 보형물 this situation, ‘Tabirai Japan’ has established a specialty page, provided by Budget rental car, that summarizes common 오케이보이 로또대리점 mistakes easily made by foreign travelers based on the specific causes of those accidents. We are now releasing a page for Koreans who make up a large portion of the rental car users. We 전화방 explain how to access a vehicle on the day of travel, traffic regulations, safe 로또수령 driving pointers, what measures to take should an accident occur, etc. through simulations that are divided into 3 stages.

In addition, we 오케이보이 채팅5678 investigate matters related to traffic 일반인따먹은썰 InKorea and compare vehicle differences LOTTO between Korea and Japan such 어현동홀덤 In‘the position of the vehicle’s basic equipment 일본만화책추천 (steering wheel, indicator light, 오케이보이 마이로또 wiper) is on the opposite side,’ and deliver information easily.

‘Tabirai Japan’ provides not only travel information and reservation services for the increasing number 오케이보이 of foreign tourists who visit Japan, we 오케이보이 슈퍼아이돌 are 엔젤더스트 also promoting activities to help you enjoy your trip JrlTwTAB ‘Tabiraiand securely.

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October 20, 2018Korea 고십팔 Octoberdistributes 만화짱 your news across every media channels through the 야세라티 OctoberAV쇼미 Octoberpress release distribution network 오케이보이

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