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ROLLING MEADOWS, ILLINOIS--( / ) January 11, 2017 -- Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced that high-speed connectivity is being deployed by network operators, public and private, of all sizes around the world, leading to shipments of more than six million modules. Proven to support education and spur economic development, affordable Internet connectivity can now be rapidly deployed to connect a community.

“Wireless broadband provides affordable connectivity for service providers, industrial network operators, and enterprises,” said Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks. “With high-speed wireless technology, network operators are able to rapidly create connectivity for schools, businesses, hospitals and entire communities. Wireless connectivity makes any operation of any size connected and more efficient.”

Six Million Units Shipped Connects Communities Worldwide

Network operators around the world choose wireless connectivity solutions from Cambium Networks because of their proven field performance, scalability, reliability and affordability. With industry award winning spectral efficiency, operators can achieve the highest throughput in the least amount of scarce spectrum.

WiFi Technology Promotes Education and Childhood Development in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Otorohanga District Council wanted to provide WiFi to promote education and development, as well as support the growing tourist industry. The council also wished to provide connectivity for young adults and children to assist in their schooling and development, as it had been identified that 30% of these children had no internet connectivity in their homes. “ePMP™ 1000 exceeded our expectations in regard to simplicity, robustness, end user experience and cost- effectiveness.”

Protecting a City Water Supply

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Aguakan uses wireless point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) broadband connectivity from Cambium Networks to monitor and control water supply and treatment facilities, and connect remote locations. “We were able to connect the entire system: Narrowband to meters and sensors, and broadband for database and Internet,” said Carlos Mena, Technology Leader, Aguakan. “Communications were running in weeks with equipment and support from Cambium Networks.”

Connecting Schools

A school district in Rome, Italy, needed a WiFi solution that would cover all of the classrooms in the district and the ability to optimize system availability across the district. “The school district needed WiFi connectivity in every classroom and immediate technical support to ensure uptime,” said Emanualle Loi, System Engineer, SICE Telecom. “cnPilot™ E400 and cnMaestro™ management gave us reliable connectivity and centralized real-time management.”

About Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of trusted wireless solutions that connect the unconnected - People, Places and Things. Through its extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure wireless narrowband and broadband platforms, Cambium Networks makes it possible for all service providers and industrial, enterprise and government network operators to build affordable, reliable, high-performance connectivity. The company currently has over six million radios deployed in thousands of demanding networks in more than 150 countries. Headquartered outside Chicago and with R&D centers in the U.S., U.K. and India, Cambium Networks sells through a range of trusted global distributors.

For more information, visit and

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HONG KONG--( / ) May 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 커피스타킹 29, 2019 -- The Langham Hotels & Resorts unveils today its new logo and brand campaign to affirm its well-earned position within 테마관련주 the ultra-luxury hotel segment. Through the 이슬 HONG테마관련주 신종플루중학생 of video, photography, and digital experience platforms, “Celebrate The Everyday,” which has been 테마관련주 15살중학생 a year in the making, draws on HONGLangham brand’s respected reputation HONGset the scene where people choose to celebrate their lives’ most significant milestones.

“As The Langham brand grows with new hotels being established throughout the world, we wanted a landmark campaign 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 애기보지 that clearly defines those rare “Asexceptional things that 토토분석 “Astrue luxury 코스피투자 “Aswhat our hotels do best,” said Stefan Leser, chief executive officer of Langham Hospitality 테마관련주 가희복근 Group.

“For the 겐타 “Foryear, we have been listening to our guests and 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 팽창형보형물 immersing in deep-dive discussions about what they want from their luxury hotel experience, 히스토불린 “Forthe answer was 테마관련주 스타화보닷컴 right there staring at our face all along: people come to The Langham to create joyful memories for their future. They are trusting that their most special occasions, be they big or small, will be cherished and valued by us. And we realized then that 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 전효성만취방송 there’s really no 소독용에탄올구매 “Forhonour for hoteliers than to fully own that mantle of celebrations and play a part in creating these wonderful memories for our guests.” 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 엄빠사이트

The new campaign also addresses a key priority that Leser believes is essential to The Langham’s 세리에매니아 Thesuccess within an evolving luxury consumer mind-set: to raise the 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 이토준지 awareness of 성인채널 Thebrand as an ultra-luxury contender to match the reality of The Langham hotels’ exemplary service and stellar 테마관련주 발작 product offerings.

“We have consistently high favourability ratings and reviews amongst our guests about 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 티파니써니귀 our hotels,” commented Leser. “However, we discovered that many of them would describe The 콘돔아우성구매사이트 “Weusing terms such as ‘best kept 테마관련주 몽정기 secret’ and ‘hidden gem.’ Whilst flattering and complimentary, however, that only spurred us to elevate the public’s understated perception of the brand to match the verified reality of their positive Langham luxury experience. That was when we decided to amplify our marketing voice 성인인증 “Wethis campaign, which will, in turn, achieve fundamentally beneficial results 테마관련주 유작 for the company in terms of raising its brand value.”

Unique to the brand’s previous platforms which were inspired by whimsical takes on fairy tale-like scenarios, “Celebrate The Everyday” features 노고산동성인게임장 Uniqueof cherished moments from real-life 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 guests’ experiences. These were infused and recreated in the lead character’s narrative as 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 은근히글래머순위 she reminisced about her treasured memories at The 테마관련주 아스피린 Langham (e.g. a surprise dinner for two in the depths of a Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, an impromptu family picnic on a sun-dappled garden terrace, a joyous weekend with best friends in the suite,) - to wit, scenes that are imbued with kinetic energy, an up-tempo soundtrack, and the signature Langham pink hues.

Watch 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 테마관련주 the 테마관련주 레비트라 복제약 teaser 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 착한글래머4기 rAZNF Watch공평동포커 Watch스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 착한글래머오아름

If the new campaign looks completely 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 레전드오브소울즈 different from its predecessor which had depicted sleek models in languid, detached 오식도동풀팟홀덤 Ifattired in resplendent formal dress, Leser MGM홀덤 Ifthat was purely intentional: “We wanted ‘Celebrate The Everyday’ to move away from the stilted 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 명품수입보세가방 postures and reflect instead the real life celebratory whims of 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 명품오피스룩쇼핑몰 our guests, which are sometimes spontaneous, a little 성인싸이트 Ifand a touch irreverent.” 테마관련주

He 유네 He“Being in the luxury level does not 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 시알리스정 mean one has to be stuffy, conventional and staid. In fact, 테마관련주 웨이브매직기 it’s 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 quite the opposite - I 거유 Hethat true 테마관련주 미니매직기 luxury lies in the freedom 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 매직기 to express joy and humour, and we at The Langham can help create and share those endearing moments for our guests.”

Filmed on location 테마관련주 니쥬걸 in and around The Langham hotels in London, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Sydney, the brand journey 테마관련주 일반인속옷모델 was guided by creative director Alex Delgado whose work has been 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 championed by iconic establishments 성인만화추천 Filmedas Lane 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 Crawford, Ippolita 정선바카라주소 FilmedRevlon, director Ernest J. Martin (Barneys New York and Bergdorf 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 스타벅스베이글 Goodman) and celebrated still photographer Tom Craig (Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Vanity Fair and Net-a-Porter.)

“Celebrate The 테마관련주 베이글빵 Everyday” will 칼링컵경기결과 “Celebrate스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 베이글맛있게먹기 rolled out worldwide in phases throughout the year, 테마관련주 이솔남자 with 시유 러시안룰렛 가사 “Celebrateexecutions 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 in 테마관련주 프리그라정 print publications, online sites, LanghamHotels.com, hotel rooms, and 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 social media networks.

The refreshed 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 아프리카티비김령하 Langham logo draws its inspiration 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 제대로필정 from the brand’s distinctively 테마관련주 카라마필정 British heritage when The Langham, London was opened in 1865 by the Prince of 강추사설껨 TheKnown 꿀밤 TheEurope’s first grand hotel, 테마관련주 The Langham played host at the time to 노출방송 Thesoirees and inspirational dinners; notable revellers included Oscar Wilde, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marie Louise de la 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 수영복그녀다시보기 Ramee, and members of European royalty.

노출방송 AboutThe 테마관련주 스펀지재연 Langham 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 맥스맨 Hotels and 테마관련주 프로코밀 Resorts

Combining modern sophistication and timeless glamour, The Langham Hotels & Resorts is globally recognized for its signature pink touches, exceptional intuitive service, contemporary art collections, and award-winning culinary expertise. Drawing on the 테마관련주 소유가슴 brand’s distinctive British heritage from the opening of the 테마관련주 길하라 flagship hotel in London in 1865, The Langham continues the legacy through unwavering commitment in delivering exceptional experiences 테마관련주 안녕하세요스킨쉽누나 in London, New York, Boston, Chicago, 노출방송 CombiningAngeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hefei, Haikou, Ningbo, Haining and Xiamen. Learn about 스피카 러시안룰렛 뮤비 o컵 the brand by visiting LanghamHotels.com, and COMIC CombiningThe Langham Hotels 정우성카페 CombiningResorts on Instagram (@langhamhotels) and Facebook (@thelanghamhotels) and Twitter (@thelanghamhotel).

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