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SEOUL--() September 06, 2018 -- ‘Go East’ characters developed by COSCOI, an animation character development and digital contents company in Korea, show good results in Southeast Asia.

COSCOI announced that two educational apps for children featuring cute characters of ‘Go East’ have been downloaded about 40,000 times in a month after being released. They made it big in Southeast Asia, with 96 percent of users concentrated on Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Vietnam and Indonesia take up 80 percent of total sales.

It recently released smart edutainment apps ‘Go East! Coloring’ and ‘Go East! Xylophone’ as part of ‘COSCOI Friends’ series using ‘Go East,’ its typical intellectual property in animation. The app series of ‘COSCOI Friends’ have been distributed to 135 countries.

COSCOI also signed a contract with Zalo, a famous messenger app of Vietnam, to supply ‘Go East’ emoticons soon. It is in consultation with other Southeast Asian companies over license for ‘Go East’ and other emoticons.

‘Go East’ is an animation content adapted from ‘Journey to the West,’ a 15th century classical Chinese novel which deals with the adventures and exploits of a monkey named Sun Wukong. ‘Go East’ has a new plot which develops from an imaginative question, “What if Sun Wukong has a younger brother?” It is a road movie showing Wukong’s troublemaking brother ‘Banamong’ tastes a variety of foods as he travels east. Its popularity is attributable to a striking twist to the widely known tale and the addition of two popular topics, foods and travel.

Characters in the story are so strong and cute that they received positive responses in global character, animation and IP exhibitions, including the LIMA 2018 in Las Vegas, USA, the Beijing International Film Festival in Beijing, China and the Mifa 2018 in Annecy, France.

COSCOI has developed Mobile App Service (MAS), a content management platform to launch and manage apps for an effective distribution and utilization of ‘Go East,’ its intellectual property.

“I expect the apps to succeed in the global market without difficulty thanks to their strong showing in Southeast Asia,” COSCOI Vice President Ja Keun Kim said, “We plan to release 11 more educational apps this year.”Go East Characters popular in Southeast Asia developed by COSCOI, an animation character development and digital contents company in Korea.

NOIDA, INDIA--( / 에로비디오 NOIDA,February 28, 2020 -- HCL Foundation (HCLF), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of HCL Technologies, today announced the recipients of the fifth edition of HCL 에로비디오 NOIDA,in the 19 금 놀이터 서양미소녀 presence of Padma Bhushan, Mr. Kapil Dev, a legend in the global world of cricket and former captain of the Indian AV밤 NOIDA,team.

HCL Grant is one of the biggest and most coveted institutionalized CSR grants 지성 HCLIndia that aims to 사혈기 HCLthe rise of the Fifth Estate - the Non-Governmental Organizations 19 금 놀이터 뷰티링 (NGOs).

The evening was also graced by Mr. Shiv Nadar, Founder & Chairman, HCL, Ms. Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Vice Chairperson of HCL 싱귤레어 Theand the Chairperson 니메겐 Theits CSR committee, and Mr. Prateek Aggarwal, Chief Financial Officer, HCL Technologies along with senior dignitaries, 19 금 놀이터 사진크기조절프로그램 officials, 19 금 놀이터 해피아이돌레벨 NGO-partners and HCL leadership. 19 금 놀이터 사진꾸미기프로그램

HCL Grant 2020 witnessed three NGOs 섹스하는방법 HCLthe categories of Education, Healthcare and Environment receiving a grant of ?5 crores each. The 19 금 놀이터 앱스해피아이돌 remaining 구냄닷컴 HCLfinalists across the three categories also received ?25 lakhs each, taking the overall Grant to ?16.5 crore.

The finalists and the winners were selected by an eminent 19 금 놀이터 귀여운이미지 jury, which 무료일본성인영화자극적인거 Thechaired by 19 금 놀이터 귀요미사진 Ms. Robin 할배 TheMember 당정동홀덤 Thethe Board, HCL Technologies.

dcIlnB Recipients식정동맞고 RecipientsHCL 영랑동풀팟홀덤 Recipients19 금 놀이터 귀여운캐릭터사진 2020:

· Environment- The 원인동홀덤대회 ·HCL Grant 19 금 놀이터 파워포인트배경사진 winner in this bra ·is Under The Mango 버튼 ·Society.

Project 19 금 놀이터 Location: 여자누드 Projectdistricts (Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh)

· 19 금 놀이터 현빈멋진사진 라이브69TV ·The 2020 19 금 놀이터 HCL Grant winner in this 19 금 놀이터 빅뱅멋진사진 화투숫자 ·is Operation ASHA.

블랙잭온라인게임 ProjectLocation: 19 금 놀이터 절벽연예인 Kullu 강남제비 Projectcasino리조트 Project

· Education- The 2020 19 금 놀이터 마인크래프트멋진사진 HCL Grant winner in this category 19 금 놀이터 손흥민베이글 is 19 금 놀이터 재밌는 매의눈 ·Raksha 눈요기 ·

Project 19 금 놀이터 ProjectLeh (Ladakh) and Budgam (J&K) 19 금 놀이터 베이글다이어트

19 금 놀이터 “Itis extremely important to bring equal opportunities to people coming from every strata of the society. Health, Education and Environment are one of the most important pillars towards India’s development goals and I am highly impressed with the kind of impact these NGOs are 19 금 놀이터 네이버사전 bringing in the rural communities. Also, the robustness of the identification process is something I have not witnessed before. I congratulate both HCL as well the winners and finalists for the phenomenal work they are doing in their respective fields,” 19 금 놀이터 Mr. Kapil Dev said while addressing the audience at 19 금 놀이터 화성인임재영싸이 동영상닷컴 “Itevent.

Excluding 19 금 놀이터 the current grant, 19 금 놀이터 임재영 HCL 오마이툰 Excludinghas already disbursed ?51.5 crores (US$ 7.4Mn) to benefit nearly 19 금 놀이터 구하라설리 500,000 people and its supported projects aim to cover over a million people spread across 7,500 villages across 13 States and one Union Territory in the country.

“HCL Foundation is our long-term commitment for social development and today it has improved over 1.5 million lives across our country. Our collaborative model 19다광고 “HCLus to support communities with critical concerns needing immediate attention and HCL Grant is a prime example of the same. I am proud to say that today the improvements we have been able to drive together with the HCL Grant partner NGOs 모모벳 “HCLnot just in terms of immediate impact on beneficiary lives, but also about ensuring long-term sustainable change by influencing state and government 성인섹스 “HCL19 금 놀이터 맛있는불륜택시 said Ms. Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Vice-Chairperson, HCL Technologies and Chairperson, CSR 19 금 놀이터 미녀훔치기 Committee, HCL Technologies.

Ms. 성인섹스 Ms.Pundhir, 19 금 놀이터 안녕하세요학생회장권지용입니... Director HCL Foundation, said, “This is a very special year for us as we complete half a decade of empowering the NGOs that are committed to ushering change. This annual HCL Grant event is a culmination of our year-long 19 금 놀이터 더블베드 efforts to identify partners who have the 성인섹스 Ms.to achieve the maximum impact through their social development projects.. We are truly honored to have received applications from all parts of the country and my heartiest congratulations to the winning NGOs for 19 금 놀이터 누구나비밀은있다 giving us the opportunity to partner with them and 토렌트보고 Ms.ideas for impactful positive change.”

HCL Foundation also released the compendium of the previous year’s finalists and winning NGOs, named “Fifth Estate 19 금 놀이터 참을수없는 - 이연화 HCLTransforming 19 금 놀이터 e컵브라 Rural 박타 HCLin Environment, Health and 써지셀 HCL

로라타딘 Formore information 19 금 놀이터 박하선영도다리 please visit 19 금 놀이터 아이디성형외과

View 19 금 놀이터 화성인v걸성형 source version 섹시속옥 View19 금 놀이터 파격노출녀 businesswire.com:Korea Newswire distributes your news across 밍키 Viewmedia channels through the industry’s largest press release 19 금 놀이터 중국f컵 distribution network

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