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LONDON--( / ) September 25, 2017 -- Viennese coffee roaster Julius Meinl is launching its annual Meet With A Poem initiative this World Coffee Day (1st October), with the hopes of providing an opportunity for people to disconnect from society’s static noise and reconnect with the important things in life - relationships with loved ones.

In today’s world, we’re more connected than ever, with continents and time zones bridged by instant messaging and by simple swipes and taps. But our dependence on technology can take its toll.

Waking up to a flurry of emails or a slew of missed calls, we no longer clock on and off. We churn out emails swiftly, but seldom take the time to communicate properly. Increasingly in relationships, meaningful dialogue, expressing emotions or even tricky conversations are neglected and things are left unsaid.

In response, Julius Meinl is hitting pause this World Coffee Day. The brand is partnering with cafes, restaurants and hotels in 17 countries to encourage people to meet up, and use poetry as a departure from the everyday.

It’s a chance to inject meaning and depth back into our relationships and say things that they haven't had the chance to. It’s about finding the time to step away and unlock the headspace to say the unsaid things.

Discussing the campaign, Caleb Femi, the first young people’s laureate for London and Julius Meinl ambassador said:

“Poetry is the one of the purest forms of conversation there is. At its best, it allows me to communicate from an honest and safe place, a place that I am seldom afforded in the everyday rush of life. The reason why I started writing poetry was because I needed a space that allowed me to talk about things that scared me, that intrigued me, that amused me, things that made me vulnerable like telling the first girl I was in love with how I truly felt about her. The important things are usually the things left unsaid and poetry gives me the courage to say those important things before it is too late.”

Julius Meinl’s CEO, Marcel Loffler commented:

“Julius Meinl is not only a leader in the premium coffee market, but an advocate of poetry and a champion of a current-day cafe society. Through Meet With A Poem, we hope to bring these elements together.”

“Using poetry as an antidote to the everyday, we’re challenging ourselves to showcase the power poetry has to improve relationships, providing a platform to say things left unsaid - now it’s over to people across the globe to see what poetry can do for them!”

Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, the brand is a representative for the Viennese coffeehouse culture, which has provided havens for patrons to socialise, to think, to read and to write - or to just watch the world go by with a cup of coffee in hand.

To find out how you can take part, visit , or watch the Meet With A Poem social experiment here: Follow the social conversation using #MeetWithAPoem and #PoetryForChange.


Julius Meinl is an internationally successful Austrian family company and has been the global ambassador of Vienna’s beloved coffeehouse culture for more than 155 years. The global success of Julius Meinl is based on traditional values: five generations of coffee expertise, premium-quality products and excellent customer service, values that are no longer a certainty these days. Julius Meinl is a global ambassador for Viennese coffee culture and today inspires people all over the world, just as the coffee house literati did in days gone by. Restaurants and business customers in more than 70 countries rely on Julius Meinl coffee and tea. The company already ranks among the top 3 premium coffee brands in over 40 countries. Julius Meinl is the market leader in hotels, restaurants and cafes in Austria, CEE, Adriatics, Russia and Dubai

· Established in 1862

· 800 employees worldwide

· Marketing in more than 70 countries worldwide; among the top 3 premium coffee brands in over 40 countries

· Market leader in the hotels, restaurants and cafes in Austria, CEE, Adriatics, Russia and Dubai

· Some 40,000 customers worldwide

· Production locations in Vienna (Austria) and Vicenza (Italy)

· Sales in 2016: EUR 160million

About World Coffee Day: World Coffee Day is on 1st October and was first launched by the International Coffee Organization in 2015 to celebrate the beverage. The day is also used to promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness for the conditions of the coffee growers. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) was formed in 1963 in London, with the backing of the United Nations (UN), highlighting the economic significance of coffee.

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PHOENIX, AZ--( / ) December 05, 피그AV 조리개 2014 -- Today, AFS Technologies Inc. 하드대방출 노출과다모델 announced it has completed the acquisition of The POP Company (TPC, 하드대방출 과다노출사진 ), the premier 하드대방출 소녀시대과다노출 provider of cloud-based sales force automation and retail 자양동화투치기 PHOENIX,피그AV 서인영과다노출 solutions with 홀덤동호인 PHOENIX,in Asia, Australia , 피그AV 슈어맨시즌2 New Zealand and Russia.

“This acquisition of TPC and its impressive roster of CPG clients represents a 누나넷 “Thisexpansion 피그AV 경범죄처벌법과다노출 for AFS Technologies 피그AV 스포위키 in Asia,” said Kurien Jacob, CEO of AFS Technologies. He added, “It will provide additional 에스에스딸 “Thisto AFS Mobile Solutions, rated as one of the best in the world today. TPC 경민넷 “Thisa premier 하드대방출 곽현화바나나 route 하드대방출 이수나 optimization solution in the market today, which will be 피그AV 스포츠중계밤토끼TV added to AFS capabilities.”

TPC provides AFS with a cost-effective Asian operating center located in Singapore and Shanghai, 섹스조아 TPCMaarten Buitelaar 하드대방출 솔비파격노출 and Yuan 먹튀폭격기 TPCChen, 하드대방출 current owners of TPC, will join 하드대방출 유흥정보 the 피그AV 홍반장 AFS senior 피그AV 전국골목다방 management team 피그AV 김연아프리최고기록 and provide valuable management resources in Asia.

“We thank our clients and colleagues in the company for the great cooperation over the last couple 하드대방출 오피싸롱 of years,” noted Maarten Buitelaar, CEO of The POP 러브템 “We“Integrating our people, products, and client relationships 하드대방출 피그AV with those of AFS and expanding the product portfolio in the 하드대방출 비에콜닷컴 important 툰사랑 “Wemarkets in ASEAN and the greater APAC region are the next step for us to deliver further value to our clients.”

“Bringing The POP 헨타이망가 “Bringinginto the AFS family helps us further our 피그AV 성인 goal of delivering purpose-built solutions for consumer packaged goods companies to help them drive 하드대방출 efficiencies?and ultimately, optimize their profitability,” said 하드대방출 밤스타그램 “Bringing지킴이티비TV “BringingCEO of AFS Technologies.

The 하드대방출 김연아아사다마오의상비교 Madison 하드대방출 아사다마오백조의호수 피그AV 아사다마오백조의호수 지킴이티비TV The하드대방출 아사다마오의상 Group acted as 피그AV 누드 the advisor to 피그AV AFS.

STS 하드대방출 성인인증 지킴이티비TV STSwas 하드대방출 미국섹스비디오 the advisor 해외복권 STS피그AV 섹스 TPC.

무료픽 About하드대방출 GIRLSFORYOU 피그AV GIRLSFORYOU 하나약국 About피그AV 김연아엉덩이골 Technologies 피그AV 야동만화

AFS Technologies 피그AV 스마트폰성인 TPRTM AFSis the only global, end-to-end solutions 하드대방출 김연아노출모음 provider of business enterprise 피그AV 김연아다리 and on-demand software solutions for the Food, Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods and Supply Chain industries. With over 29 years of industry-leading experience, AFS serves over 피그AV 최신야한영화 1,300 customers of all sizes, in more than 40 countries, with 하드대방출 innovative, integrated and scalable products proven to automate processes, streamline data, expand visibility, reduce costs and drive sales growth.

To learn more about AFS, please view this video () or visitKorea 하드대방출 고두림컵사이즈 Newswire distributes your news across every media 피그AV 고두림노출모음 야야방 Tothrough the industry’s largest 하드대방출 고두림섹시댄스 press release distribution network

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